Chelsea Clinton Demands Facebook Ban Tucker Carlson

This story is a real beauty.

It really sums up our current moment in American politics.

Hillary Clinton wants to ban all populist speech on social media platforms because too many ordinary people are embracing nationalism and populism without the permission of our neoliberal elites.

Hillary Clinton’s brat Chelsea Clinton who is one of the most privileged elite brats in America wants Facebook to ban Tucker Carlson for asking questions on his show about the recent pause of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine. Look at that hideous face. It is the face of pure entitlement.

Daily Mail:

“Chelsea Clinton sparked outrage for calling on Facebook to ban Tucker Carlson from the platform for saying that vaccinated people should return to normal life and not have to wear masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Clinton had chimed in on Twitter amid a spat between Carlson and Dr. Anthony Fauci about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

Carlson on his show on Wednesday said that he has been asking for months why vaccinated people ‘have to live under the restrictions that the vaccines were supposed to eliminate’ while taking shots at Fauci. …”

You’re not allowed to ask obvious questions.

If you have already been infected or vaccinated, why do you have to wear a mask? What is going on with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine? It seems like a reasonable question.

These people already have all the answers though. Your job is to shut up and agree with them and follow orders. Otherwise, if anyone is allowed to talk on the internet, democracy will die in the darkness. This is exactly why no one trusts these people and just assumes that they are lying about everything.

Note: They were lying about all the Russia stuff for years. The same people who accuse us of “fascism” and “authoritarianism” also demand the power to silence all of their critics.

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  1. We are on our way toward killing people for saying things the powers that be do not like. Why did the Jews kill Christ?

    • Jews(Satan worshipping Hebrews) had their Roman lickspittle crucify Christ for disrupting their money changing racket at the temple. The same basically happened to Germany for creating sovereign currency and the same is/will happen(ing) to Iran and Venezuela for daring not to use Satan’s Shekels. N Korea has nukes which seems to be the only alternative to submission. Hard to blame Iran for wanting them.

  2. World’s number one example of useless people. I don’t think anybody gives a rats rear end what she, of all people think. Eye roll..

    • I thought her real father is Webster Hubbell. Apparently Bill wouldn’t touch Hillary with a ten foot pole, he didn’t want to catch another even worse case of syphilis. He had enough challenges already with VD by the time he was 15. Bill should have known by that time to stay away from the loose women and the farm animals but I guess he couldn’t help himself.

      • They do show a lot of pictures of her next to pictures of Webster Hubbell and the resemblance is strong. Even more so than the Prince Harry is a bastard theory because Harry does at least bear some resemblance to Prince Phillip vs. Chelsea looking nothing at all like Slick Willy. Chelsea looks like the ugly jewish lesbian actress Natasha Lyonne.

    • Yes Mark. Same goes for mom. Trotting out the Clinton’s to lecture and admonish us is a non starter.

  3. I’m not sure anyone under 30
    Should be getting a vaccination. Men over 40 ought to for certain though. A live infection could fuck you up badly. But the young guys? It doesn’t appear to affect them much to get infected. I can see why the marines (fit young warriors) are often refusing a jab. Kids under 18, unless they are obese diabetic asthmatic with cancer…why vaccine at all?

  4. Miss Chelsea is a case in point about The Modern Left – they have not even the most basic idea of what America is.

    When the country reconfederates, it will be this collective amnesia, not to mention the aggressive unAmerican attitudes, that, even more than the treacherous policies of The United States’ Government, that will have led to it.

    You simply cannot peacefully coexist with people who constantly call for you to be denounced, deported, and gulagged.

  5. It’s still largely blacks that don’t get their vaccinations for all manner of preventable diseases though. She’s just a Jewish liar that point. If you have a Twitter account set it straight in the replies under that tweet. Western nations are the only consistently vaccinated populations worldwide. Edward Jenner after all was a white guy. It’s a white thing ultimately.

  6. These same jackasses were attacking Trump in summer for lying when he said effective vaccines exist and not to panic about Covid19 as counter measures were being devised. Pelosi said of Pfizer, “I ain’t taking no Trump vaccine!” Then she was first in line for a jab. The absolute cunt. She probably had her entire entourage on the Pfizer trials to protect herself the entire time.

  7. Is Chelsea an octoroon? Interesting how the children of prominent political figures like Clinton, Gore, Biden, Kennedy and Trump always get married off to jews. It’s as if those politicians have to sacrifice their kids to the Devil in order to obtain the wealth and power they want.

    • @Spahn…

      You miss the central tenet here, Dear Spahn, why so many Gentile women fall for Jewish men. It’s something I observed many years ago, in contemplating the differences between Jews and Gentiles.


      Jews are the very best family men and usually excellent with his close friends, but often he does not care how much he screws the stranger, or the world at large, whilst The Gentile is oft a mediocre, or flat out terrible, family man who can be a perfect friend to a stranger and is usually perfectly honourable with the rest of the world.

      Being a half-breed, and having spent decades watching these two peoples up close, I have seen this rule over and over again.

      But, yes, of course, there are exceptions, as in both races you can find those who are great on all counts, or those who are horrible on all counts.

      • Interesting observation. I believe there is a great deal of truth in what you say. But those mischlinge are always raised as jews, or “in the jewish faith”.

        • @Spahn…

          Thank you for your kind words.

          As to ‘mischlings’ being raised as Jews, maybe it is different up yonder, from what it is down here, because I know a variety of those who are raised as Jews, others who are raised as Gentiles, and a third category of those who are raised as neither.

          Be well!

      • Well at least Ivan admits he’s a Jewish supremacist. Jewish men are just better “family men” which is why all those “shiksas” fall for them. The goyim men are just white trash, brutes and louts that don’t know how to treat a lady!

        Now let me sit on my porch sipping my mint juleps while smoking my pipe, I say I say good sir! Damn Yankees – that’s how we Small Town Carolina Gentlemen speak!

  8. Whites and Asians have been way ahead of the curve getting vaccinated. Clinton is using Covid to demonize whites, but that’s not what the data shows. If anything, we’re a model for other groups to follow.

    Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations Race/Ethnicity

    >obvious questions

    Vaccines, including vaccines for smallpox, polio, mumps, measles, tetanus, etc. work more or less about 90% of the time. Vaccines are not magical potions. They “work” statistically. As more and more people get a vaccine, a disease is less likely to reproduce itself by jumping to a new host and is more likely to die off. That’s where epidemiologists are coming from, that’s why grugs are a public health menace, and that’s why people are mad at Carlson. I already received my first pfizer vax and don’t understand the drama around the issue.

    • That’s not the issue.

      It isn’t unreasonable for people to ask why a specific vaccine has been paused or why after getting vaccinated that they can’t return to their normal lives

      • NYT

        “Pfizer and Others Are Planning for Covid Vaccine Boosters”

        This is just going to be endless.

  9. That rotten peach-faced, jew-screwing race traitor whore. That total non-entity who’s never struggled or wanted for anything a day in her worthless-yet-enormously-privileged life. Inperiously pronouncing that Carlson must be silenced.

  10. @ dont you know, ” Illumanati ” royalty when it speaks, extremist, supremist, deplorable dirty white boy, well you need too, because her mother can have you killed.

  11. That’s a face that would stop a clock. Looks like Alfred E. Newman in drag. Maybe it can be the next “President” of the Rotten Banana Empire. Look out there’s a monster coming…

    • @Exaltd Cyclops…

      Oops, I just finished questioning if anyone had thought that Miss Chelsea looked smacked more than a bit like Mrs. Alfred Neumann, when there you are with the very observation!

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