Sen. Ben Sasse: Message To Nebraska GOP State Central Committee

Donald Trump isn’t the president anymore.

What effect is that having on his voters though? Are they becoming more radical with him gone? In my view, Trump was always a soothing influence on them. They literally “trusted the plan” and went to sleep for four years. It is obviously the Democrats and the media who radicalize people with their extreme rhetoric and now Rip van Winkle has woken up and Joe is the president and MAGA is over.

The Hill:

“Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who’s said he may vote this month to convict former President Trump on an article of impeachment, is pushing back against possible retaliation from the Nebraska Republican State Central Committee by warning that his party must choose between “conservatism and madness.”

Sasse on Thursday released a five-minute video responding to Republican officials back home who want to censure him at a Republican State Central Committee meeting on Feb. 13 because of his criticism of Trump.

He warned that purging Trump skeptics from the GOP is “not only civic cancer for the nation [but] just terrible for our party.”

Sasse, who didn’t support Trump’s candidacy in 2016 or 2020, dismissed his critics in the state party as “angry about life” and out of step with regular Nebraskans. …”

Here are my predictions from October 2019:

Nailed this one.

We are now in the post-Blumpf era.

We’re off to a strong start with Arizona and Georgia flipping into Blue States.

It is these last two predictions which I am watching in the Biden era.

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  1. What exact part of “conservatism” is Sasse and others in the GOP conserving?

    Traditional, longstanding American views on homosexuality, abortion, Christian faith, marriage, the family?

    The fact that Sasse and other “conservatives” have NEVER denounced or discussed “Drag Queen Toddler Hour” in which wretched, repellent transsexuals and homosexuals have toddlers sitting on their laps reading them stories at the local public library, speaks volumes about “Conservatism inc.”

    What have they “conserved” in the last 50 years besides low taxes on the rich and deregulation of industry?

    • So drag queen story hour, usually involving white drag queens/freaks and white children, offends you, yet your mestizo natural-conservative heroes, who have a well-known and well-reported problem of sexually abusing young children in their extended families living under one roof, get a pass?

      • That’s a load of BS and you know it.

        I never said that Mexicans were “natural conservatives” like George W. Bush used to like to say.

        The Mexicans I know living in Phoenix have no interest in low taxes and deregulation. So no, they are not natural conservatives, they tend to be on the economic Left: like most of their relatives still in Mexico.

        But your depiction of them as child molesters is BS and highly offensive.

        Have you ever worked with them as co-workers, or spent time with their families or social gatherings?

        If you did, you would know that they tend to be socially conservative, clannish, and value hard work and family. No, they are not like White mid-western Lutherans from Iowa. They are not “liberal” in the way we understand the term.

        And no, there are no “Drag Queen Story Hours” in Mexican communities.

        They have not yet reached our level of American degeneracy.

        • “Have you ever worked with them as co-workers, or spent time with their families or social gatherings?”

          No, why would I? Why do you? Why did you champion them on this site with your comments in the first place?

          As for “BS,” even my SWPL commie local paper has several times in recent years published stories of illegal mestizo immigrants accused of molesting young relatives in the houses where they lived in extended families. I read that paper regularly, as bad as it is, and they don’t have articles or items on that subject with anyone else.

    • The Republican Party has failed to conserve, amongst other things, the very people of the country by allowing and inviting hostile foreigners to settle in the country then giving them preferential treatment over real (White) Americans. The Hispanics, with their notorious child molesting, drunkenness and violence are symptoms of this policy of treating foreigners preferentially. So far, the only amnesty for these illegals was passed under that notorious “conservative” president Ronald Reagan after appropriate lies were parroted by the obliging “conservative” press such as the WSJ and National Review back in 1986.

      The Republican Party has to go away, it cannot be reformed, whatever that means anyway. Big capital, in the form of notorious oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson buy and sell the Republicans like the ten dollar whores they are although the Democrats aren’t different in that respect. At least the Democrats are on the same page as their constituents with their foul ideology and don’t pretend to be something else. The Democrats have been all about tipping over the country since the 1964 election of LBJ and don’t pretend to be something they aren’t unlike the horrible Republicans.

  2. “Donald Trump isn’t President any more.”

    And despite that, given the shenanigans pulled to install China Joe Biden, he might not really be the lawful President, either.

  3. “Trump was always a soothing influence on them. They literally ‘trusted the plan’ and went to sleep for four years (…) and now Rip van Winkle has woken up”:

