Poll: Republicans Sour On Corporate Power

The good news keeps rolling in.


“This year’s subdued national satisfaction ratings mask sharp partisan differences. The poll, conducted during President Donald Trump’s final weeks in office, finds Republicans (including independents who lean Republican) more satisfied than Democrats (including Democratic leaners) with all but two of the items, as is typical for the party in power. …

Corporate America. Republicans’ satisfaction with the size and influence of major corporations is down 26 points to a record-low 31% for that party.

Government. Their satisfaction with the system of government and how it’s working has declined 24 points to 30%, and their satisfaction with the federal government’s size and power is down 15 points to 20%. …”

The wignats were right.

Neoliberal Joe is having a salutary effect.

In the span of a year, there has been a 26 point drop in Republican satisfaction with “the size and influence of major corporations.” 69% of Republicans are dissatisfied.

There is the same familiar 70/30 percent split.

Far from going back to the way things used to be under True Conservatism, Blumpf losing the election has paved the road to White Populism. These people have become far more racially conscious, more redistributionist, more anti-corporate than was the case a year ago.

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  1. “26 point drop in Republican satisfaction with “the size and influence of major corporations.” 69% of Republicans are dissatisfied”:

    No one who keeps buying from Walmart, Amazon and other corporations, and banking and insuring, and otherwise participating in the heart of the capitalist system, is REALLY “dissatisfied with corporate power,” also known as Capitalism. I’ll bet most of the polled “dissatisfied” Republicans are doing just that.

    Private profit corporations must be replaced with democratic, communal, workers’ cooperatives and non-profit, public banking.

    • For a lot of rural folks there is literally no one else to shop. Walmart put all the small shops out of business a decade ago

    • anonymous, the Communist, wants to make the perfect the enemy of the good and constantly tries to start fights over purity.

      Everyone just ignores him.

      Imagine actually trying to sell literal 150 year old Communist talking points in 2021.

      • Re: “fights over purity,” “trying to sell,” and “150 year old talking points” :

        Passion to share knowledge and encourage open-minded, accurate thinking is entirely different from personality conflict or trying to make money from “sharing” knowledge.

        I have looked at your blog sometimes, and I find your original (but sadly, anti-communist) political theory and opinions interesting, but they do not make proven-in-practice (not mere “talking points”) MILLENNIA-old (long predating Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Che, et al) ethno-national socialism outmoded.

  2. “These people have become far more racially conscious, more redistributionist, more anti-corporate than was the case a year ago.”

    When they reach Weimar Levels of the 1930’s, that should be just about right. “The hedge fund cries out in pain, as it shorts you.” Payback’s gonna be a bitch. Oh, yeah…..

  3. The polls may be correct, and things seem to be looking up from a White Nationalist, Populist perspective.

    That being said, all of this can change in the blink of an eye.

    I believe that a war is coming, a real war and a big one too.

    Major defense contractors are upset; their profits are down because ammo is not being expended on the battlefield, major navy combat ships are not being sunk, and expensive warplanes are not being shot out of the sky. Orders for replacements are way down: Rust and age offer little in the way of needing new ones. This is bad news for CEOs and stockholders. They only make money (“real money”) when a major war depletes ammo supplies and equipment of the US military. No war = few big profits. Many of them pay to put congressmen and senators in office: they expect a return on their investment.

    And a war, a big bloody one, would be a MAJOR advantage to Joe and the Woke ruling class.

    A large scale, massive, bloody war would….

    Make censorship and cancel culture much easier by citing prior war-time restrictions (WWI and WWII) on speech and personal liberty.

    Introduce a climate of fear in pursuit of “American unity.” Those who do not support the war effort will be labeled “White Supremacists” who are seeking to assert their “White Privilege” by questioning and opposing the war.

    Open the floodgates of immigration even further, by offering “a pathway to citizenship” to any Honduran or Mexican who is willing to serve on the front line as cannon-fodder in the new glorious war of “liberation” of some poor victim of “American democracy.”

    Anyway, I hope things will change for the better, but wars have a way of turning back the progress.

    • @Geir Gunderson

      I disagree.

      Trump was going to be Woodrow Wilson – run on an anti-war platform then get us into war.

      If Trump had won, the hot war with Iran would have already started. One reason – not the only reason, but one reason – that the entire establishment went against Trump is because they knew that he was collaborating with the Israeli Likud party to finally get us into a real, hot World War III with Iran – the war with Iran that the Jews have been pushing for since 9/11.

      If people had paid closer attention during the Obama administration – and ignored the stupid nonsense Trump was selling about Obama’s Muslim Birth Certificate – they would have seen the American establishment desperately trying to prevent the worst Jews – Likud Jews – from dragging us into a real, hot war with Iran (that would eventually include Russia, and probably China, and be a real WWIII.)

      In some ways, we have the best of both worlds. The only way that clown Trump could win an election was by his “populist” and not-anti-white rhetoric.

      So Trump finally made some room for pro-white politics, but was unable to get America to surrender to Jews completely.

      So now Trump is gone, his Likud handler Jared Kushner is gone – but Whitey is riled up wanting some real change.

      Best of both worlds, folks. This is our opportunity – it is imperative that we don’t blow it again.

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