Der Movement: Intellectuals

I don’t write much about the movement anymore.

I honestly don’t even know what the movement is anymore these days.

Is it Race Realism? Is it White Nationalism? Is it Southern Nationalism? Is it the Alt-Right? Is it the Dissident Right? What do you call this overlapping space? Does anyone know the answer? This space is cluttered with labels and even the folks who have been around the longest don’t know what to call it anymore. There doesn’t appear to be a common message these days. There are cliques and cults of personality.

What are the strengths of the movement?

Race – There is a common belief that racial differences exist and that race matters. Racial differences are also heritable. Pretty much everyone would agree on this.

Jews – There is a common belief that Jews are an extremely wealthy, influential and powerful minority in the United States. Jews are vastly overrepresented in the American ruling class. Pretty much everyone would agree that this is having a negative impact on Whites although opinions may vary about the relative importance of Jewish influence with some seeing it as an all encompassing explanation of what ails us and others as one factor among many that explains what is wrong with this country.

Immigration – There is a common belief that immigration is out of control and bad for the United States. Pretty much everyone would agree that they are unsettled by changing racial and cultural demographics and believe it is harmful to Whites and that it is in the interest of Whites to restrict immigration.

Identity – There is a common belief that Whites have been deracinated and lost their sense of racial and ethnic identity since the mid-20th century. Pretty much everyone would agree that this is bad for Whites. Non-Whites are extremely politically organized and lobby the government to advance their group interest. When Whites attempt to organize along the same lines and reject this one-sided status quo, the political establishment blows the whistle and denounces and represses this as “racism.” Whites alone are expected to be deracinated, guilt-ridden, apologetic, privilege checking, expressive individualists.

You could call this worldview the “four truths” of Der Movement. Race exists and matters and can’t be wished away. Jews are wealthy, powerful and politically opposed to us. Mass immigration is harmful to White interests and should be restricted. Whites have been deracinated and have been getting rolled in politics. These are the four strengths of Der Movement because all of this is more or less true.

At the most basic gut level, the people who are involved in Der Movement look at what has been going on in this country since at least the end of World War II and have concluded that they don’t like it. They are opposed to all of these changes. They are opposed to the elites who are responsible for these changes. Whether it is a Southern Nationalist in Alabama or a White Nationalist in Wisconsin, the sentiment is the same. They don’t like what is going on. The same forces are at work in all other Western countries too. It doesn’t matter where you go across the Empire. The issues are the same and it is roughly the same people who are opposed to it and the same people who are supporting it. This isn’t a regional or even a national problem peculiar to the United States. It is a global current of cultural populism.

Here in the United States, we have some core websites that specialize in the “four truths”: American Renaissance, which focuses on race realism; VDARE, which focuses on immigration and The Occidental Observer, which focuses on Jewish influence. There are a galaxy of websites which focus on regenerating identity in the 21st century like Identity Dixie which focuses on Southern identity or Stormfront which focuses on White identity. There are also popularizers like TRS or The Political Cesspool which focus on communicating many of these themes to a mass audience. In spite of the relative confusion of Der Movement in the wake of Trump and the collapse and factionalization of the Alt-Right, there is still widespread agreement on the core issues. Most people believe more or less the same things even if there are personalities and groups within the movement who despise each other.

It is at the level of politics where Der Movement has miserably failed. The movement has failed to translate the “four truths” into a winning political message. The movement has failed for a variety reasons. Some of these reasons are internal. Some of these reasons are external. Internally, the biggest problem is the lack of an overarching strategy to advance our mutual goals and common interest, which has led to paralysis and frustrated people turning to the worst people who have the worst ideas and lashing out in pointless acts of violence. Externally, the cause of this is state repression and marginalization by the stigma on the Right that is attached to Whites who try to organize to advance their common interests. Were it not for the external repression and stigma, there would be significantly less of these violent fanatics.

Can we fix this problem?