    Really? Has Rip van Winkle really woken up? They are still asleep. Kamala and Biden are also a soothing influence for many, the group who trust the new plan for recovery. However both groups are asleep – or to put it more accurately, they have POLITICAL DEMENTIA, as Cailtlin Johnstone explains: “In a high-quality dementia care facility, confused residents who are at risk of unsafe wandering are skillfully redirected away from exit doors by staff members who are trained to provide them with the illusion of freedom while still keeping them in the safety of the care home. A PROPAGANDA-ADDLED POPULACE WANDERING AROUND TRYING TO FIND AN ESCAPE FROM ITS OPPRESSORS IS REDIRECTED IN VERY MUCH THE SAME WAY (my capitalization). If you’ve ever visited a loved one in a locked dementia care facility, especially near sunset, you know how agitated the people who live there can become. The impulse to wander and pace is very common, and depending on where they’re at cognitively they’ll often demand to leave the facility at once so they can go ‘home’. When this happens, unskillful staff members will take an openly authoritarian position and tell the resident that they cannot leave and that the facility is their home now. This confrontational approach invariably leads to agitation on the part of the confused resident, because in their mind they really do live somewhere else and are being told they need to remain locked in a strange place that they have no memory of. This can quickly lead to a catastrophic response that is unpleasant for everyone, especially the resident in question. A more skillful staff member will employ a very different strategy. Rather than engaging in futile attempts to persuade someone with severe dementia that they must stay and that their perception of reality is wrong, they will simply say ‘Ah yes, right away Mister Smith! Let’s go get you ready to leave.’ They’ll take him by the hand, ask him if he wants dinner before he leaves, get him talking about his time in the army, distracting him from the thought of leaving and letting the memory loss do the work for them. In a few minutes Mister Smith is happily chowing down on mechanical soft meat and potatoes without a care in the world (…) Anyway, that’s how electoral politics works. The public will periodically become agitated at the way their wealth and resources are being stolen from them and spent on overseas wars, or the fact that they are deliberately kept poor and busy by a plutocratic system in which the relative wealth of the rich is given more political power by the relative poverty of everyone else, and they are redirected. They are not told ‘No Mister Smith, you are the property of the oligarchic empire.’ They are instead told by the skillful manipulators of the political/media class, ‘Ah yes Mister Smith, you can have everything you want! Just vote for the Democratic Party right over there!’ And just as the facility’s design intended, Mister Smith goes out the door to the Democratic Party, wanders around in circles for a while, then comes back inside without posing any inconvenience to the staff members who run the empire (…) That’s all electoral politics is (…) It’s a locked facility we are forbidden from leaving with a bunch of staff members pretending to want what we want. But the fact that the managers of empire go to such lengths to avoid a direct confrontation with us means they desperately want to avoid that confrontation. We are not an elderly dementia patient, we are the many. They are the few. If we can ever collectively stop falling for the redirections to the circular pathways and stand and face our oppressors, they do not stand a chance. And they know it. They cannot arrest us all. They cannot kill us all. All they can do is keep us confused and distracted, and hope we don’t remember our true power….”

  4. I can see #3 and #4 happening in upcoming cycles. After Iraq, Covid, and Stop the Steal, many won’t risk another Republican disaster. Stupid conservative voters present an even bigger public hazard than GOP billionaire donors. The Democrats will succeed despite themselves if they avoid anything catastrophic like invading Iran.

    Reactionary influencers everywhere — Molyneux, Vox Day, Woes, Sargon, Morgoth, Collett, Grindr Greg, Jean-François — are fossilized in 2016 even after everything that has happened, fighting for freedumb until the bitter end. We really need collectivists offering collective perspectives. The social, economic, and political worlds have been turned upside-down by information technology; individualism is not the way forward.

    New influencers with different audiences will emerge over time. Conservatism has flatlined and its resuscitation is not worth it.

  5. You’re right about one thing Sasse…we are are angry. God damn angry because worthless cucks like you gave our nation away.

  6. I recently realized something: “conservatives” are victims. They’re not claimers of victim status but actual victims. And guess what: contrary to what liberal ideology proclaims, being a victim is not a noble thing. A victim is weak, passive, foolish. And the kind of “conservative” who votes for the Ben Sasses of the world are all of those things. Not only is their country being stolen from them but their blood and culture are maligned. The imposition of homosexualism, transgenderism, and the sacralization of black thugs adds insult to injury. We should be men not victims. Therefore, let’s not be “conservatives”.

  7. “When Melissa and I first ran in 2014…”

    I didn’t know a duo could run for the US Senate. Seriously: Ben Sasse is the kind of guy who spends the whole week looking forward to prepping his wife’s bull.

  8. The part about the racket Conservatism, Inc. (which could not even conserve the ladies’ room) making pathetic appeals to the hordes of paper-Americans imported by the Talmudists and their shabbas step-n-fetchits is certainly true. They’ve been staying away in droves from the undending retarded appeals for decades running now. There’s a flip side to this of course which not very many on this side of the fence see: The D-jerseys serve the same (((Masters of the Universe))) that the R-jerseys do. The imported diversity is every bit as retarded as the native whites are about this – maybe even more gaslighted than the natives (if that’s even possible).

    Brett Stevens ( had a very interesting response the other day to Andrew Torba’s recent spin on the Benedict Option originally advocated by Mr. Crunchy-Cuck a decade or so back.

    The most interesting point in his response is this one:

    Let me suggest another plan:

    *Agree on a simple platform
    *Sabotage everything else
    *Deal in cash only
    *Pay low or no taxes
    *If you encounter a Leftist, ruin his life
    *Overthrow this system by any means necessary

    This type of obstinate, destructive, and fanatical platform works. It is how the Left got ahead. We no longer have “nice” options. We only have a simple task based on a binary solution set.

    Either we gain control of our society, or we die.

    Ben Sasse is the kind of traitorous cuck who needs to be utterly destroyed – long before someone like Ilhan Omar does. Omar at least doesn’t wave the Israeli flag unless she’s forced to by Pelosi et al. We know where the colonizer Omar stands for she carries her enemy flag loud and proud. Sasse is the kind of whispering fifth-column enemy within who gaslights his supporters with Chamber of Commerce lies and cliches (another bunch who needs to be exterminated like the worthless parasite cockroaches they are). Populism can be deployed as a weapon against the likes of step-n-fetchits like Sasse, HRH Liz Cheney, Countess of Hailburton, Mitt ‘Capt. Underoos’ Wormney. etc. A Huey Long or George Wallace type of populist might even be able to tap into some of the D-jersey base who are aware of the massive parasitism of the ruling class and their flying monkeys.

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