Politico: Trump Gears Up For War With “His Own Party”

The last four years were exhausting.

In retrospect, it is obvious that a lot of mistakes were made. Hopefully, the 2020 election and the aftermath exposed most of those flaws and we can learn something from the experience and move forward again. It feels like we were stuck for four years and lost the momentum we had in 2016. I sense that things have changed though with Neoliberal Joe in the White House.


“There’s no longer a chief of staff to screen his calls and he keeps no predictable working hours. So an unspoken rule has governed Donald Trump’s calendar since he left Washington last month: To sit down with the former president, you must belong to his posh Palm Beach club or know how to contact him directly.

But even that won’t always do it. For weeks now, Trump has rejected meetings with everyone from former South Carolina governor and 2024 hopeful Nikki Haley to House and Senate GOP candidates vying for his ear — preferring to spend his days leisurely calling friends, binging cable news, golfing with a rotating cast of partners and basking in standing ovations whenever he arrives for dinner on Mar-a-Lago’s outdoor patio. One person close to the ex-president said he’s become “unreachable” to anyone outside his limited circle of loyal aides, longtime friends and die-hard political allies. …

The planning for Trump’s coming revenge tour comes as other top Republicans try to cajole him into working with the party’s apparatus ahead of next year’s midterm elections, rather than recruiting rival candidates whose bids could complicate primaries and cost the GOP critical seats. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is expected to meet with Trump over the weekend to discuss his upcoming plans, including the former president’s desire to push for voter reforms at a time when the topic of election integrity has created a major split among elected Republicans. …”

The last four years weren’t entirely Donald Trump’s fault.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election as an insurgent candidate, he didn’t have many allies to work with in Washington, DC. The Trump administration was staffed by Never Trump establishment conservatives. The Trump Cabinet was filled with literal snakes in the grass. The federal courts were full of people that previous Republican and Democratic presidents had appointed over the years. The Republican Congress in particular was full of people who were unsympathetic to the Trump agenda.

The governing ideology of the Republican Party was mainstream conservatism which was built to address the problems of previous generations in a bygone age. The policy agenda was still a legacy of the Reagan era. The whole apparatus of Con, Inc. was full of hacks who were handpicked to mouth slogans and defend an ideology that was increasingly out of touch with the problems of the wider electorate. The Republican Party continued to “conserve” the status quo as it aimlessly drifted into the future.

From the vantagepoint of 2021, we have a clearer picture of what happened in 2016 and why Donald Trump became president and where we are going in the future:

This big chunk of the electorate had been around for 30 years and was not represented by the two-party system and was growing ever more cynical and disenchanted with American politics until Donald Trump came along. These people were weakly attached Obama voters in 2014.

In the 2016 election, this group of disaffected voters and its traveling companion who had been labeled “Upbeats” or “New Era Enterprisers” crashed into the Republican Party. The noisy online avatars of these big two swathes of the electorate were the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite:

In the surveys of the Republican Party that have come out since 2017, there have been four clusters of voters, not the traditional two:

Before the 2016 election, the “Core Conservatives” or “Business Conservatives” or “Free Marketeers” or the “True Cons” as we call them had been the governing wing of the Republican Party. Since Trump has become president, the MAGA voters that rode into the GOP with Trump have increasingly fused with the Republican base who always resented the “GOP establishment” into a new majority.

In the 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections, the establishment wing of the Republican Party has been bleeding its demographic base to the Democrats. These people are well to do suburban voters whose politics can be summarized as “Muh Principles” combined with neoliberal economics and virtue signaling about “racism.” They are the sort of Republicans who voted for Mitt Romney and who voted for Joe Biden to save “our democracy” while voting down tax increases in their own areas. These people align with their fellow neoliberals in the Democratic Party on their shared modernist and cosmopolitan values. They hate Trump because he shifted the demographic balance of power away from them in the Republican Party.

Conservatism is over. The electorate is slowly but surely realigning into a new party system. The populist wing of the Republican Party has become the governing wing and the influx of working class voters (he continued to find new working class votes in states like Ohio, Texas, Florida and North Carolina) is shifting the party in that direction. Donald Trump spent four years catering to suburban voters, maintaining the status quo and endorsing establishment candidates but voters are switching sides with their feet anyway. Everything from Congress to Conservatism, Inc. to the donor class hasn’t adjusted yet to this new reality. It is like grandpa has suddenly died and the kids have inherited his estate.

