Bill Maher: Cancel Culture Is Over Party

Bill Maher is “a pipeline to far-right extremism.”

As I have pointed out, political correctness or woke supremacy is by far the biggest cultural resentment in the country. Someone ought to run for president on being able to say whatever you want without having to live in fear that your life will be destroyed by hall monitors and tattletales.

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  1. Big Tech, Big Media, Big (every anti-Christian, anti-white, org, etc) needs to be destroyed. I think the whole world knows that by now. Cancel these cancel culture villains. If Russia, China, and any other nation with means wants to nuke these evil orgs that would be a God-send to all of us if they did. Love to see Silicon valley and all similar wicked areas turned into smoking craters. A new and better day day would dawn for everyone.

  2. I’ve thought for quite awhile that the alt right has more in common with the far left than it does with the establishment parts of the two main parties. The establishment wings are the ones protecting the status quo, keeping the occupations going, and feeding the military industrial complex .They protect the rats in the swamp, the dweebs in high tach, the fossil fuel crowd.

    The establishment has stood in the way of any kind of reform, after the mortgage backed securities disaster in 2008, the big investment banks should have been allowed to fail, and the worst of the crooks sent to prison, instead the tax payers got sent the bill, and these crooks got to keep all the money they had swindled. And they’ve screwed up the economy to where it’s hard to tell who’s solvent and who isn’t.

    The old guys used to call it getting the bad money out of the system.

    • @copperhead

      “the alt right has more in common with the far left ”

      There has never really been a “far left” in that sense. The Communists used a certain appeal to “the workers” but they were never workers, nor were they interested in putting workers in charge of anything.

      The old Communist party was just an early version of a George Soros NGO Color Revolution. Lenin was sponsored by foreign capitalists, and Trotsky was just a straight up Jew Zionist working for the Rothschilds.

      The “far left” to the extent it exists are just downwardly mobile grad students – they are the “Social Justice Warriors.”

      There is zero point with any sort of “alliance” with those people.

      Instead we need to propose basic and obvious “populist” policies – that help the widest number of people – and leave the abstractions – and rhetorical poison like “socialism” – to the Progressives who are helping destroy the Democratic party Liberals.

      • Jewish intellectuals flocked to the socialist movement in the 19th Century because populist peasant uprisings were historically in opposition to jewish power. They were trying to control the other side since they had long controlled the nobility and monies interests among whites.

  3. Don’t think for a second that Maher is on your side. If that guy was White and made the same gesture, he would be calling for his firing. The same way he would if he had a confederate flag on his truck. The only only reason he is upset is he Hispanic.

  4. I have my doubts about blind reactionary backlash. In that it’s often blind and can be manipulated and harnessed into bad, unproductive, or ineffective, ends.

  5. Bill Maher is a Jew, not a Hispanic. There is no such thing as a right wing or left wing Jew. There is just a Jew, who can create a bewildering mish-mash of ideology (as Maher has) and confuse people as to his real goals, which is to hurt us.

      • Bill Maher has a legitimate beef with political correctness or wokeness and has attacked it on several occasions in the past. It is not really surprising because these people are always attacking comedians. It is not any sympathy with us. It is self interest on his part.

    • He was half-Catholic, too. I know he has exposed the thick headed-ness of some Evangelicals. I’m not sure he’s ever done it to the jews, though.

  6. Maher may have a personal motive, but another is his probable fear that commie pressure is making Whites boil with rage, which could lead to danger for kikes like him.

    He probably just wants to turn the heat down to a safe simmer.

  7. A hypothetical Neo Huey ought to propose huge penalties for shitlib corporations that fire White Americans for their personal time political beliefs, or force them to be singled out for anti-White guilt-tripping. I’m talking tens of millions for each instance, on top of whatever compensation the victims win for themselves in court, and prison for the violators.

  8. Bill Maher is a liberal jew but he has enough white ancestry to make him at least partially reasonable. If and when this scamdemic ever ends I will invite Mr. and Mrs. HW to join me in seeing Bill Maher live at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

  9. He’s half Irish and half Jewish IIRC. Maher is an Irish name. Other half Jews in the media are Oliver Stone, Ben Stiller and Steven Segal.

  10. I’ll give you guys that. He probably sees what’s coming down the pike, and wants to prevent, or lessen the damage caused, as a result of the 110th expulsion. Again, as several others have pointed out, it’s personal interest, and not any sympathy to white people, that guides his statements and behaviors. But I tend to give jew musicians (classical guys only) and some of the comedians a pass because a lot of them aren’t actively involved in destroying white society.

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