How Stable Is The Democratic Coalition?

Editor’s Note: White identity is wonderful. White identity politics is actually a terrible idea because there are so many anti-White Whites.

Eric Kaufmann isn’t a fool.

He is one of my favorite authors. It was Kaufmann who sparked my interest in the history of modernism which I spent several months writing about last year.

New York Times:

“Democrats are riding high in Washington, with control of the White House and Congress. They got there with a broad coalition that included suburban white and minority voters — I estimate, based on exit poll data, that nearly half of the Democrats’ roughly 81 million votes came from the latter group. For Republicans, it was just 18 percent.

If the Democrats are to avoid losing Congress in 2022 or the presidency in 2024, they will need to continue to carry an overwhelming number of minority voters. Yet there are signs that the party’s dominant grip on this growing demographic is beginning to slip. …

Joe Biden’s coalition, which is less dependent on minority votes, could insulate the Democrats from the political risks of any minority movement away from the left. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s better-than-expected performance in 2020 suggests a Republican coalition of secure minorities and anxious whites may be a match for the “emerging Democratic majority” of anxious minorities and secure whites.”

I’ve been thinking along the same lines.

These people are White. Do I have anything else in common with them though? Do they see me as a fellow White man or as the enemy incarnate?

As I have repeatedly pointed out lately, the Democratic Party is two parties with two different agendas. The White upper middle class professional liberal wing which is animated by culture war politics, who hate other White people in America and who are addicted to grandiose displays of their own virtue are the ruling elite in the Democratic Party. These people are getting a big boost within the party due to their fellow affluent suburbanites who used to be Republicans joining the party.

Forget about race for a moment.

What are the values, interests and priorities of voters? Your vote is either a blue dot or red dot. It is a mark on a ballot. It is not white, black, brown, yellow, etc.

The Top 10 issues of DLWCs are health care, Social Security, Medicare, economy, jobs, crime, poverty, education, environment and terrorism. Really? That’s what they want?

The Democratic Party is an uneasy upper class and lower class coalition:

“What emerges from this data is a clear division between the issue preferences of the DILEs and DLWCs. The latter group shares the economy as a high-priority issue with every cluster but the DILEs. DLWCs are also closer to conservative and moderate voters on jobs, crime, terrorism, and Social Security, which are high-priority issues (or close to it) for all clusters except the DILEs. And the top two issues that DILEs highly prioritize — environment and climate change — rank only ninth and 11th among DLWC voters, respectively.

The two Democratic-leaning clusters do share some issues in common. Health care is the main unifying factor, with both groups deeming it a high-priority issue. On the opposite side of the scale, both groups rank the size of government as their least prioritized issue.

Notwithstanding these similarities, the Democratic coalition is much further apart on the issues than their Republican-leaning counterparts. Compared to DILE and DLWC voters, who share only one high-priority issue, CY and CO voters each rank the economy and terrorism as high-priority issues, and they are close on jobs, crime, and taxes. While these two groups assign slightly different priorities to Social Security and Medicare, these differences can be readily explained by age and generational preferences. It should be no surprise that CO, over 60 percent of whom are age 55 or older, would prioritize entitlement programs more than their younger conservative counterparts. …”

Health care is the main issue that bridges the two wings. Otherwise, the two wings of the Democratic Party don’t have much in common. Climate change is the top issue for White professionals.

“The 2017 VOTER Survey data reveal stark demographic differences behind these issue preferences. DILEs (13 percent of the electorate) are heavily Democratic (67 percent) and liberal (77 percent), and are less than 1 percent Republican or conservative. They are also the youngest group, with 51 percent under 45 years old. The DILE cluster has the second-highest percentage of white voters (75 percent), behind only the CY cluster (79 percent). Their educational attainment is the highest of all the groups, as 86 percent have some college/an associate’s degree or more, with 48 percent having graduated college, and 22 percent having done post-graduate work. Finally, they have the highest income — with 26 percent making $100,000 or more, and only 10 percent making $30,000 or less.