Donald Trump is correct to focus on vetting and electing a Trumpist Congress. He needs to finish off Conservatism, Inc. which obstructed his presidency. Everything is going to have to be rebuilt from scratch to reflect this new reality within the Republican Party. The old taboos have zero support when 90% of Trump voters are worried about racially charged attacks on White people and 64% have explicit racial consciousness. We’re going to also need a new governing ideology to replace to mainstream conservatism and a new electoral strategy as well. We need solutions to the problems of our own times and the decades ahead. This is all obvious to me.

Note: As usual, what is obvious to me will undoubtedly take others much longer to digest and adjust to and only after bitter resistance. All I can really do is offer my take on the situation.

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  1. Trump made very clear on the campaign trail to the MAGA-QNON TARDS that he was going to import China’s and India’s Youth Population…LEGALLY…….

    Trump’s justification for doing this is that he is going to create so many high paying jobs and this would create severe job shortages and this would create a severe labor scarcity……if he didn’t import China’s and India’s Youth Population…

    Just think of the evil logic of Trump’s argument:THERE IS AN ECONOMIC ARGUMENT FOR RACE REPLACING….The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority across America with post-1965 nonwhites(SCAB LABOR)

    But exactly why would a severe labor scarcity be such a bad thing?

    Here is why severe labor scarcities are wonderfull things:

    1)America still a 90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY….if nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR were never imported LEGALLY on to Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space….

    2)A very high wage economy for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…no complete nullification of the White Vote on Nov 3 2020….

    1)…and 2) are the reasons why Trump wants to import China’s and India’s Youth into our America…

    NEVER NEVER USE THE EXCUSE OF A SEVERE LABOR SCARCITY IN THE US AS AN EXCUSE to race-replace The Historic Native Born American Working Class Majority with Chinese….Hindus-Sikhs…..and Muslims-post-1965 LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY…..

    • Peter Brimelow’s IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM assumes the same anti-White Labor framework as Trump:‘LABOR SCARCITIES ARE BAD!!!….which they are not….ACTUALLY LABOR SCARCITIES ARE WONDERFUL!!!!……..for demographic and high-wage economy reasons…..

    • “Trump made very clear on the campaign trail to the MAGA-QNON TARDS that he was going to import China’s and India’s Youth Population…LEGALLY…”

      He’s just parroting the words of some (j) advisor, that were whispered in his ear.

      Labor shortage is good, it increases wages and benefits, drawing bright minds into the field, increasing innovation.

      • Labor “shortages” are bad for the managerial elite who have their incomes reduced by higher wages. This also reduces the managerial elite’s political power because the distributed wealth of a prosperous middle class makes them a political force especially if they are overwhelmingly White and Christian. A prosperous, White, Christian middle class is a naturally conservative thing in politics in the true sense of conservatism: it tends to conserve itself and the society it needs to thrive.

        This is anathema to the “free market”, globo-homo, managerial elite currently ruling the Empire. This also makes nationalist regimes like China and Russia enemies because they represent political forces that work to conserve their own countries by implementing policies that leaders there believe are in the best interests of their own people. This is in direct contrast to the diverse, globo-homo shopping mall policies of the U.S. pursued under both Republican and Democrat administrations designed to dissolve the nation. National examples contrary to diverse, globo-homo shopping mall cannot be tolerated.

        The U.S. was founded as a commercial republic. It’s not surprising that the Government pursues diverse, globo-homo shopping mall policies because those are in the best interests of a commercial republic’s ruling class. The problem is that a commercial republic i.e. a nation founded on the basis of money ultimately fails when the money fails. This is the inexorable direction of the U.S. as unpayable debt piles up to the moon, social cohesion dissolves as minority populations grow and the White majority shrinks and becomes alienated. Add to this mix a generous helping of gross incompetence (such as in Texas) and foreign belligerence and the table is set for a banquet of national failure, foreign and domestic.

  2. I’ve been running data surrounding the epidemic. There’s a good case to be made that failure to close JFK, Laguarda, Newark Airport and possibly O’Hare is responsible for the first wave of the virus and the lack of action by Cuomo made sure it bit into the population. If you overlay the graphs of infection and death from last year there’s a good case for sueing NY and to a lesser degree Illinois Pennsylvania for the later infections we see in Texas, California and Florida. The data is solid enough to prosecute Cuomo for getting the rest of the country infected. He should be pilloried and flogged for fucking up.

  3. “The Trump administration was staffed by Never Trump establishment conservatives.”

    That is ENTIRELY Trump”s fault !

    He knew he was running for president. He should have had a cadre of loyalists lined up before he started campaigning, certainly as the campaign progressed.