I’ve already written about the violent fanatics. There is nothing we can do about state repression and disruption which isn’t in our power to control. We don’t know these people in real life and can’t predict their highly personal meltdowns. We can brainstorm new political strategies though. We can think outside the old box of mainstreaming vs. vanguardism neither of which has never worked.

I think this is the area where our intellectuals have failed us the most. It is fine that we have people who are hammering away at the core themes or truths. They are doing important work. We have all kinds of people though who are wandering around in highly esoteric subjects, distant centuries and foreign regimes and countries which have no relevance to the real world which is the United States in 2021 in the Joe Biden presidency. They’re not focused on the work which really needs to be done.

My own mind tends to wander like this. I could easily tune out of politics and reality and spend years pursuing my own historical interests. I once spent a whole year on this website running through the history of the Caribbean since the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. As interesting as this might be to me, it is not of much use to anyone else or relevant to our present circumstances. I don’t regret though that I spent a year of my life tracing the cultural roots of Deep South identity to Barbados and the British Caribbean. I still consider that some of my best work!

We need to take what was good and essential about White Nationalism 1.0 as well as the Alt-Right 2.0 and identify and throw out what was bad and what wasn’t working. Then we need to build on what worked and what was essential and try to translate that into a better political message that reaches more people. We have to do this while being guided by the sentiment, loyalties and grievances that inspires Der Movement and work to advance the interest that motivates people to identify with our politics.

Basically, the paradigm, language and messaging of this clutter of labels which we call the movement hasn’t been resonating. It needs to be updated and refreshed. We should try to build on and improve those old models. We need a new and improved “far right” for the post-Trump era.

Note: I’ve been at least making an effort to do this on this website. I don’t claim to have gotten everything right. I recognize the need to improve on our last effort though.

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  1. Richard Spencer is still into James Bond role playing…recent Spencerian Twitter…

    Mark Brahmin writes thoughtful stuff…but I think he hates the White Working Class….

    Both of them…not a peep about the H1B…L1B Chinese-Hindu scab Labor Program…

    Mike Peinovich has gone mute…..

    We are in a transition period…

    I do enjoy throwing the White Genocide charge at the enemy

    Spencer and Brahmin will never do this..I really do believe neither Spencer and Brahmin have had any contact with the Native White Working Class…..

    Naseem Taleb and his colleagues would destroy Jared Taylor in a debate about IQ testing psychometrics….same for John Derbyshire who I have a lot in common with…I don’t won’t to be mean to John….

    Larger point:‘IQ TEST SCORE PSYCHOMETRICS is 100 irrelevant to the post-1965 race-replacement issue……it is…this simple…

  2. “I honestly don’t even know what the movement is anymore these days.
    Is it Race Realism? Is it White Nationalism? Is it Southern Nationalism? Is it the Alt-Right? Is it the Dissident Right?”

    The ((( media ))) has already answered that.


  3. *** I urge folks to watch Adam Green’s three most recent videos.

    He is drilling into the core of judaism.

  4. “It is at the level of politics where Der Movement has miserably failed.”

    Yeah, when we have a unity rally and the (((mob))) finances and organizes thousands of thugs to attack WHITE people, Charlottesville.

    Is it any wonder, we can’t work together ?

      • What lesson ?

        That we don’t dare cooperate ?
        That we don’t find common ground ?
        That we can’t work together ?

        I don’t want any of (((their))) lessons !

        Charlottesville was an exact repetition of Madison Square Garden, Feb 20, 1939.
        EXACT !

        • Rallies and demonstrations are a waste of time, and they give the enemy another chance to make us look bad.

        • You need to study The Art of War by by Sun Tzu.

          The one thing he stresses is the importance of tricking the enemy into believing your numbers are large when they are small and small when they are large.

          Charlottesville exposed too many people who would have been far more effective if they had never been outed.

          What really made the Charlottesville Debacle so tragic is that lawfare managed to do what an aborted protest did not. The lawyers got involved and kept the statue o Robert E. Lee from being torn down … at the time.

