The Base Was a Fed Gay Op

Last year, Chris Joyner of The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote an article which tried to connect me to these people based on nothing more than recycled lies and rumors being spread by Atlanta Antifa and published it anyway even after I told him that I have nothing to do with these people.


“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed it once employed an American neo-Nazi terror leader now based in Russia after he posted what he said were letters of appreciation that DHS and the Pentagon sent him thanking him for his service.

Earlier this month, Rinaldo Nazzaro, 47, founder and leader of the Base, one of the most violent American domestic terror groups in years, posted three undated letters from U.S. agencies lauding him for his service. One was from DHS—an agency tasked with thwarting terrorism in the U.S.—and two were on Marine Corps letterhead. All spoke glowingly of Nazzaro. Since late 2019, nine members of the Base, the group he founded, have been arrested in the U.S. for alleged crimes as wide-ranging as an assassination plot, ghost-gun making, plans for train derailments, and a mass shooting. The Canadian government has designated it as a terrorist group. …

Nazzaro continues to maintain that the Base is no terrorist organization, but a “survivalism and self-defense network for nationalists.” Long dubbed a “fed” (short for federal informant) by some neo-Nazis, he seems to have anticipated that the documents would not go over well among his followers. After the documents were uploaded, he posted he “didn’t mean to break your hearts,” but wanted to be transparent. “

I’ve written over 10,000 articles on this blog over the last decade. My views on everything from exoplanets to the history of the British Caribbean to low-carb recipes are in the archives.

In that time, I have never supported violent accelerationists and have criticized their retarded “strategy” for years. I never had anything to do with this group or anyone involved in it. I had heard about “The Base” on Twitter and assumed that it was run by feds. It turns out that it was a honeypot run by a fed who was a DHS contractor which is what I had suspected all along. It is all the more reason to avoid these types especially now that Neoliberal Joe’s DHS is planning a “war on white supremacy.”

What is the correct strategy then? The correct strategy is to relax, go to the beach, fire up the grill and to chill out and do nothing. Take a vacation from politics. Don’t even bother to vote for Donald Trump. Don’t go to “Stop the Steal.” Focus on your own personal life and take care of yourself. We’ve got this.

In order to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the Democrats used every dirty trick in the book without giving any thought to the long term consequences of their actions. They persuaded Big Tech to ban everyone on the internet including Trump himself to silence their opposition. They did nothing while Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted for six straight months. They redefined the term “racism” to mean any White person in the country who is guilty on their basis of their race of “complicity” in systematic racism. There was an elite cabal which orchestrated all of this and conspired behind the scenes and “fortified” the election by changing election laws. Millions of people now believe that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and that the Biden administration is targeting them on the basis of their race.

In order to own Donald Trump and MAGA and win this hollow victory where they have a 50/50 Senate majority and can’t pass anything because Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema won’t get rid of the filibuster, the Democrats have done what none us could have done on our own:

64% of Trump supporters now say that actually their race is extremely important, very important and somewhat important to their identity.

It gets even worse.

Look at these staggering numbers.

American Survey Center:

“There is bipartisan agreement that the American system of democracy is failing to address the concerns and needs of the public. Nearly seven in 10 (69 percent) Americans agree that American democracy serves the interests of only the wealthy and powerful. Seventy percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans hold this view.

The belief that the political system works against the interests of conservatives also finds considerable support among the public. Nearly half (48 percent) of Americans believe the political system is stacked against conservatives and people with traditional values. Roughly as many Americans (47 percent) disagree with this statement.

Americans with more conservative political views strongly endorse this view. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans agree that the political system is stacked against more traditionally minded people. Notably, close to half (46 percent) of independents and more than one in four (27 percent) Democrats also agree.

More than one in three (36 percent) Americans agree with the statement: “The traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.” Six in 10 (60 percent) Americans reject the idea that the use of force is necessary, but there is significant partisan disagreement on this question.

A majority (55 percent) of Republicans support the use of force as a way to arrest the decline of the traditional American way of life. Forty-three percent of Republicans express opposition to this idea. Significantly fewer independents (35 percent) and Democrats (22 percent) say the use of force is necessary to stop the disappearance of traditional American values and way of life.

Although most Americans reject the use of violence to achieve political ends, there is still significant support for it among the public. Nearly three in 10 (29 percent) Americans completely or somewhat agree with the statement: “If elected leaders will not protect America, the people must do it themselves even if it requires taking violent actions.” More than two-thirds (68 percent) of Americans disagree with this statement.

