Trump Acquitted

UPDATE: Charles C.W. Cooke’s interview with Ben Sasse illustrates how tone deaf and out of touch these people are with their own voters. Who is Sasse trying to impress? Jeff Flake?

What exactly was accomplished by this charade?

  1. It was never realistically going to happen.
  2. It was performance art politics and a complete waste of time.
  3. It inflamed and unified Trump’s base.
  4. It confirmed Trump’s control over the Republican Party.
  5. It stepped all over Joe’s first 100 days by dragging out the Trump Show.
  6. It increased polarization and smoked out people like Liz Cheney.
  7. It made the chances of crossing Trump and getting anything done in Congress beyond the COVID relief bill less likely to happen.
  8. Accelerated the decline of Conservatism, Inc.

Here are the names on Trump’s official enemies list:

Ben Sasse

Mitt Romney

Pat Toomey (retiring)

Susan Collins

Lisa Murkowski

Richard Burr (retiring)

Bill Cassidy

Of those, Bill Cassidy has already been censured. Ben Sasse is getting censured. Liz Cheney has been censured. Effectively, Trump has been sent into exile, but his grip has only tightened over the GOP. The goal here seems to be to further weaken the True Cons wing of the GOP.

What happens though if the GOP establishment finally collapses due to the loss of all these suburban voters? 85% of Republicans were against convicting Trump. Only 12% of Republican voters supported it. How long is Conservatism, Inc. going to be able to hang on given the reality of the fact that their demographic base in the wealthy suburbs is going over to Joe Biden?

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  1. I’m starting to get a lot more solicitation calls from the RNC, HW. But the only thing they are going to get from me is the middle finger.

  2. I’m not sure what “censure” means for a political party with a politician? Is it a form of official condemnation? Is it a demand of expulsion from the party or resignation? What exactly is it?

  3. Who even cares. The parents are watching this shit like a soap opera talking about conservatism but call me sick when i mention to them they need to move because they are one of the last whites in a foreign land. Conservatism loves trump but hates talking about displacement and social evils

      • Nor did I. This type of theater is comforting for the mass of people who know something is up but either cant figure it out or dont want to. I can see it right in front of me, hour after hour seeing my family going from Hannity to Tucker to Ingraham speaking only about dirty Democrats, Chicoms and emperor Trump is a breath of normalcy for them. Try and expand the conversation and watch the cart go off the rails. The hearing allows them a chance to vent anger and yell at the TV.

        I am telling you HW, this is the greatest obstable we face. People fearing a break from what they know and hardship. As i type this i can hear Ingraham and a guest talking about how Trump was the greatest jobs president and the threat of China. No kidding right after I typed the first part this is What i hear from the other room.

        • Re: “As i type this i can hear Ingraham and a guest talking about how Trump was the greatest jobs president and the threat of China”:

          Oh yes, “the threat of China.” All of Murdoch’s Faux News stars, including Tucker Carlson, support capitalism with its wars, and beat the drum constantly against peaceful and prosperous Communist Party-led China, which is at the top of the Empire’s list for colour revolution. puppet regime installation, and balkanizing regional break-up, divide and rule. Incidentally, Israel is boasting that it will “ally” with China soon, if the Kamala and Joe administration does not do exactly what it’s told, including giving Israel more huge, 40 billion dollars at time, “aid” payments, and continuing to ramp up the hybrid war on Iran, and continuing to preevent the International Criminal Court from looking into war crime in Palestine, and continuing to recognize, as Trump did, Israel’s blatantly illegal-under-international-law invasion and annexation of Syrian Golan, and etc.:

          Re: “this is the greatest obstacle we face. People fearing a break from what they know”:

          Tell them not to be “afraid of change.” Do NOT be afraid, because NOTHING will change under Kamala and Joe, figureheads of the other wing of the Beast. The U.S. is on the same trajectory as always. It is incredibly wealthy and supremely powerful so it may endure a thousand years!

      • It’s so wierd.

        Trump is just ensuring that the actual riots get a 20 year stretch. Why are ordinary people cheering on his acquittal at all? Why are they watching the kabuki theater?

      • Well these smarmy school marms at PBS preempted the usual Saturday Afternoon food show marathon on their multiplex channel to show this boring democrat political stunt.

  4. The dems and many republicans (Same thing) with the help from the media will try again to impeach him or make his life so miserable he decides not to run again in 2024.

    • Drumpf is an attention whore, nothing else. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

      he’s out on the Mar-A-Lago golf course having a horselaugh

      at all you chumps who took him seriously.

      • I never took him serious. I was ones of those in 2016 that said he is pulling your chain. On the contrary, I was one of the few that said don’t fall for this guys BS.

      • @Haxo – You really do need to get some help for the TDS (trump derangement syndrome). There’s an ointment for that..

    • Run in 2024? The guy would be 78 and is obese already. Trump showed himself to be incompetent at actually ruling, can’t we find anyone better?

  5. Well, few people can frustrate their political good fortune and momentum more than Donald Trump. I don’t doubt he’ll waste this moment on himself/his family without any consideration to what’s next for the movement. TrumpTV anyone? Remember to type in “BIGLY” for your instant 25% discount!

