Jesse Ventura Calls For Huey Long’s Wealth Cap



The fire rises!


“Former wrestling star Jesse Ventura has lashed out at the financial pillars of American society, insisting capitalism was an increasingly flawed system when compared to socialism and calling for the introduction of a maximum annual wage.

Over a decade on from the financial crisis that brought the world’s economy to its knees, the sharp divide between the haves and the have nots has again been brought to the fore by the coronavirus pandemic, which has disproportionately hit those with a low disposable income harder than the wealthy.

While billionaires lost large chunks of their fortune as the stock market collapsed in the early stages of the pandemic, they have long since recouped their losses. …”

I agree with this part.

National Review:

“The oligarchization of American elites and the parallel pauperization of the citizenry is the real but uniformly suppressed story behind the country’s ongoing Balkanization, while the preferred narrative has been that alleged racial and gender injustice must be overcome by executive fiat. The relative impoverishment of the American middle class has degraded the power of the citizenry to self-govern and has emboldened an increasingly detached elite to indulge in group-based political experiments, with the reengineering of the nation in accordance with ever-shifting notions of “equity and social justice” the ultimate goal.

Just before the COVID pandemic hit, almost one third of all Americans lived in lower-class households, with the median income of just over $25,000 a year, less than two-thirds the national median. In 2015 the number of middle-class households dipped below 50 percent. With the lockdowns destroying small businesses, it continues to spiral downward. In contrast, in the 1950s, two thirds of American households were comfortably middle-class. Most importantly, while barely half of all households today belong to the middle class, according to Pew, already in 2014 the gap between the earnings of middle-income and upper-income families was the widest ever recorded in American history.

The fading of the middle class has been the predictable byproduct of the corporate off-shoring of our industry and has diminished its influence, a trend accelerated by the persistent disavowal of its values and lifestyles by our nation’s opinion-makers. In a nation where 80 percent of the population has seen its relative economic position decline and, with it, its ability to influence the country’s politics increasingly marginalized, the ruling oligarchy’s continued disregard for their concerns, values, and preferences is a prescription for deepening polarization, political instability, and further unrest. …”

It’s happening.

This is what real “equity,” not neoliberal “equity,” looks like.

The ruling class oligarchy in this country needs an enema. Everyone knows it too. We can’t continue going down this road. It leads to far too much immiseration and social instability.

Note: Peter Turchin has spelled it all out. We need immigration restriction and wealth redistribution like we had in the Depression. Right now, we have a bloated oligarchy, a surplus of elites, record polarization, growing immiseration and fiscal insolvency. It is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney were unauthorized Green Party presdential and VP candidates – and the national Green organization reacted by de-certifying the party in Alaska: The Green Party in the U.S., as in Europe, is a tool of the establishment.

  2. I’m seeing Griffin’s vision of the Third Way in the early stages, keep up the pressure Brad. Just a thought….I’m wondering if Mr. Griffin could be the leader of this new party?

    • HW is in the process of putting together the Southern White Populist Party. He just needs to come up with a cool-looking symbol for it. I would suggest the Confederate battle flag with a tilted Swazi in the center.

  3. The wealth cap is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    James Dyson spends over 10 million a week on research, such ppl would be crippled by the wealth cap.

    You have no solution, until you address the ((( jp ))).

      • NO, a wealth cap would not reduce their power.

        They would simply diffuse the money throughout their minions and continue to act in unison, as a cohesive body. A wealth cap would give them greater power, as their religion teaches intense tribal loyalty. Gentiles have nothing to compete with that.

        You have the causation backwards, the power of their unity , the mitzvahs, gives them great wealth.

        their solidarity gives them power, just as in the USSR, they rose to power with laws against wealth.

      • There would also need to be a ‘Wealth Tax’ on so-called “charitable” foundations encompassing all of them to break their political power. The various ridiculous “think tanks”, universities, religious foundations, and other groups like the Tides Foundation and Soros Fund are a critical part of advancing the Left Wing agenda. The power to tax is the power to destroy and that power should be used to cut the legs off of the Left’s financial empire.

        • All those “nonprofit” foundations need to go. They are mostly used as tax shelters for the super-wealthy but they also fund the evil neoliberal globalist agenda.

    • “James Dyson spends over 10 million a week on research, such ppl would be crippled by the wealth cap.”

      Nonsense. Research like that would done by his company.

      However, I believe companies and corporations should included in the wealth cap as well. Apple for example has so much money, it could pay all of its employees to stay at home, and do nothing indefinately. Even with the elimination of human billionaires, bored CEOs and board members will use it to play woke politics. The law should be if a company isn’t using their profits on profitable business, it should be paid to the people as a dividend.

    • Wealth cap is impractical, all you would do is further shift the legal format in which wealthy people control things, so, e.g., the ‘company’ etc would own all the luxe items they use, they already do that to a certain degree

      Under flat-out communism the elites were formally not ‘wealthy’ but they still had a system of channelling and parcelling out luxe goodies for themselves at public expense, resulting in rich lifestyles, just a bit more hidden from public view

      At bottom it’s always a game against oligarchy which can take many slippery forms, especially given how that oligarchy can control media

      But re-distribution is indeed important, every working man needs a decent, family-supporting income (plus health care etc), starting from when he is young, so he can marry and have children without fear

      • “they still had a system of channelling and parcelling out luxe goodies for themselves”

        No. This is not about luxury goods, nor the idle rich, nor how big someone’s house is.