The use of violence finds somewhat more support among Republicans than Democrats, although most Republicans oppose it. Roughly four in 10 (39 percent) Republicans support Americans taking violent actions if elected leaders fail to act. Sixty percent of Republicans oppose this idea. Thirty-one percent of independents and 17 percent of Democrats also support taking violent actions if elected leaders do not defend the country.

However, although a significant number of Americans—and Republicans in particular—express support for the idea that violent actions may be necessary, there is a notable lack of enthusiastic support for it. For instance, only 9 percent of Americans overall and only 13 percent of Republicans say they “completely” agree in the necessity of taking violent actions if political leaders fail. …”

The political establishment has radicalized Trump supporters.

This is the level of fallout from all the shit that they pulled to get Joe in office. It isn’t the result of anything we have done over the past year. It is a reaction against what they have done.

Donald Trump wasn’t a “fascist.” He was a reality television show host, a demagogue and a narcissist who was elected president. He sat in the Oval Office screaming at “the shows,” owning the libs, drinking Diet Cokes and eating McDonald’s for four years. His greatest legislative accomplishments were tax cuts and criminal justice reform. By wildly exaggerating the threat of “fascism” and “white supremacy” to justify extreme measures to counter the Blumpf threat, they have sowed this whirlwind.

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  1. That Secor guy in CA – taken into custody by FBI Tactical and SWAT teams, charged with a list of Federal crimes as long as your arm and held without bail – that’s your America now, White man.

  2. I told you. Look at the beak on that kyke. No way in hell his real name is Rinaldo Nazzaro either. And you know something I am right about the Irish too.

    • LOL. I’m sure he’s a good Roman Catholic, Irish, Italian or Spanish/Mestizo.

      How about the nose on Pinocchio?

  3. Many people who went to work with the CIA back Ukrainian nazis were also arrested on “terror plot” charges, both in the US and Europe. It’s safe to say that Ukrainian nationalists are passing on every shred of interaction they have with white nationalists to ZOG police forces. No one should do as much as email with a Ukrainian nazi or even use a forum where they are allowed in.

    • Those Ukrainian Nazis are actually liberals and they even co working with Antifa and Islamic State. Yes, Islamic State is also present in Ukraine.

      In Ukraine there was relatively healthy nationalist movement but those guys there were too good and too naïve, so liberals infiltrated and took over.

      • Yes, the Ukraine nazis have literal ISIS and al-Qaeda members from the Caucuses and Turkey and also zionist jews fighting in their CIA armed militias. I question if the Ukrainian nationalist movement was ever good. Those people use white nationalist symbols like a cargo cult. There is no substance behind the symbolism

  4. An OT comment here, really an observation. The old pictures of Pres. candidate Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt and now the miners lining up for a group photograph ca. 1900 all show the people as serious individuals, not clowns or jackasses, they weren’t entertainers from the travelling circus.

    They aren’t grinning like apes, yucking it up, back slapping, clowning around, high fiving or otherwise calling attention to themselves. They look like serious people doing serious things. Now the country is one clusterfuck after another and people in public from the President on down seem to think they are entertainers who are there for laughs. This is not a serious country with serious people anymore unlike a century ago.

    • “now the miners lining up for a group photograph ca. 1900 all show the people as serious individuals”:

      Pinkerton (capitalist) agents infiltrated the miners’ union activities back then.

    • Totally agree. It dawned on me this is no longer a serious country when, out of morbid curiosity, I went to see Bill Clinton speak at my college in the ’90s. He came on like he was a rock star, high-fived some black juvies, and hugged some dumpy strumpet who had been introduced as a brave single mother. I was half-expecting him to put on dark glasses, puff on a joint a couple of times, and start playing the saxophone. Instead, he read a lame speech off the teleprompter—for doing which he was frequently hailed as some sort of amazing orator. America started getting ridiculous after World War II, dipped into full-fledged ridiculousness in the ’90s, and has only gotten worse since then.

  5. So the conspiratards were right yet again!

    This is hardly surprising. The majority of the so-called “White Nationalist” movement are Feds, and always have been.

    Remember the “National Socialist Movement?” You know, the guys who dress up like Nazis?

    There’s like 20 of them. But look how often they appear on TV!

    Did anyone figure out who the guy was at Charlottesville that was holding the Nazi flag – that was still wrinkled because he had just taken it out of the package?

    His picture is the one they use on Wikipedia for the Charlottesville protest. Who is that guy?

