Ezra Klein: California Is Making Liberals Squirm

I’ve never been to California.

I have no plans of going anytime soon. I imagine it being like a Third World country ruled by awful people without any of the upsides of living in Alabama or Mississippi.

New York Times:

“You may have heard that San Francisco’s Board of Education voted 6 to 1 to rename 44 schools, stripping ancient racists of their laurels, but also Abraham Lincoln and Senator Dianne Feinstein. The history upon which these decisions were made was dodgy, and the results occasionally bizarre. Paul Revere, for instance, was canceled for participating in a raid on Indigenous Americans that was actually a raid on a British fort.

In normal times, bemusement would be the right response to a story like this. Cities should have idiosyncratic, out-there politics. You need to earn your “Keep X weird” bumper stickers. And for all the Fox News hosts who’ve collapsed onto their fainting couches, America isn’t suffering from a national shortage of schools named for Abraham Lincoln. …

“If you’re living eight or 10 people to a home, it’s hard to protect yourself from the virus,” Senator Wiener told me. “Yet what we see at times is people with a Bernie Sanders sign and a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign in their window, but they’re opposing an affordable housing project or an apartment complex down the street.”

FOX News:

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing pressure from the increasing likelihood of a recall vote, as he makes public appearances across the state.

It comes as the RNC says it is investing $250,000 to support efforts by state Republicans to gather the roughly 1.5 million petition signatures required to call the recall election.

As the state has dealt with a surge in coronavirus cases and lockdown restrictions that impacted the vast majority of the population, Newsom has increased media access while showing his face all over the state to announce good news in the form of vaccination centers in Oakland, San Diego, Fresno and Santa Clara. …”

I love living in the Deep South.

  • Sure, there is inequality here, but nothing like they have in California where the whole state has been transformed to suit the needs of the tech oligarchy. We have rich people in Alabama and Mississippi, but they are impoverished compared to Mark Zuckerberg.
  • It is affordable for working class people to live here especially in rural areas.
  • White people here are friendlier and far less full of themselves.
  • Political correctness or wokeness is far less intense here that just about anywhere else in the country. There isn’t nearly as much pressure to conform to elite opinion.
  • The SPLC is held in higher regard in California than Alabama.
  • I’ve heard about these lockdowns from commentators who live in California and other Blue States and what I have experienced in Alabama is nothing like what has happened in California.

Expensive, uptight and politically correct is how I imagine California. I’m accustomed to poverty and non-Whites. I can’t imagine what it is like to live around so many liberal elites. I’m referring to the sort of upper middle class White people who would come out and protest Richard Spencer outside his apartment in Alexandria as a big virtue signal or Josh Hawley and Tucker Carlson in DC.

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  1. Venice Beach reeks of urine, incense and marijuana. Tens of thousands of junkies and mental cases sleeping in filthy tents all over the place, even Beverly Hills. Hollywood Blvd all boarded up. Pretty bad at the moment. But there’s still a chance it can be saved.

    • When the money goes bad things will get interesting. There is enough surplus wealth in California now to float lots of human detritus in places like Venice beach and all over L.A. Because of the weather and government policies it’s possible to scrape by on very little money. Much of the third world is off the grid as far as taxes go and that keeps the local economy going, such as it is.

      The next financial crisis will lead to rapid inflation making the life of the bums/mental cases living outdoors, just scraping by, impossible. The small third world businesses, off the books family affairs, cannot survive high inflation. Even the wealthy will be reduced in circumstance somewhat.

      That will cause a breakdown of society which is already threadbare in much of California including the Bay Area. I am living about 3,000 miles away now which I hope will give me some insulation from the troubles that are coming. That and cold winters.

  2. California is the point of the spear, the vanguard of the current Iconoclasm sweeping the US.

    I just purchased this new book called, Iconoclasm, Identity Politics and the Erasure of History, (Societas) and it is one of the best books I have ever read.

    If you are concerned about the orgy of “re-naming” schools and tearing down statues, I recommend this book. As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.


    • Not all iconoclasm is bad however. Some iconoclasm is courageous and good, e.g. “God’s Welshman” determining “Away with these Popish idolatries!”

      • You are correct. And he makes the same case in his book. But as he points out in the book, Protestant attacks on Catholic icons, churches, and symbols, was narrow and targeted to a specific issue, i.e. Catholicism.

        In today’s “Woke” iconoclasm, the target is broad: it is history itself, the complete eraser of the past. That is what makes today’s iconoclasm so dangerous.

