Der Movement: Violence

Der Movement depresses the hell out of me.

If I was granted a wish and could change only one thing about it, I would get rid of violent accelerationism and all the stupid people who promote that nonsense and buy into it.

I won’t even bother to make a moral argument against this failed strategy because we are dealing with sociopathy. The people who go out and shoot random people “for the cause” aren’t going to be persuaded by any moral argument against their “strategy.” Instead, I will focus on why it doesn’t work and has never worked in practice and is a bad strategy that doesn’t advance any of Der Movement’s goals.

#1. A Personal Meltdown – The people who go out and engage in mass shootings “for the cause” are only having a personal meltdown like all the other mass shooters who are paraded in front of the public by the media every year to drive up their ratings. These people are throwing away their own lives like the Atlanta shooter or the Boulder shooter. Mass shooters always end up either dead or in prison. The first argument that I would make against these people is that they are harming themselves.

#2. Competition – Mass shooters face stiff competition for the attention of the public from other mass shooters. We had barely digested why the nut in the Atlanta had shot up those massage parlors before the news cycle moved on to the Muslim who shot people in the grocery store in Boulder. There are so many different mass shooters having meltdowns for so many different reasons and publishing their manifestos that it has little sustained impact on the public. No one is ever impressed or inspired by these people but other budding mass shooters because it doesn’t appeal to anyone but sociopaths. Throwing your life away to be remembered as one of a dozen or so mass shooters in any given year makes you a historical footnote. The dizzying pace of mass shootings has long accustomed the public to them.

#3. The News Cycle – Why would you throw your life away to dominate a news cycle or two? It makes no sense. The cost to any given mass shooter isn’t worth the benefit of the short lived attention. The news cycle churns on and what was news a week or two ago is barely remembered a month later. The public doesn’t have the attention span or the interest to reflect upon why you threw your life away.

#4. The Mission Is Never Accomplished – The only politically motivated mass shooting that I can remember that struck me as being competently executed was Anders Breivik in Norway. Breivik went to prison but he didn’t succeed in changing the politics of Norway in a positive way. He didn’t spark a trend of competent mass shooters either. Dylann Roof thought he would spark a “race war” and that he would be liberated from prison. This didn’t happen either. None of these lofty goals are ever accomplished. Brenton Tarrant succeeded in advancing the cause of gun control in New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern was reelected in a landslide in 2020 and is more popular than ever. White people didn’t rise up.

#5. Incompetence – The vast majority of mass shooters are not as competent as Brenton Tarrant or Anders Breivik or the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. These people are by far the exception to the rule. The typical mass shooter is more like John Earnest who attacked the Poway Synagogue in 2019 and whose gun jammed on him. Mr. Bond was recently arrested in Austria. There was a nationwide manhunt for Mr. Bond because of that idiot who tried and failed to break into a synagogue in Halle, Germany. He ended up killing two people neither of whom were Jewish. The official take from the ADL and the Brookings Institution is that American white supremacists are not any good at mass shootings or making bombs and this is a major weakness of Der Movement.

#6. Harmless and Sympathetic Victims – It seems like mass shooters almost always attack and kill the most the most harmless and sympathetic targets that create the worst publicity. Dylann Roof murdered a bunch of black people who were worshipping in a church. Glenn Miller shot and killed a Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather. The Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers shot and killed a bunch of old people in a synagogue. Patrick Crusius went out and shot and killed random people shopping at a Wal-Mart in El Paso. We’re dealing with a plague of retards here who style themselves as revolutionaries.

#7. Delusional Thinking – The idea that one man can throw his life away and that ordinary people will be so impressed by this that it will spark a revolution is delusional thinking that has no empirical basis in reality. We’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds, of mass shooters over the past twenty years and this has never happened. There is no reason to believe based on experience that it ever will happen.

#8. Harming Innocent People In Fluid Situations – Did I mention the fact that these idiots often don’t even end up killing their intended targets?

#9. Harming Others – Mass shooters end up harming everyone who can be “linked” to them or “associated” with them. They often want to harm other people who have similar grievances because of their false belief that repression by the state will radicalize them rather than repulse them.

#10. The Biden administration – The Biden administration is salivating at the possibility that one of these nuts will have another one of their periodic meltdowns. They plan to use it as an excuse to attack the filibuster, push gun control and justify censorship and a crackdown by DHS, DOJ and the FBI on “domestic violent extremism.” They are so eager for these retards to make this move that they have disingenuously tried to blame everything from the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer, the attacks on the federal courthouse in Portland, the Capitol Siege, the Atlanta shooting and the uptick in violent assaults on Asians by other non-Whites as “White Nationalism.” They are trying to jam square pegs into that round narrative. The enemy thinks that these mass shootings HELPs their cause.

