Tucker Carlson Doubles Down On Demographic Replacement


The emerging narrative is that Tucker Carlson is “straight up Nazism” now. Let me check … it appears that they are pushing political correctness, censorship and violence too far like always. A friend told me just yesterday that the Jews always overreach like this and it backfires on them.


Talk about a shot across the bow!

Brian Stelter and Don Lemon are going to be extremely upset about this. They might even call Tucker a “white supremacist” and accuse the Republicans of being “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Tucker Carlson had the audacity to notice that Democrats gloat about changing racial and cultural demographics and support mass immigration and open borders because it is their official political strategy. You’re not allowed to notice that and publicly say that it is a bad thing.

The CEO of FOX News even said “no” to Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL. Tucker was so pissed off with this arrogant little cocksucker that he did the unthinkable. He told his primetime audience that the ADL opposes demographic replacement in Israel while strongly supporting it in America. What kind of country is this where White people can say “no” to the ADL and talk about Our Greatest Ally like this?

It is “anti-Semitic” to notice and call out the ADL for being full of shit. This is a full blown national emergency because we all know that talk like this is far outside of the “mainstream.” This is the “intersection” of political correctness, cancel culture, open borders and the Jewish Question.

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  1. The Leo Frank Defense League is going to go after TC and Fox like a swarm of hooked nosed hornets over tonight’s broadcast.

    • Tuckah flashed his Kabbalah bracelet a few months back. Wasn’t even subtle. You are being played even if what he reluctantly says is true.

      • It doesn’t really matter what he thinks. It is how the audience absorbs the message. Just by raising the issue of demographic replacement, he is making it easier to talk about

  2. I have to admit, Tucker made me proud with this video. He called out the hypocrisy of the jew supremacists. I’m surprised FOX-Jews let him do that. If anything, he might wake up “conservatives” to the reality of the Anti-White adl. I hope he continues to call out the hypocrite jew supremacists.

      • Who knows. At least he Called out their hypocrisy. It’s a start and a spark. Hopefully, it takes off in the minds of fellows travelers.

    • @John…

      Though I got my feelings hurt when Mr. Carlson abandoned the election coverage a couple of days after the very questionable election, I have to say that he has done incredible and brave investigative reporting in recent years!

      This report was probably the most important, if for no other reason than an entire Press Corps has been cowed into never reporting it – the single most important issue of our time, our replacement.

      I think tonight’s report is the behavioral equivalent of grabbing the flag in the middle of a battle – knowing full well what that gesture would likely bring, and yet, the man who does so feels he has no ethical choice but to do so.

      At this point, Mr. Carlson has become the hero in a very real life version of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Emperor and His New Clothes’.

      • @Ivan,

        If the adl happens to get him fired/canceled, I believe he is no longer limited on what he can say and hopefully will take the PC gloves off and go all out on the subversives and continue to expose the real problems that we face today. He has done more than 99.9% of the so called journalists on exposing BLM/Antifa and even took on the taboo subject of jewish supremacy.

  3. Cont: You know Hannity or his jew friend, MarK Levin would never go the route Carlson took. I’m sure Levin and probably jew lover Hannity will call him an antisemitic for speaking the truth about the subversive adl.

    • I’ve noticed that TC and Hannity barely say anything to each other during the hand-off from one show to the other.

    • Even if he’s providing himself a couple of escape routes the ADL hypocrisy question has now been raised in a solid rational way.

  4. As I recall, Israel is the only nation on Earth to have DNA requirements to obtain Israeli citizenship. For Gentiles with no Jewish ancestry, you must convert to Judaism or marry an ethnic Jew and have your marriage or conversion approved by the National Rabbinate. Haaretz exposed Israel’s been sterilizing Ethopian migrants despite international criticism, but how many have learned about this through the mainstream media?

    Don’t expect RABBI IVAN TURGENEV to respond to this post after he was revealed by other commentators including Mel down below!

    Mel Blank
    July 23, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    This “Ivan Turgenev” makes a lot of mistakes. He recently claimed here that George Washington learned strategy from the French, who won the French and Indian War! (Note: They didn’t win that war.) He also uses that corny “sir” thing when addressing his critics, as if we’re all members of the Charleston Dueling Society as shown on The Simpsons. Whenever I read someone pretending to be Southern or an old-fashioned gentleman by using “sir,” I’m reminded of the Warner Brothers cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn that was shown on TV when I was a kid, which makes me laugh, so Ivan’s not all bad. He’s a fake. If he’s really living in NC and doing the things he says he is, I’ll eat my Dueling Society card.