In contrast, the DLWC cluster (27 percent of the electorate) is the group with the largest non-white population; 39 percent of voters in this cluster identify as non-white. The majority of this group identifies as Democratic (52 percent), and a high proportion identifies as independent (32 percent). Ideologically, moderates make up the largest share (50 percent) of this group, though liberals outnumber conservatives 34 percent to 17 percent. This is the second-oldest group, with 53 percent age 55 or older, and only 4 percent under age 30. Significantly more people within this group are female (66 percent). In terms of education, only 24 percent have a college degree or more, while 45 percent have a high school diploma or less. DLWCs also have the lowest average income; over half of this group (52 percent) makes $50,000 or less. …”

I’m not a Republican either.

My problem with the Republican Party is the True Cons wing. I’m a populist voter and the party isn’t aligned with my views on economics. I think … if I vote for the Republicans, they aren’t going to do anything on the cultural issues that I care about, but they will use their political capital to pass another big tax cut for their donors or something of that nature. Donald Trump talked a good game when he was running for president in 2016, but he governed like just another conservative Republican.

If all of these affluent suburbanites from the True Cons wing of the GOP like Charlie Sykes and David French and the Lincoln Project have joined the Democrats, why should their views on economics prevail within the Republican Party as if it was the same coalition that existed twenty years ago? How many of them are even still left after 2020? Something like 12% of Republicans want to impeach Trump. These people are a far bigger political albatross than a political asset because they alienate DLWC voters.

Why not alienate them and encourage the rest of them to join and poison the Democratic Party? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has joined the Democratic Party. These people are already well off and all the only thing that matters to them is tax cuts and virtue signaling. David French and Ben Sasse could join their fellow Democrats and transform the party into the Rockefeller Republicans.

I’m entirely for these people switching sides. Most DLWC voters don’t want anything – higher wages, entitlements, affordable health care – that I can’t happily live with as a populist voter. If they are willing to part ways with endless immigration and political correctness, they can have it.

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  1. We’re are not a democracy, we are a republic but you would never know that because a democracy is no better than communism. The govt rules and the people ( majority) have no rights.

  2. It is my informed and sincerely held belief that these SJW opinions among PMC whites are a mile wide but an inch thick. It is both moral preening as well as defensive Havel’s Greengrocer.

    Despite what they say, none of them are moving to a Black neighborhood and in their personal lives? As RamZPaul famously said, it’s “Anti-Racist in the Streets, Ku Klux Klan in the Sheets.”

    These are the Hipster Racists and they have a kind of “chutzpuh” that a lot of people just can’t wrap their heads around. The non-whites hate them, despise them, are jealous of them, and complain they are gentrifying their neighborhoods.

    If there was a Democratic politician that had all the right beliefs and was portrayed favorably in the media – yet was against immigration – they would all vote for him.

    99% of their politics are simply them desperately wanting a pat on the head from the media.

    If the “Right” hired some Chinese spam company to “upvote” them on social media for saying something “politically incorrect” – they would all turn “Alt Right” overnight.

    For every one true believer there are 99 just sort of repeating what they think they are supposed to.

    • The Racist Hipsters make a key appearance in Adam Curtis’s I Can’t Get You Out of My Head. The white upper middle and upper class who were in Michael X’s posse who surveyed Notting Hill in the 60s were just prepping themselves for gentrification and how to actually do it. Blacks are keenly aware of the ruthless choke hold on power that these classes maintain. Working class whites see it too and call it the Caring Class.

    • They say they hate White people, and they might actually believe they do, but they still live in “nice” (White) areas and send their kids to “good schools” (i.e. not black).

  3. I never even heard of this Eric Kaufmann fellow, HW. And you say he is one of your favorite authors? what about Kurt Vonnegut or Tom Wolfe?