        By the way, great Film! I love Cromwell.

        • Cromwell chose his own idol while destroying much of the artistic and cultural patrimony of his ancestors built over a period of a thousand years, he was the BLM of his day including destroying statues.

          Today Europe and the UK in particular are atheist and dying out, the long term fruit of Cromwell’s “victory”. No wonder a drunken mob dug up his body and hanged him in effigy a few years after his death. He turned England over to the merchant class who have ruled ever since behind a toy monarchy.

        • Cromwell and the Protestant reformation in Britain were not a “BLM of its day.” They had an opportunity to restore British national sovereignty, culture and religion, breaking completely free from Rome. Cromwell was convinced that emergency financial support offered by the Talmudic bankers of Holland (who had moved there from Portugal and Spain, and had financed the war of Dutch independence from Spain) was needed for the Parliamentarians to win its war against the re-Catholicizing Stuart monarchy. It is possible that if the Parliamentarians had not taken the money, the war would have been swung to the Catholics. Sadly, the English revolution was incomplete. The system endured. The people were betrayed by the upper class. The rights of the commons who fought and died for Parliament against the monarchy were forgotten as soon as their service was no longer needed. The nobility restored the monarchy, with conditions, while forms of Catholicism subtly permeated the national church. A lesson that populist/reformist, half-way “revolution” that does not completely destroy the class system root and branch is never enough to prevent it growing back stronger than ever.

      • KKK and Antifa are the same defective stock, you find anti-Catholicism in the most backward parts of the United States, it’s the main thing you have in common with the California and New York kikes. Ultimately, the Confederate statue tear-downs have the same impetus, the same motivation, the same sponsors as did the iconoclasts of the Wars of Religion. I found it hilarious Brad stating that the most impressive building in many small towns was the movie theater.

        When an American anti-Catholic, from redneck to Jew sees a miniature cathedral in a small rural town of 500 people, what they realize is that they are inferior people with inferior values.

        • “you find anti-Catholicism in the most backward parts of the United States”:

          It is not “backward” to oppose the rank superstition and global criminal organization that it amounts to.

  3. Been to Cali a lot and it’s turning into Third World countries I’ve visited: elite upper class above the law in gilded communities, increasingly squeezed and impoverished middle class (leaving now in droves) and a large subsidized poor from Mexico and China, plus growing homeless underclass. Their tax base is fleeing as they replace net contributors (small businesses, professionals, etc.) with net consumers (illegals).

  4. I’d bet that there are more “white supremacists” in California than Alabama and Mississippi combined. It is, strategically, a place that the anti-“white supremacy” regime clearly covets for a host of reasons. Alabama and Mississippi just aren’t any kind of battlefront in the grand scheme of things save for their possible reemergence in the rise of a new Southern Monopoly.

  5. “The SPLC is held in higher regard in California than Alabama.”

    And yet the SPLC’s anti-white BS is an export of Alabama.

    Why hasn’t Alabama shut down the SPLC? Maybe a Huey Long fan should run on doing that, among other things. It is time.

  6. California was the best state to live in until fairly recently. It had it all: beautiful beaches, mountains, great state and federal parks, perfect weather. There was abundant economic opportunity, great schools and an overwhelmingly White, relaxed, friendly population. Other parts of the country had some of these things but it was all in one place in California.

    One big disadvantage, Mexico was next door. If only a moat could have been dug 100 feet deep and a mile wide from San Ysidro, California to Brownsville, Texas and no immigration allowed California would still be the place to live. At least in cold climates the two legged wildlife and south of the border types cannot proliferate the way they do now in California.

  7. San Diego CA was the best place I ever lived. After the rioting and carnage of Blacks during and after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, I was prepared for the worst during a huge California wildfire. I got my personal belongings, evacuated my apartment and went to the Qualcomm football stadium to spend the night in my car with loaded shot guns…. Not only was there no rioting, everybody pretty much went to bed around 10 pm. San Diego is pretty much a White Midwestern Navy town/US Marines. So many colleges and universities with beautiful fit White young people. It really was heaven on earth – I could play tennis and do responsible motorcycling (2 out of 3 of my hobbies) pretty much everyday. It’s either perfect weather or when it rains, we always needed the rain. There are almost no Black criminals, Hispanics cause some problems but most illegal pass through. I had lots of fun in Tijuana – safe, legal, good bang for the $ buck prostitution.

