Woke Joe: “Our Silence Is Our Complicity”

It was systematic racism.

The Coomer who shot and killed those prostitutes because he was tormented by his sex addiction and couldn’t stop masturbating to pornography and visiting brothels was … you know, a racist. He was driven by “hate,” not lust, which is why he couldn’t stop having sex with them.

We’re all complicit in what happened in Atlanta. The facts of the case and the motivation of the shooter don’t matter. There are people on 4chan who made fun of the Kung Flu virus who cracked jokes and used words that offended people and it led to this tragedy through a mysterious process which no one understands but which experts assure us is “systemic.” Words have consequences and jokes on the internet about unrelated events set in a motion a chain of events that led to this mass shooting. It all started when you said Kathy Zhu ate bat soup.

Society is to blame for the Atlanta shooting. Those who said nothing about this because they had never heard of this dude and assumed that his actions had nothing to do with them are responsible.

Note: Whenever non-Whites commit violent crimes against Whites, no one else is “complicit” because that is “racist.” Also, when White people are the victims of crimes, it is not even newsworthy because White people alone are illegitimate.

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  1. The Left rewrites events to fit their narrative. This story will go down in history the way the totalitarian Left defines it.

    Remember Charlottesville. No one on the Left will admit that it was the Left who started all the violence by blocking the entrance to (formerly named) Lee Park so the Unite the Right people had to fight their way into the area in order to give peaceful speeches and not engage in figthing as the Left wanted them to so the rally could be declared an unlawful assembly before the rally was scheduled to start. Even the independent Heaphy report verifies that the police stood down and let the Left get into the Right’s path to the area they had obtained a permit from Charlottesville to assemble for a rally but the Left-wing media and apparently Big Government agencies all support falsely painting the Right as the bad guys that started all the violence.

    Biden and the Left do not have to worry about being called out for lying about this present massacre since the decadent Left controls the media and will force their version of the story to go down in history which to them is all about racism and nothing else since the perp is white.


    “Tradition usually rests upon something which men did know; history is often the manufacture of the mere liar.”
    –Jefferson Davis

    • Yep what a lie. We now live in the lefts’ bizarro world in which white Trump supporters are going around stalking asians because of coronavirus. There’s no evidence that any of these attacks have anything to do with coronavirus. And other than this one none of the perps were white. What was actually going on was a decades old phenomenon of super predator fatherless black youth going around attacking anyone who crossed their paths for sport. Some just happened to be asian, you never of course hear about all the white people who get beaten by these punks. Heck they beat up black homeless people too. If any racial motive is present in the blacks, it’s not coronavirus rather than a jealousy in seeing asians coming here and prospering while they fester in last place. And this white dude’s attack in many ways is more similar to the abortion clinic shootings in the 90s than the vantard race manifesto shootings Biden’s handlers would prefer this to be. Really, the churchiness of the dude, his schizoid “sex addiction” all bears more to a deranged abortion clinic shooter than political racist the media are making this out to be. One thing is certain, they really want asians to become immersed to their teeth in identity politics.

    • Soon Chung Park, 74; Hyun Jung Grant, 51; Suncha Kim, 69; and Yong Ae Yue, 63.

      Ah, I see!

      Our dude, Robert long, went pimp hunting.
      He’s playing Robert de Niro in TAXI DRIVER.
      Just like John Hinkley.

      (Yeh, movies don’t influence people /s)

      • Pretty much. Once the ages come out it’s pretty obvious that Long shot several people profiting off sex trafficking and pimping.

        Biden is such a disingenuous old fool.

  2. If A equals B, B equals A. If silence equals complicity, complicity equals silence, Logic doesn’t appear to be Joe’s forte.

  3. I only see two ways out of the hyper reality we are occupying.

    1) Revolution

    2) Systemic collapse

    We have no power. They aren’t going to give it to us. We have to take it, or wait til they lose it.

    Til then, nothing matters but surviving intact. Increasingly that means keeping your head down.

    Tell me there’s another option.

  4. I watched the video .
    At the end , Biden turns his back and walks away.
    Why does he have jewish pattern baldness ?

  5. Brothels?! Massage parlours aren’t brothels. I highly doubt he’s a coomer either no true coomer would actually risk their porn addiction fuelled life and venture outside in the real world and pay for handjobs by asian woman who can barely speak english

    It doesn’t make a lick of fricking sense If anything this pos is a incel and wasn’t getting any sex and he did this as revenge

    • Most of these massage parlours are knocking shops. This guy was pimp hunting.

      • Knocking shops?! Haven’t heard that term in ages old timer. He wasn’t pimp hunting either lol unless the old asian grannies were the pimps

        Is having sex with old asian women in their 60’s a desirable thing for neckbeards? For the sake of argument this neckbeard did NOT have a sex addiction! At whatever these massage parlours were apparently charging for a rub n tug I feel sorry for anyone retarded enough to believe that

        This whole thing is a fed psy op this patsy looks like he’s been groomed in order to carry the random white attacks against asian narrative

  6. Maybe the mommy therapist culture also had something to do with it? Convincing a twenty one year old that their quite normal raging sex drive makes them a “sex addict” may also have something to do with it? No masculine culture interprets youthful hormones as pathological, this “sex addict” ideas must come from females who don’t get it that men don’t think the same.

  7. It’s pretty clear over the last few weeks with this “anti asian hate crime spike” narrative that they had a war plan ready to go into effect the first incident with a white perp against an asian victim. Now they are going to show his mugshot while they read off every single black hoodlum knock out game attack so the public thinks it’s all Trump supporters doing this. They really want the asian community to share their hatred of whites. Internal polling must have showed the asians souring to the Summer of Floyd and they want to change the narrative.

    • Yeah, pimp hunting is Sinophobia…right. The sheriff there was trying to warn y’all about the bordello angle.

  8. @ most dear, madam president harris , would you please be so kind, to inform ” ole dirty.joe “, before you give him his med’s, thee hot toddy and tuck him in, that our silence, is our good manners at work, we do have our limits though and madam president, please be sure too keep that thermostat turned up in the basement, we dont want him catching a cold, basically madam president, we would like to keep a recycled jezebel, like you out.of.thee oval office, officially as long.as we can..

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