    • Kaufman is good but dry. White Shift and the end of Anglo-America were good but you are talking apples and oranges. Harrison Bergeron and Bonfire of the Vanities are both on point, eye opening and entertaining. Wolfe is just the best, the guy does not know how to write a bad book

  4. This blog was recommended to me because it doesn’t appear to go along with the pro-transgender and race denial propaganda pitched by the woke left. But like most Americans I don’t reject all the progress of the past 50-100 years. Most of the posters here want to repeal civil rights including women’s suffrage and equal opportunity for minorities? They’ve posted environmentalism and animal welfare aren’t important and evolution and climate change are false? Really?

    As bad as Joe and Kamala can be, if it means choosing between reactionaries who want to repeal the societal changes and civil liberties that affect me and my ideals and woke libs who can be annoying on some issues but still support freedom and a constitutional republic, I and the vast majority will stick with the progressives!

    • Woke libs support civil liberties and freedom? Haha, since when? They are the most repulsive people in the country. Blacks and Hispanics aren’t nearly as awful as those people.

      • Someone like Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor who would do what it takes to preserve the white majority population by curbing immigration but is more moderate or even progressive on many issues such as the environment, gun control, abortion, religion, alternative lifestyles, and economics is needed. In Denmark, the Social Democrats regained power by wanting to slash immigration while maintaining their progressive stances including on economics. In Europe, populist parties have no problem being nationalistic on demographics, immigration, economics but more inclusive on divisive cultural issues. Such a figure is needed in America because he or she stands a better chance of appealing to millennial and zoomer voters than someone who’s more extreme on the cultural issues like Hunter or some of the ones posting here.

        Oh and Banned hipster, considering you’re a hipster and banned by all sides, most people seem to think YOU suck and they’re right xD

        • Is there any evidence of this?

          Last time I checked, something like 99% of those people are Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden voters. They are defined by a negative sense of White identity. Those are the people who have harassed Richard in Alexandria and Whitefish.

          I don’t believe in appealing to those people. As far as I am concerned, they might as well be Green or Purple. They treat people like us as their enemy and I am reciprocating their animosity.

          • How do you explain the Social Democrats and their success in Denmark?
            Marine Le Pen in France grew her party exponentially by adopting more inclusive positions on abortion, LGBT, pornography, economics, and green issues while holding a hard line on immigration and crime. Is she against her own people?

            The examples I provided proves it’s possible to advocate for maintaining the traditional ethnic majority and the nation state in the process while being more inclusive on certain social issues. You just don’t want to address it because you’d rather live in a racially diverse nation if it means almost everyone goes to church and opposes cultural liberalism and “modernism.”

            A predominantly white country will ALWAYS prosper and accept homosexuals, childless couples with adopted pets, non-Christians, tattooed hipsters, vegan singles, and polyamorous relationships in the end because of white creativity and altruism. We’re the most civilized and tolerant people so it makes sense.

            Even young people in backwards Slavic countries today are Westernizing. If you want to prevent “modernism” then you ought to come out with your support for a one party dictatorship to try to repress it. Your dictatorship would have to keep the nation poor because prosperity always leads to liberalization.

            Most of us would rather live in white modernist Switzerland, Canada, or New Zealand than nonwhite traditional Iran, Guatemala, or Sudan but you’d probably prefer the latter?

          • “Marine Le Pen in France grew her party exponentially by adopting more inclusive positions on abortion, LGBT, pornography, economics, and green issues while holding a hard line on immigration and crime. Is she against her own people?”

            Yes, she is. 1) Because she is a woman, and therefore, unfit to rule or reign.
            2) She isn’t wishing to change France, but merely to be in power- Acton quote.
            3) France needs to repent of the multiple sins of her various Republics, and the Reign of Terror, before ANY civilization could ever rise again.
            4) Complicity with Sodomites, Hagarenes, Perverts, and Gaia worshipers, is anathema.
            They should all be stoned in the public square.

