MSNBC Casually Discusses Launching Drone Strikes On “Extremist” Trump Supporters

This clip is like a window into the PMC mindset:

How am I a “domestic extremist”?

I’ve never gone on national television and suggested launching drone strikes on people who disagree with my politics. I don’t want to KILL Trump supporters. That’s insane.

There isn’t any “insurgency” of Trump supporters. The White upper middle class professional wing of the Democratic Party has just gone mad and the media is fanning hysteria.

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  1. They will do anything now. They launched a drone against the President of Venezuela in a public gathering! The use of drones to execute U.S. citizens without trial or arrest began during the Obama administration. Drone operators, weapon designers, and computer scientists are being paid very well for their “service,” besides the fact that most of them have no moral objection to killing, “having their conscience seared with a hot iron” (1 Timothy 4:1) of materialism, and the psychopathic enjoy the thought of helping to commit “legal” murder by drones.

    Where there is immense wealth there is immense power, enough to do anything they please. But they are more likely to use more discrete methods than drone strikes.

  2. Well, communists kill they political opponents. Demonization is always prelude to genocide.

    They screaming all the time for example in Salon comment section since Donald election that America won Nazis and will win in America too.

    When Donald stunt to launch elite infighting does not play out, then thigs go as serious as in Soviet Union or post war Germany.

    Donald was the last line of defense and when this falls, then there will be open season .

    • They are supporters of the Capitalist Pig Class. And Trillionaire Capitalist Pig Jeff is a major financial backer of Black Lives Matter.

      Your comment is so incredibly stupid.

  3. MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, and COMCAST owned by a family of Jews named “Roberts” who got their start down in Mississippi and Alabama. Reside in Philadelphia by all accounts.

    • Are they related to Steve Roberts, the prominent jew journalist who was married to Cokie Roberts, OD?

  4. Not that they should but, fuck it, let em do it. They’ve been itching to bomb whites like this since Cruise Missiles we’re reducing Baghdad back in the First Gulf War.

    This is why the whites in South Africa dismantled their H Bomb before the Zulu took over. All your imperial tech? Get rid of it before some General Mbongo is aiming it at you.

  5. Deeper thinking people always cautioned against credit cards being used for surveillance.

    What happened to the 4th amendment?

    • Woke strategy is to end-run the bill of rights by outsourcing repression to private entities. The BofA action is a grey area but par for the course.

      Republicans can make a great issue out of this kind of stuff, but will they?

      • I caution against credit cards because its basically gambling and debt enslavement. I don’t want to pay back more then I owe and be charged 5x times the amount if I don’t pay it on time then 10x after that

      • Republicans won’t do sp!t.
        They’ll continue to let lobbyists finger them, while they giggle and follow behind the Democratic lead.

        When have republicans ever had a spine ?

    • “Deeper thinking people always cautioned against credit cards being used for surveillance. ”

      Credit cards are just the tip of the iceberg. Mobile phones are used to listen to your conversations, and track your position in real time. They are an excellent target for drone strikes. Microsoft, makers of the Windows operating system, was the first big software company to sell out their customers to the NSA, and they were happy to do it. Intel CPUs have had the Intel Management Engine in them since 2006, which is a spy chip with its own encrypted operating system. It can see what your computer is doing, and has access to the Internet. AMD added a similar spy chip to their CPUs. My advice if you don’t want to be tracked, don’t use tech that comes from the USA, or is made by US companies, or from countries in the US empire. Or better, don’t use tech at all.

      “What happened to the 4th amendment?”

      A constitution is wortheless, when your county’s rulers are woke.

      • @Cruiser

        AT&T has been working closely with the NSA since it was Ma Bell.

        “A constitution is worthless, when your county’s rulers are woke.”

        The Constitution is a gentlemen’s agreement between White men. Outside of that context it is – as George W. Bush told us – “just a piece of paper.”

  6. They don’t need to use drones – they have the economic weapon. This is being broadcast to scare White people to not complain too loudly. If you do, they aren’t going to drone bomb you – they are going to get you fired, shut down your bank account, take away your kids, etc.

    99.9% of White people will comply under those threats. The .1% will get the drones.

  7. White Americans to the right of Hannityand Rush are the new “Nazis” The jews will do anything to silence you without benefit of trial or due rights.

  8. If there are drone strikes on White Americans, the commie scum who call for them & cheer them on will regret it.

    • It is bound to happen. At some point a heavily defended compound will be impossible to breach and an armed drone will be used.

  9. Since nobody has any anti-aircraft weapons, they’ll probably just use manned fighter-bombers and helicopter gunships.

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