    If you don’t think he was a “real Nazi” – if you think he was some sort of fake, or an actor – well that makes you a conspiracy theorist.

    • No effort will be made to find Q account. Until it is time for a Jews to chuckle about hoodwinking the goys in around 10 years.

      Rhymes with Q ends in a double U.

    • Most of the Qtards are suggesting that the worst rioters were Antifa. Stopping short of saying they were FBI plants. Stopping short of suggesting that the event was a Color Revotion Military Gay Op.

    • Mass movement will be always infiltrated. Micro groups with old known people are too small to get anything done but when you go beyond classmates and decade long friends, then with the new people, informants and influence agents arrive.

      The solution is keep things simple and transparent. When our official policy is not breaking any law, then agent can`t do anything. And when all our things are simple, then agent can not create confusion, push infighting or whatever trick to derail the movement.

      Secrecy and coverup does not defend movement but it gives enemy agents perfect work condition. For example, when we make the rule that rank members don`t need to know everything, we are not defending our movement but we open the door to backroom policy where experienced agents overplay us.

      It is very difficult to smoke out professional infiltrator. But it is possible to run a movement where infiltrators can`t do their dirty things.

      • The solution is to make larger national groups out of networks of smaller, well vetted IRL groups.

        Our movement needs to study counter intelligence. It’s something we are terrible at.

        The most reliable way to know someone is not a plant is that other nationalists knew them since high school. That’s how anti-fa works. A lot of their connections are made with teenagers in the punk rock scene. ZOG can’t just have some adult pig with a mohawk show up at an anti-fa event because they won’t be accepted if people didn’t know them since they were 17. This is what I saw IRL with ARA/anti-fa in NYC back in the 90’s.

  6. “Last year, Chris Joyner of The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote an article which tried to connect me to these people based on nothing more than recycled lies and rumors being spread by Atlanta Antifa and published it anyway even after I told him that I have nothing to do with these people”

    Good thing the disavowals keep coming. Whole lot of good they do.

    Alex Linder is right, and immense harm is done by those who repeatedly go out their way to countersignal.

    How about silence instead of endless countersignaling? Right, Aryans might actually start doing something. Serious repeated disavowals only make the enemy laugh at you & maybe just maybe make you a lower priority target who they’ll destroy later (how can you expect anyone to stand up for you then?), and they accuse you anyway.

    Jews view our existence as a crime. Our thoughts are severe crimes.

    Speaking out against them though, that is an unforgivable crime (unless authorized to do so on part of their tricks). Instant death is their penalty when they are ready to strike openly. You know that in Russia anyone who was found to own a copy of Protocols book was instantly executed and tossed down a mine shaft, his family too a lot of the time.

    Approximately 100 Aryan women are raped in America every day by negroes alone. One is being raped right now. Destroyed, for life. More still are now willingly having sex with negroes. Right, a poll came out, & we’re about to vote for someone who will keep his promises who we don’t even know exists to take down the swamp…trust the plan. Monitoring the situation & shiyt. We got no right to fight back. We got no right to even go there intellectually.

    One Roof every few years, sure, the system doesn’t mind that. But a Roof daily? Multiple times daily, who doesn’t have mostly spineless comrades who rush to go out their way to denounce, disavow, & smear them?

    That is the system’s )))worst nightmare(((. No positive fundamental change will ever come from the “we must keep it kosher guyyyyz!” crowd.

    If Aryans survive in North America, this crowd, despite having been dominant & enjoyed a popular consensus since 1945 among the Aryan loyalist “movement” will be hated & accursed by survivors. If only allegedly fringe elements like myself didn’t exist & we all in unison proclaimed a sincere pledge to “keep it kosher guyyyyz” then the Jews will surely cease making us extinct. If only all Aryan loyalists pledged to respect their rules which they’ve imposed to ensure we all die an agonizing death, they’ll surely tip their small hats at us & hold out an olive branch.

    If only…

    Cheers to hoping we can see it happen. Delenda est America! Long live Aryan peoples! Bye bye.

    It’s killing our people ^.

    • I’m going to continue to countersignal rampage shootings because 1.) there is no evidence that they work because killing innocent people only repulses and alienates non-sociopaths, 2.) the polls show that White identity is getting stronger due to wokeness and 3.) because it will be used as a pretext for a state crackdown on those who have nothing to do with these idiots.

      • Countersignaling makes you a reactionist instead of a revolutionist – it is akin to being an apologist and is seen as a seen of weakness by the jews and the Left who, of course, attack who they perceive to be weak with even more fervor.