    • @ pecan pie eating champion, how in ” thee” hell, do you have a charleston dueling society card ? But not me, it “aint” right “sir”, i “reckon” its a moesadd fake, what next? Instructions too us southern pimps on how to fry chicken!?

    • Some Euro nations used to have citizenship tied to blood. Until the insanity took hold. And you couldn’t be more right, KT-88.

  5. Tucker Carlson is a diversionary tactic. Mr. “most immigrants are great people” and “I am the one quoting Martin Luther King” offers nothing new or of interest. He is Kool Aid light for Boomers who want to feel naughty light

  6. Your right, Hunter, Damn! Wow. I hope this courage continues. That took balls for him to say all this.

    • My theory is that the audience has traveled about 30,000 light years in awareness over the past year due to the George Floyd riots, Trump losing the election and the Biden administration rolling with systematic racism. So Tucker and FOX News have to follow the audience

      • Maybe he truly thinks time is running out and time to tell the truth. I really don’t know if it’s too late already. That idiot Bush Jr. really could have prevented the demographic time bomb twenty years ago, he was dealt a perfect hand and had he been up to it could have used 911 as an excuse to stop immigration and deport illegals. But maybe nobody really believed the house was on fire until they saw the flames coming out of the windows with the communist riots this summer and old Joe not acting as a stabilizing “return to normal” but facilitating a complete marxist takeover of our society. Conservatism INC. and their libertarian fetish has been rebuked, ultimately America failed, it let marxists openly agitate and organize to destroy it for 6 decades now. How stupid does Xi look for not allowing opponents of his party to openly talk online now? He at least has the common sense to know if you allow people who want to overthrow your rule to talk and organize it ends with your head on a platter. The left knows this too, they have no intention of letting their opponents have the same free speech to overthrow them that they were allowed by constitution fetishists they supplanted.

        • Couple of things here. Yes Bush failed the big test. Trump raised all the right questions. But Tucker is now providing the central hypocritical problem an analysis. An over nighty ADL. Third Rail.

      • You were ATTACKED and DEFAMED on Gab this evening as being a member of the “pro Biden contingent” of the “dissident right”, HW! Are you going to sue them?

      • It’s similar to how Hannity and Limbaugh made a very awkward about-face concerning Trump towards the end of 2015. They realized their audience were overwhelmingly pro-Trump and couldn’t be on the wrong side of that.

  7. This is a good sign that Tucker feels there is now enough support from populist America to blunt all the “Nazi;” “Racist!”, Etc. They was enevitable going to come after this we should be grateful. Even a year ago, no one would dare say this. Something changed . I would love to be listening to what he was thinking up to deciding to do this.

  8. This is quite simply the truth that needs to be understood by all 74 million Trump voters, not that Qanon pizzagate crap. When this is widely understood and discussed in normal homes, then the ball will get rolling. Yes the election really was stolen, but not by conspiracy Venezuelan voting machines, but by importing scab voters, millions of Fake Americans.

  9. The most irritating thing to me about Trump was that he would never take Bibi’s pecker out of his mouth.

  10. Tucker has just given permission for all of talk radio to be talking about this tomorrow. When ordinary Americans realize this replacement is deliberate and real it completely delegitimizes the rule of the democrats. They rule not by winning fair and square, but by importing a foreign army of scab voters to steal your elections from the legitimate American voters. Their rule needs to be seen as illegitimate. They need to be viewed the way Mexicans viewed Maximillian imposed on them by the French.

  11. has Hell frozen over? Tuckers a hero any thinking person does not want America turned into South Africa 2.0

    • Pointing out the ADL Q on replacement hypocrisy is a rather huge point to make. Tucker did a good thing here.

  12. I watched the whole thing – it was quite good. In fact, it was better than expected and probably as good as it could be.

    Which is a sign – not that Tucker is “based” – Tucker is a shill. But Tucker has a product to sell, and this is the best optics the Republicans have.

