John Oliver Destroys Tucker Carlson


I don’t know.

I think Tucker Carlson won this one.

John Oliver only appeals to a certain kind of politically correct White liberal urban professional. I’ve been writing a lot more about these people. Tucker has started calling them woke professionals. It didn’t occur to me that … oh yeah, John Oliver is like the embodiment of who I am talking about.

Note: This video is like a visual aid of the college educated PMC problem.

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  1. “John Oliver only appeals to a certain kind of politically correct White liberal urban professional.”

    He originally started on the Jon “Stewart” Liebowitz show, then after Steve Carrel and Steven Colbert left they had to start spin off shows to keep Liebowitz the “leader.”

    Oliver was always third rate compared to all the others. I’m not sure he even appeals all that much to politically correct White liberal urban professionals. From what I understand his actual numbers are tiny.

    For instance, there are 14 year old Game Streamers that have 1000x the audience that John Oliver has. Oliver has nothing to distinguish himself from the dozens of other snark shows that started in 2003 – and peaked in 2014.

    And obviously Tucker Carlson is far more popular than John Oliver.

    • Except for mask, seems I owe Oliver an apology calling him Yid.

      No one should be defamed with such an ugly label.

    • Oliver isn’t his star name its his actual real family name. John Oliver actually isn’t jewish at all. People automatically assume it to be the case on glasses alone. According to his Wikipedia he’s unfortunately very British background of his anglo family he’s just a massive libtard with a healthy dose of upper class white privilege how he tells the poors to shut up about immigration and diversity

      He’s not funny in the least with his English snarky smug tone his comedy is best described as English Jon Stewart an annoying milquetoast political commentator with neo liberal values. Although he is definitely sometimes funnier then that shit Jon Stewart but not by much

  2. I reckon the coming years in this country will be very difficult on the likes of Mr. Oliver, because The White Working Man ain’t gonna roll over and play dead no more.

    But, yes, I do see Mr. Oliver’ point, that Mr. Carlson is a ‘White Supremacist’, because, given how The Modern Left has framed this argument (that any one, even non-White, who wants to preserve even a smidgeon of the America that was invented by White Men) must, therefore, by definition be a White Supremacist.

  3. I don’t care for this fight but Tucker Carlson complaining about elites while being a millionaire (and proudly identifying as an elite in the past) is hypocritical

    • @JP…

      No, with respect, it’s not ‘hypocritical’ on Mr. Carlson’s part, but, performance art.

      At any rate, he is one of those elites who champions the Average Man. He’s certainly not the first. The Kennedys were always that way as were the Roosevelts.

    • Tucker deserves to be rich, because his journalism benefits real Americans.

      The Jew billionaires he criticizes, on the other hand, deserve to be stripped of all their assets, because they got rich screwing over real Americans.

      Frankly, I wish Carlson was a billionaire so that he could self-finance a presidential run.

  4. Hunter=excels at pointing out certain problems and generalizing people but sucks at proposing specific solutions and debating them.

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