        • There is nothing revolutionary about sick and morbid mass shooters. No one has any sympathy for them including the vast majority of people who share their grievances. They usually kill random, powerless people, briefly dominate the news cycle and end up dead or in prison. How many times have seen it now? It is a self defeating “tactic” literally accomplishes nothing and reinforces the power of elites who use these events to push their own agenda.

          • HW: Of course you cannot be expected to advocate violence or other illegal activities on your website. But just keep in mind that if we don’t do something about this problem soon then HW Jr. and his generation will have to deal with it. And by then ZOG will be a veritable Cthulhu!

            “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”

            – Thomas Paine

          • If the goal is to “wake people up” and change racial attitudes and bring ordinary people closer to our views, then having Neoliberal Joe in there doing all of this woke stuff and Big Tech censoring the internet has been a godsend. That’s far more persuasive than some idiot throwing his life away to kill five old people which will last for a news cycle or two.

          • Happened in my area a few years ago. Defenseless crowd without a care in the world. It’s ugly.

            And out of nowhere.

        • I have been saying that for a while now. They excuse and ignore the lefts violence such as BLM and Antifa because they fear their response. They only go after the weak and unorganized. Fear and intimidation is a great weapon. Too bad we never use it to our advantage.

      • Normies weren’t repulsed at the Hellstorm of murder and destruction of innocent elderly, women, wounded, and children that three days of firebombing war crimes commited by Anglo and Anglo-American bombers over Dresden caused 77 years ago..

        To hell with worthless normies. What they think and their opinions should mean absolutely nothing. They are nothing more than the frog in the pot under a low flame. They won’t risk their comfort in the current to save their descendants in the future.

        I’m with PsychelonB. They hour is late, and we need need hero warriors, not cowardly and insolated normies whose recent ancestors fled in “White flight,” instead of repulsing the threat and protecting the blood and soil.

        • We don’t need random weirdos shooting random, powerless people who repulse and alienate everyone in the country. As a tactic, it is stupid and immoral and has been proven not to work over and over again.

          • @Hunter Wallace,

            I agree with you on that. Especially, random shootings of innocent and powerless people. That truly doesn’t accomplish anything.

    • @PsychelonB

      “Alex Linder is right, and immense harm is done by those who repeatedly go out their way to countersignal.”

      If counter-signaling Alex Linder is wrong – I don’t want to be right.

    • You can’t do an armed uprising without mass support. That support doesn’t exist now. You are either a fed or a moron.

      • @ATBOTL,

        I understand your POV. There is a solid case to be made for it. The challenge we have is not allowing White normies an option to squirm out of chosing not to take sides. That’s when revolutionary conditions will present themselves. Even the $1400 stimulus is just crumbs from ZOG’s table to put the sheeple back to sleep by temporarily placating them. It’s a smart delay tactic, until the neo-Bolshevik domestic security tyrannical state is firmly in place, and then as the Borg say to a new species they encounter, “Resistance is futile.”

        Btw, I respect your opinion. I am not counter-signaling your statement.

        • @November

          “The challenge we have is not allowing White normies an option to squirm out of chosing not to take sides. ”

          “We?” Who is “we?”

          You are an openly declared enemy of white Americans. You represent a tiny fringe group of cranks obsessed with the second World War – and a burning hatred for America and our heritage.

          What do you mean, “we?”

          “You” have nobody, except for cranks like Matt Heimbach, and Alex Linder. “You” cannot dictate anything to white normies.

          When white normies come across “you” and your “team” – they are repulsed.

          “Our” first order of business is to stop allowing Jews at the ADL and SPLC to make “you” the face of our movement.

          Were you the guy at Charlottesville holding the brand new Nazi flag he just took out of the package? If so, did the SPLC give you the flag and take the photographs you posed for?

          • @bannedhipstet,

            No, I am just an adversary if stupid americans like yourself that fail to grasp facts from fiction about the second world war, and how it was ignorant peckerwoods and scheming influential jews in london and washington with morally corrupt Anglos leaders that directly led to WWII and the cultural marxism that followed in the West.

            You think like a baby boomer raised on television where thea.meticans are the good guys, and everything about NS Germany is the epitome of evil. You know who planted that framing of WWII in your limited intellectual curious mind? Hollywood, Madison Avenue, mainstream media, politicians, and historians that all get their shekels from the same tribe.

            Your strawman arguments are weak and disingenuous.

            Make up your mind. Am I in league with the splc and adl, or am I in POV closer to Dr. Pierce and Tom Metzger?

