The New Republic: The Comedy Industry Has a Big Alt-Right Problem

The Left used to be funny.

I’ve noticed this has changed since the rise of wokeness. They’re not funny anymore. They’ve become the Joke Police … a bunch of unfriendly, hysterical, miserable, humorless scolds who live in terror of people who have different opinions and values and who relish lording it over them.

The New Republic:

“In the dark recesses of the internet lurks a man who goes by ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat. He makes his home on, a community named after the shock jock duo Opie & Anthony—a safe space to say what cannot be said offline. He’s posted in threads like “N—-r hate thread #1,” “The K-ke Hate Thread,” “Juno comes out as a tranny,” and “OFFICIAL Post-Election Voter Fraud THREAD,” where he called Joe Biden “a pedophile retard who’s about to die in the oval office.” Elsewhere he’s derided the Covid-19 vaccine, which he calls “gook juice” and “chinky jew sauce.” Last year he revealed his Twitter account, @ApevonTarskin. The username matches a commenter on Thought Catalog, which ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat has said he trolled after it retracted a transphobic essay by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. His contributions there were more of the same. Under a 2015 post titled “When You Love ‘The Chase,’” he once commented, “There is not a more despicable human on this earth than a fat white n—-r fucker. Get an AIDS test. You have it.”    

The internet can sometimes seem like one big rabbit hole, and if you make it down to the bottom, waiting for you is a person. At the bottom of mine was ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat.

I’ve spent the last five years writing about the comedy industry, the last three or so covering inequality and extremism within it. …

It’s a place hostile to prying eyes, and the blowback can be furious. I have been harassed and trolled on social media. I have been doxxed, as have members of my family. And eventually, I found my way to a message board where ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat—who I have reason to believe, though I cannot definitively prove, is a person at the heart of the New York City club comedy scene—and others participated in the Gamergate-style campaign that had been conducted against me.  …

In my case, a user who went by Anthony and had the bio @CompoundBoss stopped by at one point to cheer them on. “Those text messages you sent to that little queer really made me laugh hard,” he wrote. “If that sissy faggot kills himself, you’d make a lot of people happy including myself. Keep up the good work fellas.” Meanwhile on Twitter, Cris Italia and his co-owners openly relished the harassment campaign. “You caused this,” he tweeted. “You are to blame for your family getting doxxed.”  …”

This journo is trying to track down and dox someone making jokes on the internet.

FOX News:

Saturday Night Live” returned from its winter break with a slightly different approach to covering politics that many viewers immediately noticed.

After spending four years relentlessly mocking Donald Trump each week, the popular NBC sketch show did not open with an impersonation of President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. That’s not to say that the episode shied away from politics. Its cold open skewered Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Brady while the show’s “Weekend Update” segment commented on the riot at the U.S. Capitol. …”


Everything is a potential “pipeline” away from these people because no one really likes them. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson never wielded anything like their power.

It has gotten to the point where PMCs are openly embracing totalitarianism and casually calling for drone strikes. No one is safe from the self-anointed hall monitors of America whether it is data scientists who work for the Democratic Party or journalists who have worked for the New York Times for forty years. They can ban the president of the United States from Twitter and strip James Watson of titles and honors for being one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.

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  1. That’s just how the entire internet was until 10-15 years ago. It only changed when smart phones and social media became really popular, so a bunch of uptight women started using the internet and decided they needed to launch a crusade against cyberbullying. Before women discovered the internet, it was 95% cyberbullying all the time.

  2. Shabbat Night Live is ZOG’s official “comedy” show. It sets the parameters within which all other System-approved comedy performances must operate. The carefully screened live audience is instructed when to laugh and when to applaud so that the viewers will “get” all the “jokes”. Targets of ridicule are usually white gentiles whom ZOG wishes to humiliate or destroy. Very little of SNL is funny in the traditional sense, its ultimate purpose being to serve as a warning to anyone who might want to challenge ZOG that such attempts will be severely punished.

  3. I remember back in the day they were mad at George Carlin because he made some “insensitive” joke about aids and anal sex by scolding: “Didn’t your mommy ever tell you there’s germs in there.”

    Wokeness is so absurd they definitely sense it’s ripe material for being spoofed by comedy. Only humorless type people can really take it seriously, it’s as goofy as the: “Don’t fly in DC-8’s because aliens threw their enemies into the Kilauea Volcano in spaceships that looked like them only to become reincarnated as Hollywood Movie Stars” trope that South Park did to rip on Tom Cruise’s fake religion.

  4. It’s true, the Left used to be funny. Lorne Michaels, Buck Henry, Norman Lear….hey wait a minnit, all those guys are jews!

  5. Political Correctness is a religion, meaning Politically Incorrect humor is blasphemous. Not being a practitioner of PC myself I find the gorilla glue story hilarious.

  6. Blacks have no shame – they are rallying around Gorilla Girl who just drives home the fact that stereotypes exist for a reason.

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