    Let that sink in: the Republicans need “good optics” to win elections, and the best optics they can come up with is Tucker Carlson saying everything we have been saying about immigration and getting awfully close on anti-whiteness.

    Yes, as DP84 said in another thread – it ain’t 2015 anymore. The political “center” has moved far, far closer to the pro-white side, or at the very least, the anti-anti-white side.

    The average “normie” Republican voter is probably now more “radical” than the “Alt Right” was in 2015.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        You could centre that writing around the five measures that Eastern European Jew, Rafail Lemkin, came up about what actually is ‘Cultural Genocide’, and how, sadly, all 5 apply to us, right now.

        Ironically, this ‘Cultural Genocie criteria was adopted by the United Nations, I think in the 1970s, and yet, their application seems to apply to everyone BUT White Gentile countries…

      • You should. Honestly, the powers that be are pushing it feverishly with all their shit. Apologizing for their positions has always been the right wing problem. It weakens us. Ever see a liberal apologize for anything?

  13. Tucker used to read out stories where White Genocide was mentioned. So he’d get to repeat White Genocide over and over, without really saying it himself. I bet it was far more triggering to the shitlibs to hear that, than talking about Jews, whom they will rush to defend and feel virtuous.

    I mention it because David Duke was famous for talking about Jews for decades, and the direction the country was on didn’t change at all. David had 200 million views on Youtube, and got on mainstream TV before the Jews rubbed his online presence out. Just noticing. Good luck to Tucker.

    • @JASON…

      Good points. Dr. Duke, however, was much easier to knock out, this because he had the baggage of being Imperial Wizard and the populace was still sleeping at the time.

      Tucker will be much harder to get, this because most of his hard core audience, currently Fox’s best, are on the game and the time in history is right.

      But, yes, Godspeed to Mr. Carlson!

  14. Zionists getting out in front of us and stealing our talking points is nothing to celebrate. It is actually the one thing we should be most concerned about. Once they are talking about White replacement they own the issue and are at liberty to mold it into whatever they want. They are clearly planning to separate the issue of Jewish power from the issue of White replacement when the two are inextricably linked.

    No we should not be grateful that someone is simply raising these issues, that is slave mentality. Would you be grateful that your cheating spouse still says “I love you”? We need to regain our pride and not beg for scraps of tepid pro-White content from kosher controlled opposition.

    At the end of the day Carlson is a far more insidious enemy than Jonathan Greenblatt because he pretends to be your friend, Greenblatt is at least upfront about his intentions.

  15. This is what is know in the business as a limited hangout. Some of the truth is given but not all of the truth is given in order to gain favor with a particular audience. Is Tucker going to tell us why the Jews are doing what they are doing, the hatred of Christ and the love of Moshiach? No way.


  16. In the end, whitey knows he has less and less good places to run to. This is part of why Asia becomes a discussion. Western Europe is slowly following America’s lead to ruin. You ever thought you would see Black Lies Matter in London creating riots leading to busts of Winston Churchill to be taken down. Unbelievable.

    Central and Eastern Europe become real possibilities for Americans now either too old or too sick of dealing with America’s on purpose decay.

    Democrats routinely dwell on demographic changes creating victories for them. They speak of Texas ready to fall. Stacey Abrams speaks of Georgia going Democrat due to a massive black population, increasing hispanics, homosexuals and northerners. Obviously many northerners are also people running from Democrat policies but you get the point. Kind of like Californians spreading out to different places out west or to Texas.

    Tucker doing this needed to get done. It is kind of like Trump with the wall even if you think he was bloviating a bit on it. But what it caused is suddenly virtually every Republican is for the wall. Even guys like Steve Scalise or McCarthy.

    Hopefully Tucker doing this on Tv will finally have Republican leaders agreeing with the obvious….and fighting to change it.

    We have nothing but a replacement block of non White voters pouring in for 55 years radically altering the country. Too much immigration is very bad. It drives up gov’t spending, radically increases taxes and housing costs along with a massive spike in votes for Democrats.

    We should have never left the 250k number per year. Now we are at about 1.3 million per year with 10% being White. Then throw in all the illegal aliens plus their kids.We would have been much better off taking over these problem countries or literally just giving them money to build up their own places.