          My complaint now is what it was long before then. When Cancel Culture decided the Confederate Monuments needed to go, there should have been a push to remove them to a private museum for professional historians to archive and amateur historians to visit. They could have never been vandalized behind high walls and high tech security systems.

          I had once said that when their schools had been forcibly desegregated if the Southerners had just taken their White children out of public schools in time for the gloating Yankee media’s cameras to record Negro children being escorted into empty schools,all this crap we are currently facing could have been nipped in the bud.

          The weak underbelly about Yankee power is that they could force Southerners to desegregate their public schools, but they could not force Southern children to attend them. There should have been a whole network of private schools in place once the order came down from the Supreme Court.

          Passive aggression … even now .. is the best way marginalized White activists can go.

        • “At least we learned our lesson in Charlottesville.”

          Did JEW? I don’t think so. You are a member of an anti-involvement pietistic German cult, known as Lutheranism. No help there. But at least you say you are a christian. Yet, your desire to stay in your ivory tower, IS IMPOSSIBLE, unless and until we achieve WHITE HEGEMONY.

          Did you have ONE clergyman of traditional mien at C’vile? Apart from Heimbach and Parrott, was Fr. Dr. Matthew Johnson, there? I was in the vicinity of C’vile and read EVERYTHING I COULD ABOUT IT. At NO TIME did I see ONE EFFING PRIEST OR TRAD PROT clergyman on the side of the White Boys, Marching against the antichrist goons!

          Yet there were the usual obese, post-menopausal whores dressed as ‘clergy’ protesting AGAINST you…. but did the people in charge of organizing the C’vile event, even STOP to think, ‘We need some clergy with Icons, and crosses, to show this is a WHITE MAN’S EVENT???? And that the blasphemers and whores are just that…. blasphemers and whores, WITHOUT GRACE, CHRIST, or GOD??!?!?

          No. So, sorry, Brad. You didn’t learn your lesson, then, or now.

          The sons of the Evil one had their fake ‘priests’ and ‘pseudo-holy ones’ out IN DROVES… while you kids pretended YOU DIDN’T NEED GOD.

          So, He withheld His grace from you, and now we see the country going the same way as well.

  5. We’re all here because we are White, and Whites are systemically and institutionally oppressed and persecuted in America. Beyond that, any serious nationalist will name liberalism and capitalism as major problems. Only Trumptard fake nationalists don’t have a problem with liberalism or capitalism.

    • Yes, we don’t need a lot of people, just good ones. Even Hitler knew he couldn’t get every single German on his side, but he got a big enough amount behind him, and the rest just went along with the wave.

  6. What do the Jews want? It is a fair question, they have so much and still want more. So what do they want? They want Moshiach. And the only way to bring him into being is to destroy Christ and Christianity. Racial agitation is the Jew chosen means of reaching their goals. Obey Christ and his teachings and the Jews are going to be shaking their fists at the sky and cursing Christ under their breath for another thousand years.

    • Tell the yid worshipping Xians that. I saw a video where a young Christian pastor was telling a Sunday school class that they aren’t “as good as” the Jews. That’s child abuse and more.

      • That is very rage inducing. It is no wonder that large masses of White men have turned away from the Sunday ritual of “going to church”.

      • “telling a Sunday school class that they aren’t “as good as” the Jews”

        Yes, Adam green had that clip in one of his videos.

      • Why would anyone love a people that killed their father? Can you answer their me professor?

      • Yes, the anti-Christ. The Jews want a world without Christ and their plan to bring that about is to make the good, the decent, the Christian faithful into killers of the innocent. Now if you want to kill the innocent, then the Jews have already got you on their team don’t they professor? And these people who are promoting racial conflict are nothing but servile henchmen, in the employment of evil.

  7. Now it looks that foreigners my put things in move

    “”….Putin poised to set out vision for future in dramatic speech, in what allies say will be ‘world’s most important political event’….””

    When conspiracy theoretic`s are right, this speech will be rejection of global world order. If true, then The Swamp will lose their power and influence overnight. It will be also cause massive financial disaster and then power will lay on the street.