            Do you post on OD incessantly because your own blog doesn’t get read by anyone other than your mother and husband?

          • @bannedhipster,

            What is “our” movement? Returning the south to the pre-antebellum era?

            You don’t speak for anyone other than yourself. Like Richard Spencer, you’re a legend in your own mind.

            What your unhinged holier than thou ass intentionally omits is that “heritage americans” aka anglos in their arrogance looked down on other White European ethnicities. You can still see the residue of this hatred for all that isn’t WASP in the comments here from several people.

            I am not an “openly declared enemy if White americans.” That is you painting me with the same brush that zog uses to blasphemy AmNats as “domestic terrorists.” Just because I choose to approach world and american history as an historical revisionist, and that does not gell with your POV is tough shit.

        • November,

          No. I am not back but I still read some of the articles here and some of the comments. .

          You are to be commended for holding your temper in dealing with Southern Nationalists. The Second Coming will arrive before the South will be independent again. It was written that you are obsessed with WW2. Well they are obsessed with the Civil War which is less important than WW2 with which the results dictate our lives to this day.

          As an important aside, one of my aunts and uncles got Coronavirus and were sick for a couple of weeks. Another one of my American relatives–Ricardo Antonio Sepolio of Texas died of Coronavirus recently. His mother Amalia played with me just a few years ago when I was a little girl. So Coronavirus is real.

          Naturally, I will not respond to anyone directly except you.

          • @Christina,

            My deepest condolences on the loss of your American relatives to SARS2-Covid-19. I am glad that your aunts and uncles recovered from the virus that afflicted them.

            By the way, I never wrote that the SARS2-Covid-19 virus doesn’t exist, but that its mortality rate has been blown out of proportion for malevolent and pernicious reasons.

            Have you read the story about the oldest confirmed living European in France that supposedly caught the WuFlu and not only survived, but she didn’t even know she was infected (no symptoms)? I kinda buried the lead on this fascinating event. The oldest European is a 116 year old Catholic nun.

            BannedHipsterDoofus is a nobody that has absolutely zero gravitas outside a slender window of impressionable and ignorant Southern Nationalists. If he brought his weak arguments outside of that sphere, he’d get sent back on his heels like his cousins at Dunkirk.

            I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the US Civil War. It really means diddly squat in 2021. The south still governed by White supremacy until the 1960s. Their hypocrisy over being “occupied,” while southerners in the US military occupy Germany, Japan, Italy, and other nations with compromised and corrupt puppet regimes that ZOG-USA put in place.

            I understand that you are not officially back, but I was hoping that you were perusing OD on occasion. Not surprisingly, OD has made no mention of the incredible 18 year old Spainard young woman Falangist named Isabel Peralta who gave a brave and honest speech celebrating Spain’s Blue Division of SS volunteers. In her amazing speech, she courageously named the jews for their scheming subversive plots and submerge of White well being. If you can, search for this great young lady and her speech.

            I know you enjoy Devon Stack aka “Blackpilled.” He has been doing late night and or early morning “insomnia” live streams on the app Trovo. He has uploaded some of thos streams to his Bitchute channel, but not all of them. He usually broadcasts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

          • I’m sorry for your loss. As Christians, we have a hope. We look forward to “a better country.” Yes, Coronavirus is real. I’m knowing more people, including next-door neighbors, relatives and church members, who have died of it recently after long struggles, or are chronic cases (“long haulers”) with permanent, lifespan-shortening organ damage. The disease is mild for the first week or two, until it either resolves or begins to take a turn for the worse.

            I am a strong supporter of all proven methods – including universal hygienic masking (with well-fitted N-95 or P-100, not cloth, masks), physical separation, testing, quarantines, lockdowns and other restrictions – to stop further transmission, and possibly, even at this very late stage, eradicate the disease. However I am skeptical of the experimental mRNA nanoparticle treatments of Pfizer and Moderna that may not protect against new mutant strains even as well as the “conventional” Sputnik V (Russian) product. Even Sputnik, all of these vaccines, could cause worse cases of infection with some of the new mutant strains, like the Dengue Fever vaccine sometimes does with subseqent infections of new Dengue strains, and the experimental vaccines for SARS CoV-1 (old original, “classic SARS”) did with subsequent infections. This is not anti-vax fear mongering but good, solid, orthodox science. See this article in a very mainstream science publication:


        • November,

          I will check out that Spanish woman.Thank you for giving me that information. I have in the last month commented on Blackpilled with an obvious name. Bitchute-Stay Safe broadcast. I will do so again here and there.

