Rising: Joe Biden Requests The Largest Military Budget In History

The Pentagon needs all of this money to fight “domestic extremism” and to maintain American imperialism all over the world. We also need to hire a lot of extra “extremism experts” to monitor and police social media to make sure that no one serving in the military is “liking” the wrong tweet.

Note: We’re getting of all the tough guys and replacing them with trans girls.

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  1. The Photo….THE FUNGUS…





  2. All that money just pissed away, year after year, such a disgrace. When the inevitable conflict comes, China and Russia are going to kick the shit out of big military, I just hope they don’t take it out on American civilians, the way big military callously takes it out on civilians around the world. Big military acts like a gamer playing his game on the easiest setting with all the cheat codes activated. I hope it never comes to pass but it would be interesting to see big military take on an actual 1st world standing army, navy, and air force instead of impoverished third worlders with jack shit, which makes big military’s budget all the more infuriating.

    • It’s like big military uses the tax payer to literally subsidize a good swath of the upper class through the MIC where the oppressed nig millionaire lloyd austin hails from, again just really infuriating.

  3. The empire will collapse soon enough. I thought it was worth fighting for. Not anymore. It’s too corrupt and too far gone to be saved in a traditional way.

  4. Ukraine has Biden by the balls and will tank his presidency with full disclosure if he doesn’t commit USA to a war with Russia.

  5. Dementia Joe (or whomever is in charge) is simultaneously weakening the military by driving out its most competent, loyal members, replacing them with wogs and antagonizing various countries around the world at the same time. A genius enemy working against the country couldn’t conceive of a more effective strategy for defeat. Dementia Joe and his keepers (who are really the shadow government) seem blissfully unaware of these facts as they needlessly antagonize countries thousands of miles away apparently believing nations like China will be bluffed by Dementia Joe’s laughable empty threats.

    The idiots in charge in Washington act as though the U.S.A. of 1960 were still in charge of world affairs and able to impose its will on the world. Those days are long gone but nobody in Washington seems to be aware of this. Not only has U.S. power diminished and foreign powers like China have arisen but unlike 1960 there is no way President Dementia Joe can go on TV in a crisis and call for national sacrifice and unity like JFK did in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    When the Dementia Joe administration gets its nuts caught in a vise and goes on TV telling White people: “We’re all in this together” and calls for “national service” (AKA conscription or the draft) Whites need to give the collective finger to these no good bastards. They can fight their wars with their trans and bipoc battalions next time. Stay out of the way of the Government as it fails; its fights are not our fights.

    • @12AX7


      Our elites totally lack self-awareness. Methinks they are just as, if not more confused and frightened of this new digital age we are entering. Would you have thought 20 years ago that Newsweek would be where it is today? Instead they double down and try to stop the inevitable.

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