    Now in the land of blind, man with the one eye is the king so with Empire and all legitimacy gone, national and racial identity is all that left.

    Few days ago another weird thing happened, Russian foreign minister first appealed for US white people.

    China made recently open alliance with Iran. Houthi rebels and Taliban both rejected peace deal and declared that they want military victory. In Ukraine Zelensky screaming like hell that Ukraine is betrayed. and they need to enter NATO now.

    When we put all those weird events together, then the solution for white problems may come faster that most of us think. Donald also did not went away but put presidential office up. Soviet Union was unbreakable for 73 years and then disappeared overnight.

  8. The movement and the intellectuals have indeed failed, though not entirely due to the faults of their own. It’s no easy task to make our ideas resonate with ordinary people when the enemy controls the media, the entertainment industry and the academia.

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” — (((Edward Bernays)))

  9. Without the Catholic votes in Congress, the State Houses, and city & county governments the Jews would be nowhere. That’s a fact. The Jews derive their political power from their Catholic allies!

    Anyone who votes for a Catholic might as well vote for a Jew. You only have to consider Pelosi, McCarthy or the Biden family, all good Catholics.

  10. This reminds me of Braveheart: Who can unite the Scottish clans so we can defeat the English? Perhaps the Scottish cannot be united, as it is not our way? We will never conform into one ideological unit. At best we can be swaming masses of stinging insects, that makes the enemy’s life miserable.

  11. Most of these movements are not about protecting rights and freedom as our forefathers intended , it’s about a select few making money off the grift. We need strong leaders with commonsense, backbones that don’t fold to the media, ADL and political threats. Until that happens, nothing swill ever change.

  12. There are two major forces,cheap labor and consumerism that is driving non non whites to white western countries.Eastern Europe don’t have that problem because they themselves whites are labor and consumers.It’s corporations driven.

  13. We’ve “failed” at politics thus far because we’re frozen out of politics. We don’t have an organic organized community from which to operate or provide any support – food, shelter, jobs, infrastructure, education – for real dissident activism. We’ve relied on being plugged into the existing Jewish system and the measure of its tolerance or disregard for us.

    We have to level up from that with IRL communities. Online is useful for propagandizing but little else. Everyone keeps looking for a magic key or formula because it’s easier than the hard road of actually building a parallel internal society to the US ala the Amish.

  14. American politics is a spectator sport, and it’s obvious the two parties are playing a rigged game. I’ve decided to tune out.

    “I once spent a whole year on this website running through the history of the Caribbean…”

    That’s how I found this site, and I agree that was some of your best work. Post-Trump, I’ve vowed to focus more on such interests and spend less time on the political minutiae. The white electorate may be gaining racial consciousness, but we lack confidence to meaningfully challenge the system. I don’t see that changing without some cataclysmic event. Until then, I’ll bide my time.

  15. I think it can and should be distilled further to the most important factors of the four above. Race and Identity.

    From a common understanding of those two, which combined are what is basically ethnicity, we can arrive very quickly at a proportional and grounded reasoning for why we oppose Jewish power being applied to us, and why we insist on territorial integrity and not having our spaces flooded with infinite brown people, be that in our country or our workplace.

    Without the context of ethnicity our claims to racial and territorial sovereignty are dissonant, and we end up in the cul de sac that Ricky Vaughn was in, denying the existence of White Identity, while simultaneously being accused of being a white supremacist archvillain by our enemies because they all sure as hell know there is such a thing as White Identity.

    Bullshit is identifiable by unnecessary abstraction, unparsimonious reasoning, and the expectation of accepting premises that haven’t been proven or lack explanatory force.

    Our intellectuals have all fallen afoul of one or more of these, and so deserve our derision.

    Simplicity is the key to an overarching strategy.

    1) If its ok to be White.

    2) And they hate us because we ARE White.

    3) Then we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    This is everything in one syllogistic argument. It doesn’t get any simpler.

    I’ve been saying this for years now HW.

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