TAC: Racializing The Atlanta Massage Parlor Killings

As I pointed out in the last article, the reason that the corporate media is trying to pigeonhole this Coomer as a “white supremacist” even though it is false is because the narrative is crafted in a way that promotes the interests of the Democratic Party by deliberately inflaming racial tensions.


“It is striking to see how quickly our media has racialized the narrative of the horrific murders at the Georgia massage parlors. From what we know so far, the alleged murderer was a young man tormented by his compulsive sexual desires. He visited massage parlors in the past, and went to this one to kill the women he once depended on to gratify his desires. From all the available evidence, these killings were the misogynistic act of a sexually depraved man.

But the media and others are bound and determined to make this a racial thing, because six of the dead women are Asian. The same media who couldn’t figure out the racial angle when black men attacked Asians on the street without provocation now seem giddy over the prospect of an anti-Asian hate crime committed by a white man. The New York Times, for example …”


“The big picture: Biden looked to AAPI voters to help put him over the top in the final weeks of his race against Donald Trump — and exit polling suggested they supported Biden over Trump by roughly 1 to 2.

Biden acknowledged the hate and fear many in the community were experiencing around bogus COVID-related messaging. “These racist acts must stop,” he said, vowing to address the targeting “with urgency and seriousness.

What’s next: Biden and Harris scrapped an event celebrating the COVID stimulus and instead will meet with Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders on Friday. …”

See also systematic racism.

The goal here isn’t to report the news.

It is to mislead Asian voters into thinking this was a racial attack for they will continue to vote for the Democrats at the rate that they have been doing. This is why millions of people now just assume that they are lying about everything and trust in “journalism” has plummeted to a record low.

Yeah that Coomer shot those prostitutes because he is sexually frustrated and has an addiction that plagues his generation because there are so many incels who are addicted to pornography is a little too honest and on the nose. Real journalism is distorting the news through a woke lens.

Note: Virtually everyone anticipated what the narrative would be before the facts about the shooting even started coming out.

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  1. It WAS a racial attack; he was having a bad day, meaning if only he was treated better by these people!:like “Travon was a thug”, like drone strikes on Muslims. its all the same American supremacist sensibility! Only certain lives count. The guy was a Christian extremist; typical American!

  2. “there are so many incels who are addicted to pornography?

    All part of the j-plan.

    Create hostile, hate filled feminism, driving a wedge between men and women. Which prevents normal healthy relationships. Feed the hostility with false accusations of gender inequality and demean women with sick pornography.

    What a perfect scheme , to prevent the formation of healthy WHITE families.

    (Also, no-fault divorce, to incentivize the destruction of marriages)

  3. Ummm, why are these “massage parlors” filled with asians ?

    Don’t they practice equal opportunity- affirmative action ?
    Where is the DOJ, to sue them , for not employing a quota of blacks and hispanics?
    This is an obvious failure of the DOJ to enforce civil rights legislation.
    The DOJ needs to be purged , for it’s failure to uphold the law.

  4. Why are these sex parlors allowed to operate ?
    Why do they have the special privilege to provide illegal services ?

    • Because it would indicate an official “anti-immigrant bias” to shut down the “me love you long time” joints just like it is to prohibit (by health/business codes and ordinances) the operation of “roach coaches” all over town.

  5. This kid they say is the shooter, was apparently deep into Christian activity in phases

    They may be setting up more of the wholesale demonisation of Christianity / the Bible … a book, which certainly does have a lot of ‘death to degenerates, kill gays and whores’ etc texts if you really read it

    They may run a narrative where the ‘kill degenerates’ passages of the Bible, are said to have been taken literally by this kid as a divine mandate

    After all, you have Christian pastors, and some Muslims too, being harassed with lawfare now, for expressing traditional ‘gay sex is a sin’ views

    There is a B-list Hollywood actor who started running a website called ‘the God murders’ with all the upsetting Bible passages, apparently 2x the number of calls / quasi-justifications for violence which are in the Qur’an (a much shorter book)

    You have Jews talking about requiring an ‘anti-semitic passages’ warning sticker on any copies of Bibles sold that have the New Testament

    The Soros wing of Jewish elites, can be anti-religious as well as halfway anti-Zionist, and they might want to extend that warning to the whole Bible

    Note that the Soros-tied Israeli Supreme Court, just ordered that Israel needs to stop denying entry to all those very black ‘Jews from Africa’ Israeli rabbis argue are fake Judaics (some seem legitimately descended from long-ago Jews who married black African women) … diversity now for Israel, Eric Striker just wrote about this

    Nothing should surprise us anymore

    For those who speak of the likelihood of mk-ultra style mind-controlled gov op shooters, the look on this Atlanta kid’s face fits the pattern of other candidates for that possibility … these murders a blow at all the relationships of right-wing guys with Asian waifus?

  6. They have to keep the lie of White supremacy going even though Whites were killed in his “shooting” spree. We are the new boogieman.

  7. The Asian nonsense is a problem. There isnt a single woman that doesnt have the “Stop Asian Violence and Stop White Supremacy” banner on all their social media. It is unbelievable to watch this happen in real time. Those in power really are working hard to solidify the anti white Union

  8. (((They))) need Moshiach and the only stupid plan (((they))) have is racial antagonism. Once everyone figures out what is going on and why…..it is going to be worth sticking around to see.

  9. I have been thinking the same. The MSM ignores black attacks on Orientals while ascribing racism to the massage parlor incident without proof. About 99% of massage parlors are staffed by Orientals, so if something happens in one, 99% of the victims will be…. Oriental! Case closed.

  10. Asians will latch on to this narrative even if they know that it is false.

    Aut-right still worships chinks, their (and white) standards are so low that if a minority does not out-right rape and murder they are due for endless adulation and worship. But asians resemble jews in behavior, news will tolerate, and prefer, them dispossessing whites but will hard cap their influence from harming jews (college admissions, etc.).

    The low iq black and brown hordes need capable leadership from jews and asians.

  11. Seems like America’s slide into the dark slime of evil is moving at an exponential pace….Maybe we have expired but there is a superluminal lag time that seems very slow….An idea I borrow from Physicist-Cosmologist Frank Tipler….

  12. The continuation of the endless anti-White lying of the usurper kikes who have a stranglegold on the media & our entire country.

  13. Massage parlours for sexual intercourse practically don’t exist in theory. A friend I asked who’s seen his fare share of sex work related stuff both illegal and legal said the only way this scenario would even work if he got to know the maseusse’s real well and they were sure he never gave off creepy vibes this neckbearded bitch gives the creepist vibes couldn’t imagine a maseusse being in the same room for more then 10 minutes with this tard

    My friend said the john would have to give her lots of business before vaginal sex was even discussed or on the table. Handjobs can range from $30-70 and thats usually no eye contact or touchy feely bs So I strongly don’t buy the ridiculous sex addicted narrative. This pos was either a jihadist in training or a federal informant turned patsy by alphabet agencies

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