These are all familiar arguments against violent accelerationism.

I have some new arguments though based on our current political circumstances. Der Movement needs a new strategy because there has recently been a big change in White America.

#1. Complacency and Apathy – I’ve been around for a very long time. The biggest problem that we used to face which has defined my entire lifetime is complacency and apathy. This is nothing unusual though. There has always been long stretches of history in which the public mood is complacency and apathy. There has always been degenerate epochs. We’ve lived through the Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccer Mom era. This is a natural part of historical cycles and has happened many times in the past.

Over the last year or so though, there has been a sharp and profound change in the public mood. Whereas before we were living through an era of mindless consumption and spectator sports, we have now been thrust into a new era in which things like sports and consumer brands are suddenly divisive. White Americans suddenly aren’t complacent and apathetic anymore. They are anxious now. If William Pierce were alive, what would he have to say about a world where shopping is controversial?

#2. Polling – There has been a sea change in public opinion polls. Mass shootings are more stupid than ever now because of this shift. Now, 90% of Republicans are concerned about the growth of anti-White discrimination and something like 67% now say they value their racial identity.

It is not just a rising sense of alarm that is registering in the polls. Millions of ordinary people are now saying that violence might be necessary to preserve the American way of life. This is another major change. It was ordinary people who stormed the U.S. Capitol, not White Nationalists.

#3. Polarization – As the theory goes, violent accelerationists want to strike out to “wake people up” and create “racial polarization,” but what if these underlying conditions have recently changed and are no longer operative? What if White people are now suddenly anxious about where this country is going? What if we are already extremely polarized because Joe is president and is taking extreme actions which are regenerating White racial consciousness? What if these things are happening anyway now?

#4. The Post-George Floyd and Post-Trump Era – What if White people finally did wake up and that moment is behind us now? What if the George Floyd Riots and Trump losing the election like that and saying it was stolen from him was that moment? Millions of people now believe that the election was outright stolen from Trump and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. At the very least, the elite cabal has confessed that they rigged the election in that Molly Ball article in Time magazine.

#5. Explicit Anti-Whiteness – In the wake of the George Floyd riots, the political establishment redefined the meaning of the term “racism.” Henceforth, “racism” is systematic and all White people benefit from white privilege. “Racist” policies are policies which have inequitable outcomes. Woke supremacy is the official policy of the Biden administration which examines every aspect of public policy through the lens of “racial equity.” The media is now deliberately trying to transform everything into a racial issue in order to stoke racial polarization. Thus, mass shootings are unnecessary because Joe Biden and the media are doing a far more effective job at reinvigorating White racial consciousness. There is no longer any escape hatch for conservatives. “Racism” isn’t about hate or individual intent these days.

In light of recent developments, we are facing a new political and cultural landscape. Regardless of whether there are mass shootings, the media is trying to foment racial polarization and division anyway. They are doing a far better job at that than all mass shooters combined. The political establishment is explicitly demonizing ordinary people for being White now. Millions of White people have grown anxious about their place in America. In other words, they are much more receptive to our message now than they were before. Persuasion and politics, not fedposting and violence, is the path forward.

There is a season for everything.

Maybe your friends, family and neighbors thought you were a little paranoid about your anxiety over the country going down the demographic drain and belief that the system was anti-White. What do they think now? Do they still believe that we are on the road to MLK’s colorblind utopia?

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  1. Violence only has a place if it arises from a whole people, in accord with duly-elected officials or tribal chiefs, in a publically declared zone of war.

    Vigilanteism, or Bushwhacking folks, no matter how much you dislike or disagree with them, and whether they are in uniform or not, always leads to nothing blessed.

    In fact, it leads to a curse, because it is evil, in it’s purest most uncut form.

    ‘Violent accelerationalism’, is simply a soup the deluded drink from when they wish to act out on people, yet wish to elevate the barbarity of the deed to something higher.

    Folks blame a lot of this shooting on mental illness, but, when you look into the eyes of those doing the shooting, they don’t look so much mentally addled as they appear under a satanick delusion.

  2. Everything is being accelerated by the other side.

    If it weren’t for dumb luck, and the other side being so odious and obnoxious, the left would have had free reign and alot of us would likely have been vanned by now.

    I for one am all for not being involved in current events. Der Movement is incoherent, incohesive and incompetent.

    There’s plenty I can do for myself without trying to teach socially retarded basement dwellers (the average alt right shit poster) how to create an organization.

    At least the pagans are gone. Lol

  3. the GOP is more anti-racist than the dems, because they have to PROVE they are anti-racist. and quite frankly, polling data doesn’t change anything about the donor class, who will be the only group getting their agenda.

    when a based latinx runs in 2024 every white sucker will fall for it.