          It was rough in Texas this last week. We had a pipe burst and flood the dining room and one of our TV rooms. But father knew immediately how to turn the water off. There was no school of course. I hope you weathered the ice storm. It got down to 2 degrees one morning. I have never experienced such amount of snow and cold.

          Since you are in the Midwest it must of been alot colder. But you people know how to handle cold and snow better than the people in Texas I suppose.

          As always nice to hear from you. Until next time..

          • @Christina,

   about your home in Texas. I saw a lot of videos of the destruction caused by burst pipes. Now, lumber yards and other businesses that sell home repair materials will be price gauging desperate homeowners.

            Yes, the Texas situation was a combination of freakish winter storm and incompetence by the State of Texas government. Texas’s blithering affected Mexico too.

            Yes, I have snow and sub-freezing temperatures fatigue, but as you wrote, I am acclimated to Midwestern winters. Though when the snow gets deep enough for snow shoes, or icy to the point of needing to strap on a pair of Yaks Trax, spring cannot get here soon enough.

          • @Christina,

            Remind me to one day tell you about how my crazy dog saved the life of an older very disoriented woman that would have died of hypothermia on -17 wind chill night.

            The local media got ahold of the story from the ambulance crew that arrived, but being that I absolutely despise the anti-white media in all its forms, I didn’t return any of their attempts for comments or photographs of my dog.

        • November,

          Okay. I am ready to hear how your dog saved a woman’s life. We have shetland sheep dogs since we own sheep.

  7. Re: “accelerationist”:

    What does that mean to you? Here is one explanation:

    “It’s called ‘accelerationism,’ and it rests on the idea that Western governments are irreparably corrupt. As a result, the best thing white supremacists can do is accelerate their demise by sowing chaos and creating political tension. Accelerationist ideas have been cited in mass shooters’ manifestos — explicitly, in the case of the New Zealand killer — and are frequently referenced in white supremacist web forums and chat rooms. Accelerationists reject any effort to seize political power through the ballot box, dismissing the alt-right’s attempts to engage in mass politics as pointless. If one votes, one should vote for the most extreme candidate, left or right, to intensify points of political and social conflict within Western societies. Their preferred tactic for heightening these contradictions, however, is not voting, but violence — attacking racial minorities and Jews as a way of bringing us closer to a race war, and using firearms to spark divisive fights over gun control. The ultimate goal is to collapse the government itself; they hope for a white-dominated future after that”:

    Another, entirely different take:

    Mid-sixties novelist Nick Land is called the father of accelerationism, but his view was also different from your White Nationalist Accelerationism. Much earlier, Karl Marx seemed to advocate (or he simply recognized) de-regulating capitalism as an accelerant of communist revolution, something different yet again.

    • “Accelerationists reject any effort to seize political power through the ballot box, dismissing the alt-right’s attempts to engage in mass politics as pointless. If one votes, one should vote for the most extreme candidate, left or right, to intensify points of political and social conflict”:

      Accelerationists are the complete opposite of socialist, egalitarian-minded PACIFISTS who simply recognize that the system is irredeemable and that voting does not change things, but do not seek to cause harm to others or encourage or accelerate any kind of social conflict. The Bible condemns the attitude of “Let us do evil that good may come.”

    • anonymous,

      Thank you for your condolences up above. I will continue at times to read this interesting website but rarely comment and usually only socially. Otherwise, I would still be active after saying I would not.

    • No, not PC, but the worship of the Almighty Dollar. The pursuit of personal prosperity, “doing it to others before they do it to us,” aka serving Mammon – is the U.S.’s religion, the “god” that “We” trust in. As the Scripture says “The love of money is the root of all this evil.”

  8. I had never even heard of this group until the media started talking about them. When some group comes out of nowhere and immediately the media is propping it up as an example of “domestic terrorism,” then it’s a pretty obvious honeypot.

  9. “The Base” huh? The fed glowies can’t even come up with a new name for their rope-a-dope scams. Guess what “the base” or “the foundation” is in Arabic? Al-Qaeda. You know, the one founded by the CIA in 1988. Most Muslims like to name their things so that there’s some mention of Islam or Allah in the name, like Hezbollah or Ansar-al-Islam. That was one of the giveaways that Bin-Laden’s was a CIA operation. There’s also the nice organization I$I$ set up and funded by the Axis of Kindness (the USSA, Israel and their Arab toadies like the Saudis).

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