Neoliberal Joe Begins To Retreat On Economic Promises

Who could have ever predicted that?

How did you just know that the issues where Joe Biden would stiff his base would be the $2,000 stimulus checks, the $15 minimum wage, free college and the $50,000 of student loan debt relief and Universal Health Care? How did you know that he would come out of the gate guns blazing on woke, trans, climate and open borders issues which are the polarizing middle class lefty issues?

This is the first two weeks of the Biden administration:

The True Cons or the governing wing of the Republican Party does something similar. How did you know that when Trump came to power that he would come out of the gate guns blazing on Ryancare, Israel, tax cuts and all these other things that the donor class wanted? Both the Republicans and the Democrats seem to take turns delivering on their most unpopular ideas whenever they are in power.

Joe Biden lost Florida which approved a $15 minimum wage. There is considerable support among Independent and Republican voters for economic populist issues and foreign policy restraint. This is why the Biden administration is steering clear of picking the low hanging fruit like delivering $2,000 checks that has 80% support or withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

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  1. SO much better than Trump, right?

    Thank goodness the decision was made not to support Trump. This is SO much better, right?

      • Now Trump and Q are gone, people have to open their eyes. No “Great Leader” is going to take of of sheeit for them.

      • You have it exactly backwards. It was only Trump’s marginal electoral success that pushed things along this far, because it gave ever-prone-to-guilt-and-self-abasement whites “permission” to feel more pro-white, since, hey, the President himself seemed at times to be of that mindset, or at least somewhat appeared to be, in occasional tweets or statements (often, of course, self-contradicted).

        But now, without the cover of a major political figure, the majority of whites will steadily be duped by the media into feeling guilty about and ashamed of and denying any pro-white feelings.

        Now it’s neoliberal hegemony time again.

  2. Ha! And some people still believe there is a grain of difference between these two parties of scumbags? It’s the system that is flawed. The two corrupt political parties are just doing their assigned parts, keeping various factions distracted then governing in the interests of their corporate owners.

    No doubt the scumbags in the whore house known as Congress will reluctantly throw a bone to the voters while their keepers feast again on what is left of the country’s assets.

  3. “withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan.”

    Joe Biden has voted for literally ever single war he could since he first ran for office way back in the 1970’s.

    Biden is one of the biggest Warmongers of the modern age. He is responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of millions of people. In a just world, he would be tried for War Crimes in the Hague.

    We should build a statue of Joe Biden just so we can tear it down.

    • Give it six months.

      If there are sincere leftwing people out there, I know there must be, What. Have. You. Done.

      Biden is the monster.

  4. Biden has 57% approval rating overall; 98% approval among Democrats and 61% approval among Independents. Two thirds of Americans also back his coronavirus response, although it barely exists so far.

    It’s fine to criticize Biden for being neo-liberal but the problem is that Trump was so bad that he made a whole lot of people want to return to normalcy… and normalcy before Trump was woke neo-liberalism.

    Trump made neo-liberalism look appealing. That’s bad. That makes the system more legitimate and more stable. It’s probably not an accident that Trump strengthened neoliberalism and destroyed nationalism / populism / free speech on the internet. Seems like something the elite would want to do.

    Over time Biden’s “not Trump” boost will likely fade, as the real problems with neoliberalism become more and more pressing.

    That’s where the next Trump-like figure comes in, to be so bad that he makes people beg to return to neoliberal normalcy again.

    What we need is someone who can get a critical mass of Independents, Democrats, non-voters and Republicans to understand the problems with America’s current power structure and ruling elite.

    Easier said than done, but the point is, a figure like that would be very, very different from Trump or a DeSantis or a Josh Hawley. Those figures are effectively pro-establishment.

    Donald Trump greatly increased the popularity of neoliberalism.

      • It’s a honeymoon period, yes.

        But his approval with Republicans is already only 11% in those numbers. He has a record for the highest approval with his own party and the lowest approval with the opposing party.