    • Very good point. People are being conditioned to accept the takeover by “minorities”. I once met a man, probably in his 70s, who said the mixing of people in the US was “inevitable”. He had no problem with more and more “immigrants” coming in. He thought it was wonderful and said he was going to get himself “a nice Mexican babe”. That’s the boomer mentality for you.

  4. In the West, lack of positive program is the problem. There is a no clear vision how to move forward.

    Collapse of Soviet block was smooth because every ethnic group knew, how their homeland supposed to be. Even in Yugoslavia despite of fighting, everybody knew, what for they fight. Croats knew what Croatia is and Serbs knew what Serbia is.

    In Russia, Putin ramping up churches and traditional society. You can`t do this for example in London. This town is full of immigrants and hating liberals and there is nobody to kick them out and bring back traditional English normality.

    It is difficult to find out, what the traditional English normality actually is? Their hate elite ruled them for centuries so nobody remember anymore the time when Cuck Island was good for average English man. Pure fact that they escaped by millions so that countries from New Zealand to Canada were inhabited demonstrates that there were no good times.

    Those shootings demonstrate one thing. Nobody knows what to do. And this drives people crazy.

    • @ juri, upper income whites in thee west have racial awareness and identity, they can afford it, they can afford too live in safer, affluent areas, here in thee states, thee dwindling middle class, struggles to stay middle class, its thee white working class in their unsolicited role as thee buffer class for thee wealthier classes, thee white working are thee people along with thee white middle class, who are the objects of violence and discrimination on our streets, in our work places and schools, court ruling’s , goverment policies at every level, evidently white awareness and identity is for those who can pay for it, there is and has been a concerted and seemingly succesful effort to keep us distracted, they fear us ” waking up” and juri ,.colonisation of thee world by our people has been a good thing, i think so, anyway and will never apologise for it , could we have been more humane about it yes, no doubt, but it is in the past, a moot point now anyway, without faith and identity, men are lost, faith snd identity should be there for all our people, who seek it, not just those who can pay for it.

  5. Great article. I agree that analyzing the motives of mass shooters in too much depth is pointless. Mass shooters (and similar attackers like Noah Green) also come from a wide variety of racial and political backgrounds and the specific ideology, if any is present, seems to be incidental.

    Whites were complacent for decades and so we lost our country, to a large extent. Obviously, to become a meaningful political force (as an ethnic bloc) we need to duplicate the same activism infrastructure that beavers away on behalf of blacks, Jews, Asians, and Latinos and that in turn requires money.

    I think the next step is to openly confront the anti-white racialized ideology in meetings of the local town council, school board, or etc. Ask the school board in an open meeting what, exactly, is wrong with “whiteness” values in the school system given that XYZ% of the district’s students are in fact white.

    • Exactly. Too many people just don’t get what Thomas Jefferson was even talking about. They want to be good Republicans.

  6. Mass shootings are carried out by angry, alienated loners who feel they have nothing left to live for and nothing left to lose. There is seldom if ever anything really “political” about such incidents. Examples of political violence would include bombings, assassinations, sabotage, armed bank heists and kidnappings.

  7. What we need are not 100 or 200 reckless conspirators, but a hundred thousand and a second hundred thousand fighters for our beliefs. We should not work as lone wolves or in underground cells, but in mighty mass demonstrations, It is not by dagger or pipe bomb or pistol that the road can be cleared for the movement, but by the conquest of the streets. We must teach the Marxists that we are the future masters of the streets, as as we will be someday be masters of the state.

    • Most Americans don’t care. They could care less who is running the country. As long as they get their checks in the mail for their big pensions or assistance. As long as the store doesn’t run out of beer. As long as they can watch “sports”. As long as they can go on crappy cruise vacations and eat a lot of cheap food and drink all they want. I don’t think it’s possible to persuade Americans to care. They will only care when the loaf of bread is given to someone else. Then it’s too late.

  8. Hunter, I agree with the basic sentiment of your piece but I don’t think the violent accelerationist shooters are part of any “movement” we’re associated with.

    The number of these guys motivated by anti-anti-White animus is very small compared to the number of mass shooters in general (e.g. Roof, Tarrant, Brevik) and none of those guys are recent.

    Clutching our pearls over recent shootings that had no relationship with our politics just feeds the false media narrative. The time to counter-signal violent accelerationism is anytime it isn’t “in the news.”

    No one is going to give any of us any credit for speaking out against violent extremism. We’re all murderous Nazi death camp guards to them merely for advocating for White interests. Don’t give that BS any O2 or moral sanction.

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