Rising: Taxing The Rich Is Overwhelmingly Popular

The GOP doesn’t seem to realize this.

Woke Capital is a big opportunity for them to dump a major albatross. They’ve been supporting all of these unpopular economic policies for decades because 1.) that is what their traditional suburban base wanted and 2.) because Mitch & Co. have always sold out to corporate donors.

The corporate donors are now saying they are woke and have been threatening to cut off the spigot of donations. The wealthy suburban moderates with cosmopolitan values whose politics are tax cuts and virtue signaling about racism voted for Joe Biden and have become Democrats.

In light of the resorting of the electorate with Big Business and Wall Street explicitly joining the Democrats, why would you keep the same economic agenda? If Big Business and Wall Street want tax cuts, deregulation and free trade, why wouldn’t you force the Democrats to deliver those things? Why would you continue catering to the interests of your political opposition and taking the huge hit on economics for doing so? Why wouldn’t you call the bluff of the Democrats and support raising corporate taxes?

How do you want to brand your party to win elections? Do you want to be the party of breaking up and regulating the Silicon Valley monopolies? Do you want to be the party of taxing billionaires and Wall Street? Bryanism is now a much more popular brand now than 1980s Reaganism.

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  1. The US Military takes its marching orders from BLACK LIVES MATTER…a racist negro hate group..

  2. Well, if The Rich are not going to be heavily taxed, and they are not, not really, then who should be?

  3. I wish to caution all commenters that they must familiarize themselves with concepts of average, marginal and effective tax rates and understand that the tax code is a continually evolving cumulatively piled higher and deeper Byzantine clusterfuck of rules, exceptions, exemptions, deferrals, credits, deductions ad nauseum.

  4. When they say “tax the rich”, they really mean the upper middle class. They want to push us down into more and more poverty with their “wealth redistribution” and punish anyone who works hard and is able to live in a safe area.

    • They’re not even proposing to do that. Obama and Hillary wanted to tax +$250,000 households. Joe wants a 28% corporate tax rate and only to raise taxes on $400,000 households. He has also ruled out a wealth tax and a capital gains tax. There is no why Wall Street can’t be taxed by raising the capital gains tax and eliminating loopholes in the tax code.

      • “There is no why Wall Street can’t be taxed by raising the capital gains tax and eliminating loopholes in the tax code.”


        Just run it through a foreign domiciled trust.

      • Taxing the middle class may not be what they are talking about, but is is the system we already have and will no doubt continue to have. No loopholes for the little people.

      • So true, because it’s increasingly harder to remain middle class. Taxed at 30% or more. They tax you to scrape Social Security out of you, but they will tax you on it as income when you take it at 66.

  5. Elections are won with money,
    Money comes from donors,
    Donations come from the rich.

    Who are the politicians going to pander to ?

    (It’s easier to spend 5 million in donations than pay 50 million in new taxes)

  6. Found this at American Greatness by our friend Pedro Gonzalez:


    The last paragraph says it all:

    “The challenge CEOs are issuing to Americans is that they are too big to take on and too big to fail. The only appropriate response would be to raise their taxes, close tax loopholes, deploy anti-trust action, fine, and see as many of them go bankrupt as possible. If we can’t do that, then they’re right about who rules America, and we’re left waiting for Caesar.”

  7. The Corporations / the Super Rich only care about Money. That and power. With money comes power over people’s lives. It’s pretty obvious the gap between the Super Rich vs the Middle Class vs the Working Poor is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The Super Rich care nothing about that. Don’t wanna pay any taxes at all. The most useless scum of all. We have this problem in America because people love Jew Money. Many White People now think and act like Jews…only care about money. Oh and with that money also comes no care for God, Family, Race, and Nation. We in the White Nationalist community believe that all White People should be doing great or nobody should be doing great. We’re all in it together and we should all have the Freedom, Liberty, Security, and Money we need. We think more in terms of Nationalism or even National Socialism on these issues….bringing us together. We might not be as extreme in this country….most people probably are Moderate in America. However I think everybody should understand that drastically reducing the gap because the economic classes would be a great benefit for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  8. The rich and the rich corporations have been getting tax breaks for many years. Some pay little to no taxes. Unfortunately, shit rolls downhill and the middle class will pay the bulk of the taxes.

  9. “The GOP doesn’t seem to realize this.” Dude take your head out of your ass. Stop applying to ignorance what is clearly the product of malice. The GOP has been the party of the rich your entire life.

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