        This is about political power.

  4. Not happening. We live in a world where Ella Emhoff gets a multi year modelling contract and will be a millionaire as a result. Absolute payola. Yet you didn’t see Melanie Trump so much as a cover on Knitting Magazine. Billionaires won’t get a cap,

  5. @HW

    The fact this triggers the GOP shills so hard is proof it is a good strategy.

    We don’t want a class of people who have so much concentrated wealth they can use their Federal Reserve Notes as political power.

    Everyone is happy that Bill Gates gave us personal computers and he has a huge mansion and his own private planes and even his own private golf course. Good for him.

    But just because he has too much money to spend doesn’t mean he should be allowed to buy entire swaths of the civil society and force everyone to take his experimental vaccines. No one elected him anything.

  6. Those people are master’s of concealment, they already have mechanism in place to evade such schemes. How do you think they build such dynastic fortunes ? Do you think they pay inheritance taxes, as gentiles do ? Think again! (Sure, they will throw a few million to the tax man, but the great bulk of their fortunes go on, unmolested by the goyish taxes)

    Ivan Brodsky swindled 100s million from gentiles, he ‘gifted’ 10s millions to yeshivas.
    Ordered to pay back the money , he did, what little remained. He now lives like a prince, courtesy the yeshivs, despite having no money.

    Those people have been evading such schemes, before Rome was a village.

    You’re barking up the wrong tree, while the coons are in the other trees, silently laughing.

    • >they already have mechanism in place

      Thank Reagan and moron Republican voters for the financialization of the economy. Reagan and Clinton drastically accelerated the problem.

      Anti-elitism as a form of learned helplessness needs to stop. They’re not omnipotent. They don’t have super-secret stealth powers. They’re not smarter than you. It is as if people are saying, elites dominate everything, so let’s vote to give them even more wealth and power! 1776! USA! USA! Socialism sucks! Look, if we don’t like elite power, then step one is rolling back Reaganism.

      For those interested in the financial side of globalism, I recommend Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World by Thomas Shaxson.

  7. Tucker’s theory is that when the radical youth camped out in front of Wall Street in the late 2000s the Oligarchs got spooked and instead decided to direct these youth from attacking them to “attacking rednecks.” So instead of the 1% the enemy became economically struggling flyover country whites.

  8. Jesse Ventura and so many others make the mistake of saying the problem is too wealthy individual, with too high annual incomes. The reality is our problems are overwhelmingly super wealthy institutions, corrupt anti White, anti Southern institutions like the SPLC, AIPAC, NAACP or just the super rich tax exempt Catholic Church or the LDS Mormon Church or as bad as it gets the anti White, anti Christ, Anti Southern anti Heterosexual Gentile institutions of Harvard, Yale, University of California Berkeley or my alma mater Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN. We won’t be able to identify the individual super rich or do things like Huey Long advocated in the 1930s put a limit on what some individual can make in a year. What’s the endowment of Harvard University? It has to be over $50 billion – and this institution’s wealth and power dictates that pretty much all the establishment Presidential nominees , all the Supreme Court appointments have to be from Harvard and Yale or both. Look at recent US Presidential nominees

    Bush Sr, Bush Jr – Both Yale
    Mitt Romney – Harvard
    Obama Mr. and Mrs – Harvard
    Mike Dukakis – Harvard
    Clinton was Oxford –
    Hillary Clinton – Yale

    So it’s Harvard and Yale here in the USA and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and there is cross the pond back and forth.

    So again, we can’t turn back the clock and implement some 1930s Huey Long to cap personal income.

    We now have all power in institutions dominated by anti Southern, Anti White, anti heterosexual Gentiles, these institutions now include pretty much all the mainstream national media, CBS, CNN, NY Times, WaPost, MSNBC and the false Conservative opposition which is now almost exclusively Neo Conservative ZIonists, Christian Zionist or cuckservative RINOs.

    So the problem is institutions that hate us and have dispossessed us.

    Hey Hunter, I tried to text you but didn’t get a response. I’m still alive if not exactly setting the world on fire.

    J Ryan
    Left behind outride of Chicago

    • @jaye
      The institutions you mention are funded by tax deductible donations given to them by billionaires and lesser super rich. Eliminate the billionares, and their source of funding will dry up.

      If you recieve tax deductible donations and use it to practice politics, you are committing tax fraud, which all of these institutions are guilty of. Heck, they are so brazen they brag that is what they are doing. Washington D.C. is so corrupted by billionare bribe money, this law is not properly enforced. But if it was enforced, the institutions you mention would have to pay back all of the tax deductible money they’ve taken going back 50 years, and their leadership would be jailed for tax fraud.

    • Why would an organization such as the University of Chicago, which has schools literally named The Pritzker School of Medicine, push tranny stuff? Could this maybe, just maybe, be the result of billionaires donating amounts of $100,000,000.00 at a time?

      We need to take all of that BLM money billionaires have sitting around and transfer it to us.

  9. Ventura is a fruit cake. If you’re going to root for something, it should NS, not outright socialism. The two are different.

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