    The man was ill prepared for the job and stumbled through 4 years.

    In the first 2 years , with republican control, he could have accomplished so much.

    Where’s our fence ?

    • I mentioned this before.

      But again, how much could a single insurgent do when he relies on the GOP in the house and senate to get anything done? And what could get done when they’re ideologically opposed to him. He was doomed from the start. That’s because you cannot be a single insurgent that relies on an entire political apparatus that is ideologically oppositional to you (if that is indeed what Trump was which is debatable). Trump didn’t get that. A lot of people here and other places don’t get that. And this is why, even if you win as an insurgent within a party, you’ll be coopted anyway, because what can you do when you rely on a party that isn’t you, yet you rely on them to get anything done?

      • LBJ did it.

        He had ‘material’ on all the house and senate power brokers. One call to any media and LBJ could destroy them.

    • With men like H.R. Haledman, John Erlichman and John Mitchell Richard Nixon had a good team all lined up and ready for action when he entered the White House in 1969. By contrast Trump half-assed everything.

  4. Trump sits around on his fat Boomer ass watching FoxNews while his supporters are in jail awaiting trial on a myriad of Federal charges. What a POS this guy is.

  5. now that Drumpf is out of the WH…

    HW is warming up to him (again). Actually, HW

    your once-and-future “populist” Republiscam pty will be run by the same

    Kabbalah of Jew billionaires

    that has run both Demoncrats and Republiscams for decades.

    when will HW learn to distinguish between rhetoric and reality?

    • Haha, no.

      Just monitoring the situation. I’m not engaged in politics right now. This is encouraging news though. The polls show a big shift our way. It is something to be happy about. He also really should encourage other people who are not incompetent to launch their careers.

      • Well, we will never win by always playing defense. They can be defeated but it takes balls and strength. Unfortunately, Whites have lost theirs over the years.

        • “. They can be defeated but it takes balls and strength ”

          It takes organized unity and loyalty to race…….

          …….. which WHITES also lack .

    • If Trump were smart he never would have let any of the Usual Suspects within a mile of his administration. That was a forgone conclusion though when his biggest donor was also the biggest scumbag in the Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson, and his daughter was married to the Kushner crime family. Trump campaigned vigorously against the Iran deal for Sheldon Adelson and no doubt would have attacked Iran in a second term to pay back Sheldon for his donations.

      Judge the man by whom he served. Israel got everything it wanted then some more while the the Usual Suspects stabbed Trump in the back time after time. Trump pardoned one of the most despicable characters the Usual Suspects have ever produced, Jonathan Pollard as one of his last acts in office without a peep from the “conservatives” either. What were they conserving again, I forget?

    • That will happen just after he strangles his son-in-law Grima Wormtongue, the Satanist spouse of his airhead daughter – herself a convert to devil-worship. A very icy day in hell before that happens to be sure. The man has always been a con-artist and this is just the latest grift. He owes money to (((important people))), so it’s time to shear the sheep for his bosses. The list of pardons really tells you all you need to know about him.


    There’s no such thing as cheap labor, you pay for it, one way or anoher……Eric thomson

    • When wages are falling the “free market” is working great. When wages are rising the “free market” has failed necessitating an influx of wogs to drive down wages. That’s how the “free market” works regarding wages according to “conservatives” such as Rush and the Republican Party.

      • “the “free market” has failed necessitating an influx of wogs to drive down wages.”

        EXACTLY !

        Melee of free market for thee, favorable state control for me.

  7. @Arrian

    “The Trump administration was staffed by Never Trump establishment conservatives.”
    That is ENTIRELY Trump”s fault !

    Bingo. While I agree with Hunter that Trump should be vetting and electing a Trumpist congress he needs
    serious help with this task and I don’t mean Jarrod. Trumps major flaw is he is a terrible judge of
    people / character. Trump had to fight not only the swamp but his own West Wing. When Jarrod “don’t worry about the base, they have no where else to go” arrived in D.C. where did he go to seek legal counsel? “The Mistress of Disaster”. Former number two at DOJ in the Clinton regime. Jamie Gorelick.
    Bottom line is I’m not sure we could trust Trump’s picks.

    • Jared Kushner vs. Paul Singer.
      I have no dog in this fight.

      No…….but we’re the prey they are fighting over.

  8. I don't think the donor class will ever adjust to this new reality. Which is why I doubt the GOP can ever become a populist party.
    February 20, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    “Everything from Congress to Conservatism, Inc. to the donor class hasn’t adjusted yet to this new reality.”

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