        His coalition also formed in reaction to the excesses and failures of the Trump administration. It’s basically normal Democrat voters + people reacting against the disastrous failure of right wing populism (a failure which you chronicled on this site).

        It’s true that his approval rating will likely fall as he disappoints people.

        But disaffected former Biden supporters won’t necessarily gravitate towards “Trumpy” right wing populist talking points.

        Quite the opposite, a visible “Trumpy” presence provides the unifying threat that helps keep his coalition together. And reminds them that there is in fact something even more dysfunctional than neoliberalism.

        • “Honeymoon period”??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an incoming administration with less goodwill. Progressives are already p*ssed at him (they only voted Biden because he wasn’t Trump), and of course the whole swathe of people from the center to the far right never supported him…that’s the majority of the country. On top of the fraudulent presidential “vote”, add the hysterical persecution of Jan 6th “insurrectionists” and then the abject failure to do anything about the very public and very clear Gamestop/AMC market manipulation, then the tens of thousands of Keystone jobs lost…75,000 fat Nat Guard “protecting” an empty inauguration and then told to sleep on the floor of cold parking lots (where they get COVID, packed like sardines)…it’s like, “What’s next?”

          What’s next for this Empty Husk in the White House? Do his handlers care, as long as they ram through their vision of the end game?

    • I don’t think Trump will be seen as all that bad ina few months. My fear is that he will attempt to get back into public life though.

      2020 was a watershed year. It’s an apocalyptic year. In Europe we now have vaccine nationalism and squabbling over medicine trade. Nationalism of the old sort is back with closed borders and all that jazz. The UK has actually revived Ellis Island style Quarantine.

      Joe belongs to the age of Liberal pre 2020 consensus and is not long for the world.
      Trump was just a harbinger for stringent borders and conflict among nations.

  5. Hunter, I like your new banner, the best yet. Greatest Southern populist. I recognized T. E. Watson immediately:

  6. Speaking of breaking campaign promises, Ecuador elected a successor to Rafael Correa, their first socialist president, who promised to follow in Correa’s footsteps but immediately broke his promise after being elected and became an obedient U.S. puppet, setting the U.S. oil corporations free of regulations, saddling the nation with IMF loans, rescinding the asylum given to Julian Assange, and allowing the U.S. to build a new military base. Yesterday, Ecuador voted for another socialist in spite of massive U.S./CIA efforts to sway the election. This is an excellent, must-watch video:

  7. OF COURSE the Kamala and Joe administration will “retreat” on economic “promises” to COMMON people. But endless funds will always be available for imperialist war. The U.S. is moving B-1 bombers from Texas to Norway near the Russian border to harrass Russia in the Arctic: “The movement of forces much closer to Russia means the US will be able to react more quickly to potential Russia aggression, officials say.” Russian agression indeed! The U.S. also has plenty of funds to fly B-52 nuclear bombers (hopefully not armed with nukes, this time) around the world to try to frighten Iran, and threatens China by heavily arming Taiwan and deploying all kinds of warships and planes along the very edge of.China’s territorial waters. The U.S. nuclear arsenal is in the process of being upgraded and increased to the tune of one trillion dollars over ten years.,an%20end,%E2%80%9D%20Bannon%20told%2060%20Minutes%E2%80%99%20Charlie%20Rose.

    • Indeed. While the U.S. Government is threatening countries in different parts of the world it is simultaneously crippling its military forces by inflicting diversity on the military. Recently, Dementia Joe’s obese, blackety blackety black Secretary of Defense ordered all the military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to stand down over the next 60 days and root out any “White supremacism” in the ranks. Never mind that the competent core of the military, all branches, is composed of White, Christian males, overwhelmingly from Dixie, too.

