NY Mag: Is ‘Anti-Wokeness’ the New Ideology of the Republican Party?

The GOP would be wise to listen to us.

We need three things from them. We need them to stand firm on immigration, block the Joe Biden amnesties and focus like a laser on the border crisis. We need them to find a way to uncensor the internet. We need them to decriminalize whiteness by recognizing that these taboos are insane and unsustainable and leading all of us to a dark place. Ultimately, it is in their own self interest to do these things because they are going to be accused of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” anyway. Every single White person in the entire country including them is now “complicit” in systematic racism.

NY Mag:

“When former White House press secretary and longtime political operative Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her much-expected bid for the Arkansas governorship her father held for 11 years, what do you suppose she talked about doing in her fine corner of the heartland? Maybe improving the schools? Promoting economic development? Modernizing state agencies? Building some roads? These are all kinds of messaging Republicans have traditionally found acceptable in state government, as opposed to Democratic agenda items like expanding health-care coverage and fighting poverty and protecting the environment and so forth.

But no. …”

Five Thirty Eight:

“Woke” was originally a term used largely by Black people in activist circles, particularly after the rise of Black Lives Matter, to signify a consciousness around racial issues in America. The term is still sometimes used in that context. Recent Stories from FiveThirtyEight

But in culture and politics today, the most prominent uses of “woke” are as a pejorative — Republicans attacking Democrats, more centrist Democrats attacking more liberal ones and supporters of the British monarchy using the term to criticize people more sympathetic to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Those critical of so-called woke ideas and people often invoke the idea that they are being “canceled” or a victim of “cancel culture.” …”

If the GOP accomplishes these three things, the rest will take care of itself. Wokeness is a cultural virus and like any virus it has produced cultural antibodies that target and destroy the virus.

The internet has been rigged, muted and transformed into a progressive safe space by woke activists since the 2016 election. Donald Trump himself and hundreds of thousands of his followers were censored. If they are willing to censor the president of the United States, then obviously no one is safe. We also see now where anti-whiteness in the Democratic Party is going and it isn’t pretty.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of this. All it requires is FOR THEM to give us the tools and the space that we need to defend ourselves and push back against this. There is far more anger out there now than in 2016 and all the GOP has to do is get out of the way and let it overwhelm the Democrats. It is a choice for the GOP to be held back and politically hobbled by housebroken establishment cucks who play by their rules and crave respectability and head pats from the media like David French.

In light of everything that has happened since the death of George Floyd, I think more people realize this now. Maybe they didn’t get it before but now after everything that has happened they get it. These cucks were sleepwalking into the future and their critics like us were prescient in our warnings.

Note: Things like roads and stimulus checks and economic development and so forth are great but take a backseat to the power of a woke brat to dig up a tweet from ten years ago and destroy your livelihood. Just as we need structural reforms in our economy, the same is true of our culture. We don’t have a culture where most Americans feel secure to say what they think anymore and not suffer retaliation and cancellation from woke brats and that is toxic and a terrible thing for a “democracy.”

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  1. It is not so easy. Group psychology is very sophisticated thing and not so easy to be cancelled.

    Highly aggressive verbally skillful diversity or communist is very difficult to confront even when professional. Shy Normie probably never learn this art.

    After that, magic words and authority are hard to disappear. People are like Pavlov dogs and keep reacting long after stimulant is gone. People in the grassroot level will keep reacting to magic words like Nazi racist Russia for a long time and until society keep reacting, it is irrelevant what is going around.

    You can give free speech to conservatives and Normie even will admit that what they say is correct, but….they still do what communists say because they feel bad to be Naziracist.

    It works like addiction. Everybody know that smoking is bad and it is told everywhere. But how many of us can really quit ???

    Until commies keep the moral high ground and manage to make people feel sad, nothing changes. How to grab moral high ground back, nobody knows. Everybody talking about winning hearts and minds but only Jews and communists know how to actually do it.

  2. @ not interested in any shape or form, a salvage operation on the party of lincoln, its way past time for a.new direction, new voices,.a new vision, a new path for our people, thee lincolnites served their elitist masters quite well, they scorned white christendom , therfore i scorn them.

  3. @ i am not interested in any way, shape or form, in an salvage operation on thee party of lincoln, it is long past time we had a new direction, a new path, new.voices, with a.new vision for our people, thee lincolnites, have scorned white christendom, therefore i scorn them, gladly.

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