Does Conservatism, Inc. Still Have a Pulse?

Did Conservatism, Inc. die of COVID-19?

I’m not the only one calling for a wellness check.

This slew of recent polls has me wondering how far the demographic base of the whole racket has slipped since suburban voters have migrated to the Democrats over the past five election cycles. You’ve got to wonder how long this can possibly continue when these people are dying out and all the crippling social problems that flow from modernism and neoliberalism become too large to ignore.

Pedro Gonzalez (he/him), one of our Latinx allys, has been nailing it lately.

American Greatness:

“The “distinguishing quality of Anglo-Saxon politics,” James Burnham wrote, “has always been hypocrisy, and hypocrisy must always be at pains to shy away from the truth.” 

Burnham’s words are especially true of Conservatism, Inc., as it is no longer clear, at this point, what is being conserved beyond sinecures and special interests. Conservative think tanks are illustrative of this problem. …

The great irony of American conservatism is that it paves the way for its own demise by holding untenable, hypocritical positions. It preaches bootstraps for everyday Americans while taking money from bailouts. Conservatism decries socialism for the poor and middle even as it celebrates it for the rich. The family only matters as a consolidated unit of production and consumption. Conservatism, Inc. is guilty of virtually every evil of which it accuses the Left—but unlike the Left, against all social, moral, religious, and ethical teachings, it has declared greed is good. 

Many of contemporary conservatism’s ideas are fundamentally indistinguishable from those of “liberals”—but unlike liberals who have the good sense to lie about their avarice, conservatives proclaim the supremacy of self-interest, of anti-social, atomizing individualism even as it facilitates the consolidation of control over our lives by a collective of managerial elites. It’s past time to pull down the pillars of this defeated and historically irrelevant movement and build something new.”

American Greatness:

“The debate over raising the federal minimum wage has elicited weeping and gnashing of teeth on both sides, but the policy itself is less important than what the wailing on the Right has revealed.

“Simply put, the minimum wage stops labor markets from operating effectively,” the editors of National Review write. We must, they insist, heed the “basic economic principles” conservatism has declared universally valid.

The religion of the dollar established by conservatism holds that tax cuts and deregulation are the proper means by which wages can and should increase. Slash those, and incomes will rise as sure as the sun. But a new study from the London School of Economics shows that a half-century of praying at the free-market altar has benefitted very few. …

Contemporary conservatism has, in fact, facilitated the corporate consolidation of the economy by entities that are actively hostile to the small businesses they hold up as props. If it stood for anything other than avarice, it would champion private-sector unionization as a mechanism for raising wages through bargaining and promote penalties for globalization, which is harmful both to the mom-and-pop shops and to workers. 

Instead, conservatism attacks labor, celebrates globalization, and demands Americans live by the lie that the system is anything but stacked against them. 

Conservatism has conserved nothing because it ultimately stands for nothing other than greed.”

The Federalist sounds sharper than usual.

The Federalist:

“So what’s all behind this? After four years of yelling “MAGA!” while pushing his own classic, corporate Republican policies, McConnell had hoped to rid himself and his conference of the conservative populist nationalism the former president had championed and go back to the way things were. He wants a return to promising to tackle illegal immigration before winking at corporate America that nothing will change. He wants to raise money on fighting the abortion of our infants while comfortably lifting nary a finger. He wants to shrug and change the subject when asked about men dominating women’s sports and using women’s bathrooms. He wants fewer taxes and more wars. Hell, he wants someone to blame for the Republican losses in the Georgia special election, and with them the loss of his seat at the head of the Senate.

Instead, his push to impeach ended with rebuke from his own conference. Angry and embarrassed, he blamed his own colleagues as well as the former president, performing a 20-minute attack ad for the left to use on Republicans for the next election cycle and beyond. …”

If you can believe it, Lindsey Graham is calling Mitch McConnell an albatross on the GOP.

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  1. One way to look at CoronaChan is that she tried to cull the Boomers. She was our friend. But also CoronaChan helped the blacks get a leg up. Or did we just let that part happen?

    • That’s a myth that the boomers were all Woodstock Hippies, they were a minority of Boomers and most did their duty and went and fought in Vietnam and most old white Boomers I meet are conservative. Of course “modernism” was more rampant in this generation than the previous one and some of the worst leftists from the 60s went on to take over the elite. But on a whole I’d say with the passage of time each generation has more infected with destructive ideas, they didn’t peak with the boomers.

  2. WOW…look at that face…obvious blataria species ancestry. Parents had to have been to filthy fucking cockroaches having anus sex behind a filthy toilet bowl in a Dupont Circle Gay Bar….Probably the one the Lincoln Brigade had anus sex in.

  3. I’d hesitate to call the coroner. The two things the GOP does well: sell fear and sell themselves. With Democrats expected to try yet another gun grab, the GOP will be all over the airwaves convincing the gullible that voting Republican is our last, best hope. And sadly, they will be believed.

  4. Spelling correction:two filthy fucking cockroaches…I need to consult my entomology tomes to identify the spieces of blataria…..

  5. Yes, this is all a wonderful “white pill” of hope. I hope the GOP is doomed.

    But be aware, they will not go into the dustbin of history without a fight. And they have lots and lots of money to paint us as bigots, racists and Nazis.