      The U.S. Government is insane. It’s working at cross purposes constantly, weakening the military while threatening war for the apparent benefit of other countries. It has extended war guarantees 8,000 miles from the West Coast it cannot possibly keep while trying to provoke a war with Iran for the benefit of “Our Greatest Ally”. If there is a conflict the deficiencies in the military will be readily apparent and the Government will be forced to call upon the dreaded “White supremacists” (who don’t exist) to fight its wars. White males should say: “no thanks, my White privilege won’t allow me to serve, call on the minorities this time.”

        • “when it falls under Chinese rule”

          Don’t fall for the anti-Chinese propaganda. Peacefully producing good things and trading them with all nations is the exact opposite of waging endless hybrid war to subdue, subjugate and exploit all nations. As long as China can remain under Chinese ethnic (Confucian) principles instead of succumbing to the Western/Talmudistic “culture” it will never become an empire like the U.S. It will always remain Chinese (ethno-“socialism with Chinese characteristics”) and will not invade the U.S. and other nations, IF it continues to resist the disease of capitalism. China is indeed badly infected, but it is still resisting, has not yet succumbed. There is hope it will continue:

          • @ anonymous, thats the 2nd time you have posted this lame ass song, in as many weeks.i are getting the hint, observant sir.

      • Under the Kamala and Joe administration, the U.S. is actually increasing its force in Syria, still occupying the oil fields and continuing to steal the Syrian oil, and heavily re-arming the Kurds, and protecting the major camp on the Jordan border where ISIS recruits and trains. The Empire is actually re-building the covertly U.S.-Israeli led “radical Muslim” proxy force (“ISIS”) that the U.S. has claimed to be fighting, which is being used once again to attack Syrian and Iraqi forces from behind and terrorize the people until they beg to submit to us.

  8. Anything Trump did is already undone or soon will be. The damage that Biden and Kali-Kamala will do to this country will be permanent.

    • Did y’all hear that jared and ivanka pulled in a cool 600 million dollars grifting off Trumptards during the king of Israel’s time in the executive synagogue.

  9. LMAO.

    Saagar doesn’t know the term Natalism. There’s is a name for what Mick is preaching. And yes, there’s more Reactionary/Rightist reasons to giving people money. We, as a society, just don’t know about it because the whole Capitalist vs Socialist dichotomy that has been built up for the last fucking 90 years. I wouldn’t even put it past anyone that the dumb Mormon knows the term Natalism.

    Conservatism is this weird Frankenstein monster of Classical Liberalism (free market, liberty, xenophilia, materialism, and openness), Nationalism (which is nativism, natalism, xenophobia etc), etc. It doesn’t even understand how incoherent it is. It’s literally a bastard ideology at best. At worse, pretends it’s something that it’s not.

    Listening to him, he must be a stalker listening to me (probably not) or someone like me talking about materialism, societal decay, consumerism and higher purpose. Lol. I wouldn’t put it past him. Kinda like Tucker (except he has a scout to find what his audience wants to hear [like Huey Long] mentions his or her name, or some subject, and his audience goes wild and swoons over him).

  10. Hmm, I wonder why people are “radicalizing against democracy?” Seems more like the elites are radicalizing against democracy when issues that have 70-80% support among the population never even make it to a vote in congress and extremely unpopular crap is shoved down our throats constantly.

    • The “elites” obviously have a different definition of “democracy” from what is commonly accepted/understood.

  11. More “race for space” In the news today: The Israel-allied super-wealthy Emeratis (United Arab Emirates) have bought themselves a mission to Mars, as well as a stake in the destruction and dismemberment of Yemen. Ships from China, the U.S. and UAE will all be circling around or landing on Mars this month.

    People’s attention is being directed away from growing inequality to the fantasies of populating Mars and mining the Moon and asteroids (“that could be worth quadrillions”) and the “desperate need to secure the Moon” and outer space against Russia and China, for the future benefit of U.S. corporations.

    • @ anonymous, wow! One would have thought , you of all people, would be tickled pink, too hear about a ” red ” planet , brilliant sir.

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