    I remember many years ago my Dad telling me,” All you need is a job to own a house.” Back then it was true. Tons of people were not even bothered if they got laid off or even fired from jobs because they were carrying 2 or 300 dollar a month mortgages…or less. I remember neighbors saying how they will first take a vacation to Florida or Arizona or just chill out for a month before even looking for a new job. Compare that to today with the absurdity of 400 to 2 million dollar homes which are prevalent. And even those places are often just a 15 or 20 minute ride away from not so good areas.

    You look at old videos of New Jersey, New York and California and you can see why Republicans had a great shot at winning- it was radically Whiter!

  17. Overall, an excellent, hard-hitting speech. His highlighting that jYT shebe’s gloating “Yes, We Can Replace Them” column AND the (((ADL’s))) outrageous chutzpah in one piece was fantastic, although it would’ve been even better if he’d just stated clearly that Kikeblatt & his jew strong arm gang are filthy hypocrites on immigration, rather than trying to be a just little too rhetorically slick by inviting the zhid on to “find out” if he thinks Pissrael’s immigration policy should apply here: things should always be made Fisher-Price plain & simple for Boomers & MAGAtards.

    The accompanying pic of the tapir was appropriately repulsive, too: dark, heavy-lidded asshole eyes; mouth running as ever; jewy gesticulation.

    This is exactly the sort of thing he & the other GOP mouths need to relentlessly hammer away on. It’s THE way to beat the fucking Democrats (not, of course, that victorious CONslurpative swine, including Dump, have ever meant jack for Whites up til now).

    This powerful new boldness is happening because Carlson & the rest of them know that White Americans are at long last becoming racially aware again in the wake of the now constant attacks on us by the swaggering kikes, niggers & commie scum. If they seriously understand that it’s far more than merely a winning expedient to get the “rubes” riled up & on their side so they can just continue with the usual garbage – if they finally grasp that their party & the entire country are about to be demographically flushed down the shitter, forever – we might finally start seeing the action necessary for survival.

  18. I hope all this means race survival instincts are starting to kick in amongst Whites. Our enemies are moving too fast which only helps us.

  19. he’s 5 or more years too late to the party with these talking points. doing this now is simply painting a target on the backs of his listeners to get cancelled. fuck tucker carlson.

  20. So it went from seeing that the “The Great Replacement” went from it being about voting, to it officially being about everything else. Cucker Tarlson seemingly trying to spell the things that make his fragile white audience scared of the browns feel happy for a while, until they really that the “muh white genocide” is not only going to continue, but already happened. Look at the birth rate vs death rates, and guess which group has the regressive proportion of it? That’s right. Too late. You guys lost.

  21. This mass immigration crap from the third world has been going on for decades, ever since the immigration laws were changed in 1965, our side, meaning the right has done virtually nothing. The old populist George Wallace Democrats were replaced by Republicans who did nothing except cut taxes and obsess over the middle east. The modern Democrats have become some of the worst people in the country, baby killers, child molesters, self loathing atheists.

    Unfortunately the Republican Party has seemed to be a lot more interested in sucking up to people like the Koch brothers, than they ever have been defending white working and middle class Americans. .

  22. At this point, the fact Tucker hasn’t been fired, silenced, or outright liquidated makes me wonder if a faction in the U.S. power structure has decided, “Okay, to hell with playing nice and maintaining this system, we have about 70 to 80 million REALLY pissed off Whites, who are an immense potential power base, and we’re not leaving all that on the table when we could mobilize them and get more power for ourselves. End of cooperation here, time to stir things up and see what we can get for ourselves out of the collapse of the ZOG consensus.”

    Has the ZOG prisoner’s dilemma finally yielded the inevitable betrayal?

    Interesting to see how this develops.

  23. It seems, though, that there is a fatal flaw to Tucker’s rhetoric: If he’s saying — as he does– this has “nothing to do with skin color” (RACE), then how does he square the obvious question? How does he know these new voters are not going to vote Republican? Obviously they are not; but he’s contradicting himself by admitting they WILL vote according to their “skin color”; they will vote Democrat.

    Isn’t the logical anti-White answer that Republicans must simply win them over; i.e., ‘muh Democracy’? Without the component of White identity politics, Tucker is a feckless tool.

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