    I picture the party of Goldwater, Reagan, and Jerry Falwell, attacking us for not accepting black transgender teachers and military personal and accusing White Nationalists of holding back the machinery of “progress” due to our “hate” and “bigotry.”

    Ironic, but I can see it coming.

  6. The problem is that these populist Republicans still worship Trump and fail to realize that he himself has not deviated much from McConnell’s weak brand of conservatism
    They were perfectly fine with the status quo (or worse) as long as Trump was the guy in charge.

  7. I thought most of them hate Latinx as this dumb gender neutral shit white leftist like to do to feel evolved.

  8. Of course McConnell want to go back to the way things were. He wants to put the genie back into the bottle. Will the genie go back into the bottle? That’s the question.

  9. When Lindsey Graham ran for President, he bragged that he didn’t need to fund-raise because he was getting so much money from New York Jews for his 100% support for Israel. Graham was one of the first to jump on board with Trump once it became obvious he was going to win – and when Sheldon Adelson went all in on Trump.

    Five years ago I said that Trump represented the “direct infiltration” of the Republican party by Likud. Jared Kushner running US Middle East policy for 4 years was one result of that infiltration.

    Now – because they chose to use “populist” and frankly even some “pro-white” rhetoric they have realigned the entire Republican party, who cannot win anything without that same rhetoric. As the post said, there is no going back to tax cuts and lectures about “hard work” and “free markets.”

    The rhetoric worked – Trump is the only one that has ANY support in the party. They are talking about Running Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, and Donald Trump Jr. for Senate seats.

    The Trump family and network is the only thing in the Republican party that matters. The entire pre-Trump “Conservative” and even “Libertarian” establishment is deader than a doornail.

    If anyone is going to hope on board New and Improved Trump Train II – featuring Jr. and Lara and Ivanka Kushner – please – get them to close the borders FIRST before they start new wars for Israel.

    • “Five years ago I said that Trump represented the “direct infiltration” of the Republican party by Likud. Jared Kushner running US Middle East policy for 4 years was one result of that infiltration.”

      I’ll take the Likud over the current gang pulling Senile Old Joe’s strings. At least the Likud doesn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg like these people do. Case in point they are crippling energy production. I already am paying 30 cents more a gallon than I did before the inauguration. (usurpation) Continental America has 3 electric grids, one in the East, one in the West, and Texas has their own. Last night on Tucker he claimed that Texas has converted 25% of their electric power generation over to “windfarms” and these all stopped working in the arctic cold weather currently hitting the state. Of course the mainstream media will never tell you this as they plan to cut off your power too with their crackpot ideas. Seems the elite are content to “buy indulgences” to ease their environmental conscious while you freeze to death in your house like some conscripted soldier in Napoleon’s ill fated winter campaign in Russia. Heaven forbid we build more light-water reactors to generate electricity? That would provide a known, adequate power source and end this “existential crisis” the indulgence purchasing elite privileged claim. Nope, it’s got to be crackpot power sources that don’t work. This shows you the true motive of the green movement is actually to harm their political enemies.

      • @Nightowl

        “I’ll take the Likud over the current gang pulling Senile Old Joe’s strings. At least the Likud doesn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg like these people do.”

        Congrats, you’re the reason “the right” has been losing so long – you are fine with being ruled by enemies as long as you like their rhetoric.

        That’s why the Trump-tards love Trump. He never actually did anything for them, but he had some based tweets!

  10. Koshervative Incorporated LLC is still registering a P wave, QRS complex, and a T wave on a ECG, but the EEG has flatlined. Diagnosis: Brain dead/vegetative state. Prognosis: No chance of recovery. Discontinue life support.

  11. It took the GOP two decades of losses before it finally moderated under Ike. It reversed course when the New Right headed by Buckley and Schlafly propelled Reagan into power after trying since the Goldwater defeat. They won’t change unless they keep losing, but this time it will be permanent because whites are under 60% of the population now and TX will likely turn blue by 2024 as Ann Coulter and most credible pundits have predicted.

    The last candidate who came close to Huey Long and stood against open borders and an economic system that favors billionaires was Ralph Nader.

    Hey stupid American voters,

    Vote Green, Reform, or any other third party that will smash the two party system and Electoral College or else you won’t see any major change, twits!

    • Re: “Vote Green, Reform, or any other third party that will smash the two party system”:

      Green Party is capitalist, and so are the other third parties. In Europe, the Greens have become just as militaristic as the other parties Only one Party is needed….

      • What on God’s green Earth makes you think a one party dictatorship would be more representative of the voting public? History disagrees with you.
        The Green and Reform Parties support regulated capitalism and mixed economies and why not? The regulated capitalism of the 1950s-1970s led to prosperity for ordinary people while curbing the influence of the wealthy elite unlike the more laissez-faire economy of pre-FDR or the neoliberalism that began with Reagan and exists today.

  12. A closely related entomology question:

    Is Mitch McConnell a member of the blataria species?

    Is the sky fucking blue?

  13. The Neocons got their wars in the middle east last decade and the donor class got their tax cuts during Trumps first two years so all their goals have been met.

    I actually think about 1/4 to 1/3 of Republicans actually want to go into Opposition now as governing to hard!

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