The Atlantic: The Capitol Rioters Aren’t Like Other Extremists

It turns out that the people who were arrested at the Capitol Siege are a new type of “domestic violent extremist” … normie MAGA supporters who were at a Trump rally.

The Atlantic:

The best example of a “white supremacist” who was arrested there is Baked Alaska who is nothing but an attention whore who ran into the Capitol to livestream content for his social media audience.

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  1. ZOG doesn’t care about raping, looting niggers or molotov cocktail throwing communists. But it is terrified of armed and organized white citizens.

    • Spawn- and of Whites uncovering the ‘hook nose’ behind the curtain. THE GREAT FEAR.
      Lindbergh, Fr. Coughlin, Henry Ford…. were right.

      Every. Single. Time.

  2. Um why haven’t closeted Nick Fuentes, his rumored crush with glasses from Kansas, and his alleged boyfriend Catboy Kami been arrested?

    • I think fuentes is bisexual but I don’t think catboy cami ever had a sexual relationship with him aside from that weird livestreamed date they did. I not batting for Catboy, Cami is a snakey individual I wouldn’t trust that smug bastard as far as I could throw him. His grooming of teenage girls is highly suspect to say the least and creepy

      However cami has his own problems right now apparently he raped a 17 yr old girl in Arizona and because he went to stop the steal being flown in from Australia to be at the rally. So he is now entraped in the never-ending federal investigation related to Nick. The rape thing is a new accusation and might not be true but its a theory as why he was raided a few weeks ago

  3. The Democratic Party are enablers of the NEO-NAZI AZOV BRIGADE in the Ukraine which has already committed atrocities in the Donbass region where they have already committed horrific atrocities against the Orthodox Christian Russian Donbass population….full support of (((Adam Schiff))) and (((Chuck Schumer)))….These NEO-NAZI atrocities are on Barack Obama hands.

  4. The passage of the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT…..Now this was an act of pure, unmitigated racial hatred towards THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS….WHITE GENOCIDE IS REAL!!!….That’s for sure….

    The 1965 Immigration Reform Act….(((WHO))) ordered this?

    • The true psychological motive behind all this 3rd world immigration is Vandalism. I think it’s starting to dawn on ordinary folks that this didn’t all just happen by accident.

      • Jacob Javits

        Oct 1965

        As LBJ signed our RACIAL DEATH SENTENCE

        Jacob Javits…..resplendent as he displayed his hooked probicus

        As he smiled at the proceedings

        onto 1967….two years latter….

        The Israelies……slaughtered THE NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN WORKING CLASS TEENAGE CREW of the USS LIBERTY……eliciting more smiles from Jacob Javits…….

        The ADL smiled also

      • “I think it’s starting to dawn on ordinary folks that this didn’t all just happen by accident.”

        “You are meant to believe the election was stolen. “Liberals” are being purposely blackwashed. That is their role, and thousands have been hired to play the part of the bad guy, the heavy, or the villain, including Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. That is why the police are allowing the left to riot, and why the mainstream media is reporting all the asinine things they are saying. That is why they are calling for defunding the police, socialism, and free rent. That is why these whiteboys of Antifa are calling for the end of the white race: whites are the majority in this country even now, and they are being purposely stirred up.”

        Miles W. Mathis, ” The Great Reset?”

  5. It’s also interesting how they are using “militia” rhetoric.

    This shows how the Democratic establishment is comically out of touch – and always fighting the last war.

    The last “militia” was the Michigan Militia from the 90’s, which was nothing more than a Tea Party … but they had guns so they were super-dooper scary to the urban ruling class.

    The 3%-ers are essentially just Army vets who still have a rifle and like to pretend they are ready for a “Red Dawn” scenario. It’s all LARPing – and those 3%-ers are “anti-racist” too. They hate “Nazis.”

    My question is, are the people who write this stuff actually hysterical pearl clutching ninnies that are terrified that an overweight vet with an AR-15 is going to stage a coup?

    Or are they just pretending these people are a threat so they can go after some poor Trump fan who posted a naughty meme on Facebook?


    I cannot take any of these people seriously until they start pointing out Trump’s connection to the foreign political party Likud.

    Ezra Cohen-Watnik – Trump’s Israeli DoD hire – is the one responsible for the “stand down order” at the Capitol.

    They won’t breathe a word about the Israelis so they have to pretend the “QAnon Shaman” is leading an insurrection.

    It’s actually hysterical – the Democrats simply cannot ever breathe a word about Israeli influence on Trump, because then people might ask, hey, which country is Chuck Schumer working for?

    Or … Bernie Sanders, for that matter?

    • Of course whites organizing are absolutely dreaded by the elites. Take just one aspect of their program: offshoring America’s Industrial Base. Not only did this put us in a precarious geopolitical position of weakness, but it absolutely wrecked flyover country. They know they committed capital treason against America and know what Karma awaits them should things slip out of their control.

      • The loosening of Lockdown measures will be most interesting to witness. The tighter the grip the more systems slip through their fingers.

  6. Democrats will try dragging this out as long as possible so they don’t have to deliver any of their economic promises. It will be “extremism” for the next year and then they will start preparing for midterms with more empty promises.

  7. If you’re White and for White causes, you are a Nazi according to the jews. If you are a jews and for jew causes, you are a good jew and any criticism of that ideology is considered antisemitism

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