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    • When the pandemic hit, without the production value and audience to laugh and clap on cue, a lot of the comedy show losers really have shown how NOT funny they are. It’s really cringe. Boomer level cringe.

      • The Have I Got News For You show on the BBC, a current affairs flagship comedy show, really fell apart. The host floundered and Ian Hislop just looked childish. If these comedy shows could be collated in March, April, May one could pick over the bones of the “mask OFF” moment with no audiences and no RAPPORT and see how shit Colbert Kimmel and others really are.

  1. Oh yeah,
    They had to follow their Jewish conference call instructions and take a snipe at ‘Russians’.

    Have to work up anger against Russians, because they’re blocking someone’s ambitions in Syria.

  2. In Soviet Union we had also this problem that well oiled agitprop some days went over pointless wobbling.

    The thing is that media is centrally commanded and when Government is busy, they don`t have time to daily coordination. Then poor journo must invent something by himself so that paper is filled but later he has also keep his job

    In Soviet Union, media wobbling was signal that something important goes on behind the scenes and all important guys are very busy.

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