  6. What did it accomplish? It distracted people from the $2000, student loan forgiveness, and other democrat promises for a few weeks. Now it’s time for them to pay up.

  7. Well, the never Trumpers will recover by retreating to a gay bar in DuPont Circle….Hanging out in the bathroom having anal sex with Senators Sasse and Langford while Sasse and Langford have a bowel movement on Mitten Delecto Romney’s cock so as establish Never Trumpers FAMILY VALUES as an alternative to Clinton Family Values Bowels…..According to Fox News, Rick Wilson will be joining them to relieve his frustrations…….This is life in Hell…I mean the DC Beltway…….

  8. I’m with the Saker:A war between Russia and the US this year…….I pray it’s only a limited Nuclear Exchange…..

    The US is now a full-blown scene from FUCKING HELL!!!!….And it is still to get exponentially worse from the FUCKING HELL STATE OF AFFAIRS……..Cormac McCarthy’s BLOOD MERIDIAN ON HELL STEROIDS…..I expect the JUDGE to make an appearance soon…..

  9. Trump with Sarah Huckabee as VP (can’t stand her Israel-kissing dad) win in ’24.

    Trump running in ’20 similar to Tom Brady trying to win Superbowl against Chiefs
    with his offense and defense and coaches and stadium mgmt joining Chiefs and
    his backup QB stabs him in the back. Refs and game announcers call for Chiefs.

    Brady still wins but…

    • If Trump and fat farting Sarah Huckabee win in 2024….then Trump will import millions of China’s and India’s Youth into our America……he said this on TV…twice….one year ago…..Are you a fucking retard…..Did your mother have sypyllus when you were concieved on a filthy toilet bowl in a filthy stinking rancid outhouse in the back of a whorehouse….

      • Some people are still in love with the redemptive savior Republican who will come to the rescue. It’s the same formula of lying to us. These people haven’t learned a thing at all.

  10. If Trump was responsible for the riot, then the rioters were somewhat less responsible; they can be cast fools who were misled by a sitting president. In that hypothetical, they wouldn’t have acted without Trump’s incitement. With him out of office, the problem fades.

    But if Trump is NOT responsible for the riot, then more of the responsibility shifts to the rioters. They weren’t incited by Trump but acted out of their own pre-existing motives. In this hypothetical, they remain a problem even after Trump has lost his platforms.

    This furthers the narrative of “extremism” and “conspiracy” which the (bi-partisan) establishment needs to justify domestic repression over the next few years.

    “MAGA” might “take over the GOP”, but it’s going to be carefully monitored and pruned of elements that have the potential to challenge the status quo. (That, or those elements will be co-opted.)

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Trump culpability makes it difficult to imprison the rioters for life.

    • @Just Sayin’ Instead of focusing on being apologetic about the DC thing, you should be more focused on the fact that BLM/The Left/Antifa got away with a lot. Taking over police departments, destroying business, stealing and looting, and taking over several downtown area as their own “countries”. What happened in DC was just a drop in the bucket compared to what they did. Yet they got away with all of it.

  11. I do not understand how Trumps acquittal delights the hard core of his base, especially those who were at the Capitol, supporters or their families.

    Trump got off scott-free, while people who believed they were following orders are in jail or on the way, on no-fly lists, terminated from their jobs & lost the right to vote or own firearms.

    If they feel vindicated by Trumps acquittal, when he and the GOP called them everything but a child of God… Maybe they are cultists.

  12. Acquitted for no crimes committed.
    A kangaroo trial. A kangaroo Congress.
    Monkeys scratching their asses, throwing sh*t.

    The crimes were committed by the accusers.
    Those following orders, the ISISAntifaBLM gang,
    were/are Dem/Deep State hires/actors/thugs.

    Trumps supporters were mainly taking pics being American tourists.

    Anybody seen Pence, Esper or Barr? Two POS.
    Then there is Gen Milly Vanilli, the military mouse.
    Soldiers would follow Trump. Rats follow Milly Vanilli.

      • He did just that in the 1960’s with some contrived medical deferment to avoid conscription during the Vietnam War. The Government didn’t care, they just took the next guy on the list who didn’t have the money and connections to get a bogus medical deferment. Rush, Clinton and many other war mongers did the same thing and raged when they were called out for their hypocrisy during GWB II’s Iraq War II fiasco. GWB II got a soft spot in the Texas Air National Guard because of his corrupt daddy’s connections.

        Damn them all, war mongering hypocrites.

        James Fallows is both a coward and a hypocrite, typical of the Washington establishment. He advocated for the return of the draft in 1980. Yes, the draft he sleazed out of earlier. These people are irredeemable.

  13. Democrats should make their impeaching Donald Trump a regular event, like PBS fundraisers. Maybe do one impeachment yearly, maybe in early September, that long stretch of the calendar when there are no major holidays to break up the routine.

    Plus, what a marketing tool for business, to push seasonal merch.

  14. I am now the Most Acquitted President in History !!!

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    Thank you Moan MAGA-Trump-Tards. Pity Judas Pence’s nigger pig put Ashli Babbit in her grave. We will build back better after my Second Term after 2024 !!!

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