    • What societal changes affect you? The end game of liberal democracy is an open border and virtual house arrest at the same time.

      • Sounds like a feminist. Most American women are tied to liberal democracy because they would rather destroy civilization than give up their “civil right” to sleep around, never have children, and work as an assistant manager at a Citibank branch.

        • You forgot ‘murder the fruit of their wombs.’

          Minus his rather hedonistic attitude (which I gather pisses HW off) Anglin’s Daily Stormer pretty much calls out most feminist womyn for the slut Kali/Karens, they are. And he’s quite clear in not including submissive, rule by men, Christian child-bearing mothers… but HW doesn’t seem to get that nuance.

      • Absolutely. And because of that , current madness end up exactly like all communism attempts before. Economic and social disaster.

        Because of that, all pro white people must prepare for the collapse and future buildup of country, free of bad people.

        In some places it`s simple. I can`t write here what Eastern Europeans are planning for our liberals in case of when US losing it`s world power.

        But in the West , our solution is impossible because there are too many bad people. So some sort of secession is the only way.

        Some signs show that massive financial collapse is near and this is the end of current financial system and world order so planning for the future secession is not wet dream anymore but realistic plan for building and running new society is what every pro white must work out now.

  5. Don’t care, the Repub party’s are nothing other than Trotskyite (neocon) communists and the Dem’s are Bolshevik communists!! See this tread: Subject: The American School and John C. Calhoun’s call for a debt-free currency controlled by government not by thieving private globalist usury interests and global wars and this one:

    • Careful. Quoting the ‘pre-Woke’ HW, will get you banned- because it shows how this site HAS changed.. Just ask Father John….

  6. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was signed into law in Oct 1965-the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the invasion of South Vietnam around the same time. And this is very likely the reason why there was no grassroots opposition to the signing into law of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act:Young Native Born White American Males were being turned into chuck-ground meat in Vietnam. Over time, the Vietnamese came to America and voted the Historic Native Born White American Historic Majority into a White Racial Minority within the borders of California.

    Without a doubt, the Cold War-Anti-Commie Crusade set into motion the policy of Invade-the-World, and it was a demographic DEATH SENTENCE for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…..We should HAVE stayed out of the Korean Civil War and the Vietnam Civil War…..

  7. These elitist white liberals seriously list global warming and the environment as the number one and two priorities? This shows how detached these people are and that they have WAY too much easy money and privilege to entertains such fantasies. These are the kind of people who would be buying indulgences in the middle ages.

  8. Ben Sasse and Donald Trump are actually not much different, look at their voting records.

    He’s milquetoast as fuck but I don’t give a shit if he voted to condemn Blomph, I just want to move on from that useless cuckservative and support politicians who can actually get things done other than Tax cuts.

  9. Great discussion between you two. I like seeing the different viewpoints and how civil it is compared to other discussions on this site. Those of us who have been victims of crime definitely sympathize more with Daria’s side, but I can also relate to Hunter’s opinions. People should know reality is really nuanced and not always one sided.

    John Anon should be John QAnon and he sounds like that other screwball Father John. The Dark Ages ended over a millennium ago so try joining the rest of us in the 21st century.

  10. People are sick to death of faggots, feminists, gun grabbers & other shitlibs ramming their never-ending demands down the throats of sane from the top. They are rightly-hated social cancer that should be politically destroyed along with their (((billionaire))) enablers by stripping away pro-working class economics the Democrats only pay lip-service to.

    The Dem lackeys of the oligarchs know that the binding of such economics with society’s freaks is their guarantee that no serious, redistributive, big jewboy-wrecking plan will be voted for by normals. So instead of catering to the scum like dumbass Dump did, the next, smarter leader needs to couple that policy with a closed borders, culturally conservative plan that promises to put a stop to the men-in-ladies’-rooms, drag-queen-story-time faggot filth & madness.

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