    Unfortunately a typical Southern California Jewish mafia family stole my beautiful step daughter, corrupted her and eventually drove her to kill herself. Sigh.

    I had huge prejudices against Southern California when I moved out there because of my hatred of Hollywood, TV movie industry. But, the reality was/is much different. Living in Southern California in the early 1960s with the likes of the Beach Boys – that was the place I’d like to be – best ever.

    • You can still see the nice place it used to be in Emergency reruns. They are on a lot on the free rerun stations and the show still holds up well.

  8. Why do upwardly mobile professionals flock to the coasts than the Deep South? Who the hell would want to live in Alabama or Mississippi if they could afford to live in a more developed larger state like TX, CA, NY? As bad as Hispanics can be, better to live in a state with a lot of them than one with a lot of blacks.

    Hunter sounds like somebody who’s never been out of his state let alone to a foreign country.
    Not all of CA is the Bay Area or Hollywood especially Orange County, Inland Empire, or Northern CA bordering OR. Not all of NY state is NYC. Try getting out sometime, buddy!

      • Sure, if you live in seclusion. .
        Try living with non-Whites as neighbors in an apartment “community” and you’ll be changing your tune.

        • Old, familiarity breeds contempt and you may be right about Hunter living in isolation. As long as they’re going to church and protesting homosexuality or abortion, he’s fine with blacks and Central Americans moving en masse into his small town. The only foreigner he may have met is a cowboy from Montana.

          This is where I unfortunately have to agree more with Richard Spencer. He’s said repeatedly he’d much rather live in a predominantly white liberal community than a diverse traditional one because despite the ideological differences he doesn’t have to worry about crime and a first rate society is still possible–look at Sweden.

          • I won’t pretend to understand why Richard would rather live around those people. They are the only people in the country who have stalked, harassed and tried to destroy him all these years. They are the worst neighbors in America. Why on earth should we like them? Because they are White?

        • Hunter, have you ever known or been friends with anyone not in the “far right”? Ever state has conservative, moderate, or liberal parts so it’s hard to believe you never even talked to a liberal when you were in the city or a college town in Alabama. I have liberal friends and aside from race and intelligence, there are many subjects we agree upon. I don’t see why people like Richard and I have to be 100% right wing on everything. Is that suddenly a requirement for all White-Americans who believe race is real? This isn’t the case in Europe and we can learn a lot from them.

          Oh, and I believe Richard was referring to liberal professional whites, not antifa or white trash you see on Maury and Cops. They may ostracize or even sue him, but I doubt they would get violent towards him and his family. Can we say the same if he lived in a predominantly black or Hispanic neighborhood?

          • Those were the people who famously punched Richard in DC.

            They used to gather outside his apartment and protest him when he lived in Alexandria. They harassed his family in Whitefish. Those people are the scum of the earth. They are our political enemies. Yes, race exists and is real, but does it follow that those people are on our side? Who is it that you see on television every single day trying to ruin our lives?

          • Are you suggesting anyone who accepts race as real has to be right wing on every issue? In that case, you ought to be libertarian on economics.
            That ought to be news to Dr. James Watson who describes himself as a Democrat.

            If race realism requires an adherence to far right beliefs, you can kiss ethno-nationalism goodbye because most will never accept such narrow minded rigid thinking.
            I want the 1965 Hart Celler Act repealed but not at the cost of my right to vote, speak freely, and earn a living. And if anyone here thinks that’s selfish, you’re free to pay my mortgage and bills!

          • It’s not a question that interests me much.

            Yes, race is real, but so are other things: ethnicity, culture, religion, class, ideology, politics etc. White Americans are divided in all sorts of ways. The biggest divide though is between Whites who hate other Whites and those who are not self-hating. Those people have modernist values. They are anti-traditional and believe in political correctness.

            In my experience, it is not blacks or Hispanics who want to “cancel” people like me or who consider me their political enemy and who support engaging in violence against people like me. It is overwhelmingly those people. I’ve encountered them multiple times in real life. They tend to be the spoiled brat, college educated, woke middle class deracinated offspring of White professionals.

  9. Wonder if the hispanics are going to turn on this Newsome idiot? They really don’t want to be “shutdown” or have power brown outs due to worshipping wacky environmentalist ideas. Will hispanic and asian voters tell the crazy white wokesters to take a hike? Or will Jewish money veto all that and keep the crazy agenda going?

  10. When we were kids in the 80s we used to visit my aunt in San Francisco – NoCal was the coolest place in the world back then.

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