Neoliberal Joe: America First Is Over

Neoliberal Joe is an imperialist.

He was one of the dinosaurs in Congress who plunged us into the Iraq War.

New York Times:

“For anyone looking for evidence that boasts about “America First” — and the need for America to go-it-alone — are over, President Biden’s speech to the Munich Security Conference was meant as an opening argument.

“America is back, the trans-Atlantic alliance is back,” Mr. Biden declared. Trying to expunge the last four years without ever once naming his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, Mr. Biden said “we are not looking backward.” …”

The American Empire is back. Those troop withdrawals from Syria, Afghanistan and Germany ain’t happening. We’re committed to staying engaged there forever.

If I had it my way though, we would be out of there tomorrow.

Globalist liberals are the people who believe in imperialism.

Disaffected Democrats and Market Skeptic Republicans overwhelmingly agree that we should be focused on our own problems at home and mind our own business. The definition of a woke progressive liberal is someone who can’t mind their own business whether at home or abroad. Virtually everything is their business especially your private thoughts and beliefs and ability to say what you think.

Right Populists and Left Populists agree on getting out.

If you take a look at our history, you will find there is a reason for that.

Note: Joe presides over a country where the political establishment is held in such disrepute that it has erected a barbed wire fence around the U.S. Capitol. What an embarrassment.

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  1. I think he’s talking about “diplomacy” by America is back, I doubt that even he is so out of touch to escalate wars unpopular with 90% of the population
    Though, he has engaged in imperialism by threatening Nigeria with sanctions for their LGBT laws (must be what the liberal donor class wants)

  2. Slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed that Black Lives Matter takes care not to publish a physical address? Very odd. However, I think this may be it (buried in their merchandise section):

    Returns Department
    5400 Three Notched Road
    Crozet, VA 22932-3105

  3. “troop withdrawals…”

    not happening with or without Drumpf. Reason:

    ZOG uniparty. Uncle Schmuel either keeps the world on the dollar

    at gunpoint, or it’s goodbye Uncle Schmuel.

  4. Listening to this moron [Biden] comes with its own challenges than listening to Trump. This guy can barely speak. I hate this country so much.

    • Aspire- ” I hate this country so much.”

      As it now is, yes. “Let the hate flow through you.” Because there is such a thing as GODLY HATE; that is tied to godly love of the father/motherland, as anything could be.

      Prov. 6:16, Ps. 139:22

      “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

      And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the work “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

      5 Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

      “Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chiefly take a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of thy father’s tribe: for we are the children of the prophets, Noe, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that our fathers from the beginning, even that they all married wives of their own kindred, and were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land.” – Tobit 4:12

  5. Our ancestors would never have allowed the situation to deteriorate this far without rising up and taking matters into their own hands. It’s not Scumbag Joe who is the embarrassment, it’s us.

  6. The American empire isn’t failing because of “America first.” It’s failing because the USA is incompetent, and it began under Obama. Biden’s crew won’t be able to do anything to turn that around.

    • Began long before Obama. Have you forgotten the incompetence, arrogance and corruption of the Bush years? We’re still paying the tab for that gang of “geniuses”.

      • In my opinion this country began its irreversible decline around 1971, when wages and salaries for the working and middle classes began to stagnate and then decline. That was also the time when America began its transition from an economy based on savings, heavy industry and manufacturing to an economy based on low-paying service jobs, consuming, borrowing and debt. US military power was basically destroyed by the Vietnam War. When the draft ended they had to take whatever could manage to crawl through the recruiting station door.

        • Spawn, let’s go back to the 1913 Jekyll Island Conference, when the IRS and the Federal Reserve bank were founded. Jews, then. Jews, today. Every Single. Time.

      • During the Bush and early Obama years, the USA was still completely dominant and was more or less unchallenged in foreign affairs. They really started losing with Crimea and the empire has been taking non-stop L’s since then. Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Hong Kong, etc. 20 years ago, the USA would have been able to overthrow Venezuela no problem. Now they have been trying to force their fake president Guano there for years and everyone just laughs at them. Countries are starting to outright ignore American sanctions. The last big win for the empire was murdering Gaddafi, but it’s all been downhill for them since.

        • What the US has been doing since Clinton is building up this huge adversary (China) and then Obama’s middle east proxy meddling (funding and arming jihadis against Gaddafi, Assad) brought in a resurgent, nationalist Russia under Putin to become regional kingpin. Absolutely no decent long-term strategic vision, just short-term greed and “Great Game” Machiavellianism.

  7. William J. Bryan, Esquire, was not anti-war, not against popular wars but only against some unpopular, controversial wars. His kind of so-called challenge (populist reformism) to the system actually makes the system grow STRONGER.

    Re: the Kamala and Joe administration’s push for increased imperialist war:

    It is called “The No-Change Presidency”: “Biden began his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in June 2019 at a Manhattan hotel, telling wealthy donors that ‘nothing would fundamentally change’ under his presidency. After one month in office, it appears that is one campaign promise he is likely to keep. The U.S. will also continue its wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. WE ARE LEFT TO GUESS WHERE, NOT IF, BIDEN WILL START ANOTHER ONE”: (Note: Always good, intelligent, substantial comment threads on Moon of Alabama) But there is change. This is the change: Global imperialist war continues to INCREASE, as the wealthiest and most powerful Empire in history grows ever wealthier and stronger.

  8. Re: “America first”:

    America will be the last (and I predict, NEVER) to get Russian Sputnik vaccine. The U.S. wants to tamp down and prohibit the demand (for Sputnik) that is exploding worldwide since the Lancet published study showing efficacy that is essentially equal to the U.S.’s very expensive and experimental mRNA treatments and indications it is much more effective against the rogue South African mutation. However Russian industry cannot produce enough to meet the demand, so it has signed contracts allowing ten other nations (including China) to produce it. The U.S. is opposed to this.

  9. Those survey questions are too vague to give meaningful results. Obviously, 87% of solid liberals don’t support neocon wars, which is which is being implied. Let’s see a survey that asks about specific policies rather than these very vague concepts like “global engagement.”

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