Young Progressive White Women Are Mentally Ill

I saw Tim Pool talking about this the other day.

Young progressive White women are overwhelmingly more likely to be irreligious, lonely, mentally ill, LGBTQIA, depressed and childless than their grandmothers. This is the same demographic group which is the most supportive of political correctness or wokeness and cancel culture.

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  1. Heck, Freud made a career out of the high instances of mental illness in females. Lots of them are nuts, particularly if they don’t have a man around supporting them to make them feel secure. No society that abandons the patriarchy can survive in a darwinian sense long term against other societies that don’t.

  2. One of the worst things these girls can do ruin their beautiful genetics by changing their physical appearance, loosing their mental stability by adopting a bunch of cats, and neglecting their traditional roles. If you destroy the family structure for the White race, you destroy it from within. This is why feminism is ultimately leading to White genocide.

  3. The 1960s counterculture-sex-drugs-rock-and-roll was a cancer on White America. It would have been much better if young White Women in the 1960s and 1970s and 1980s had mass converted to Islam and started wearing hijabs…

  4. Political Correctness is a sick, evil religion. How could this not affect its followers in a sick, evil way?

  5. It all started with a rib from MAN and a bite out of an an Apple

    HW you know the rest for the chosen idiots from


  6. Very good. Maybe now it is time to think communism as mental disease not as political viewpoint. The rest of the world does it already. Liberalism is genetical madness and this madness caused every last disaster in the white race history.

  7. There was a widely reported study a few years ago that found 4 out of 5 women are taking some form of psycho active drugs. If you watch MSNBC or CNN you can see the results. LOL. But, not really that funny.

  8. @ one time a old lady told me, a nation was like, it had as much “Honor”, as thee women in it do.

  9. A lot of these gals just need to be stump broke.
    By a suitable young man. It calms them down afterwards, and they become less neurotic.

    They think that they’re the victims of fate. They can’t really manage their own lives by themselves. That’s why deep down, they need a man to save them from fate, and lead them to safety and security in life. But they hate and resent this simple fact. Which they rebel against at every turn, while simultaneously still yearning for male authority. It’s what makes them neurotic.

    Feminism is organised rebellion against male authority, especially the authority of daddy. Just as liberalism is rebellion against masculine authority, of a sort. Which is why there are more women than men, who are liberal. Liberalism is feminine, not masculine.

    We have been taken over by the triumphant (for now) rebellion of female neuroticism.

    When masculine authority returns, Civilisation returns with it.

  10. It’s college that brainwashes people with SJW shit to an extreme level. Women are better at being told what to do, and also navigating social trends, so this makes total sense. Young White females are almost all libtards and freaks because mainstream culture told them to be that way.

  11. A good show. Thanks for posting.

    “The House” by best selling novelist Danielle Steel is a good, readable novel about destructive feminism. A 38 year old white woman feminist lawyer works 60 hours per week for the law firm, catcher her divorced older boy friend cheating on her with a 20 something blonde and finally figures out her life is lonely and meaningless as she works tirelessly to bill hours and make other people rich.

    It has a happy ending: She falls in love, gets married and has a baby.

    Danielle Steel is a popular best selling novelist and if you want to wake up a “woke” friend or family member to the poison of feminism this is a good choice. A novel that’s interesting, readable and politically neutral but that shows the reality of feminist poison in an easily understandable format.

    • Liberal women are insane regardless. I have an elder sister who is woke in her 50s. She had a son. She didn’t want to have him. Her husband begged her not to abort him. Her son is just as mad as she is. He’s in his mid 20s, has never had a girlfriend, and hates Christians and whites. If you are still a lib after a certain age, I think it is genetic.

      Why is the white lib madness increasing sharply through the generations? It could be they are moving to lib areas to breed with each other, thus concentrating their madness.. It could be social media is driving them even more insane, as young people use it far more than their elders. It could be young whites are more depressed, because they understand at some level the West is going down, and they will live in poverty.

      Birth control is doing to the white liberal what the Old South could not. Give the white liberal a choice to choose life or death for himself, and he will choose death every single time.

  12. I see it all the time with these mental rejects. Instead of having kids and putting them in strollers, they dress up their pets and walk them around instead. But hey, at least they have careers.

  13. Yawn. A bunch of sad unachieved incels and nobodies here ignoring mentally ill liberal white men or that conservative whites are less likely to seek mental help. Right wing whites who stormed the Capitol and believe QAnon, Trump’s claim of election fraud, and the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines are conspiracies are sane? Most Americans support higher taxes on the top, same sex marriage, legal abortion, equal rights for minorities, Biden’s Covid approach, and other issues you and the far left oppose so enjoy being outcasts for life LOL!

    • @Going forward Not backward

      Did you know that some girls feel “inferior” when their brothers and the boys in their class start getting stronger than they are?

      By the time they are teenagers most girls have “gotten over it” and realized that men and women are different, biologically.

      But some girls never mature into women and think that it is somehow “unfair” of Nature to make men and women differently, and they only believe the masculine qualities are praiseworthy and denigrate femininity.

      It’s sad but the culture doesn’t do a very good job of helping girls mature into women. That’s why we see so much “rapid onset gender dysophoria.

      >enjoy being outcasts for life LOL!

      Yet, here you are. You’re so very curious about all those naughty bad “white supremacist” men Rachel Maddow warned you about, huh? How can we be outcasts when you are here desperately trying to get our attention?

      It’s funny too how you telegraph all your fantasies about “sexist men” trying to force you into their kitchen. Hey, lady, get an Amish bonnet-ripper romance novel like normal people!

      • @Banned – Your opening analysis of the dynamic of young girls feeling physically inferior to young boys is actually spot-on. Most girls do outgrow it; and yes, females have had horrible role models for decades. Now they are given societal approval and encouragement to be crippled with it for life.

    • @ going forward not backward, thee only people who believe that bullshit narrative that you inexperienced amateurs spew, are yourselves, most people on this site , dont trifle with thee “LOL” anymore, a haha will suffice, when mr.putin starts shooting his firecrackers this way and you get thee EMP experience first hand , we will see how much shit you talk then, you are either a.fag or a mentally challenged wench, dont matter, you and your kind will be bought and sold and traded like horses, as a matter of fact, livestock will so be more valuable than you sorry asses, keep running your mouth, we will see who gets the last laugh.

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