Marco Rubio: Corporations That Undermine American Values Don’t Deserve GOP Support

Marco Rubio has published a new strongly worded op-ed on Corporate America which reflects the gale force wind of populism that is now blowing through the Republican base.

New York Post:

“What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” This was a ­defining American ­adage in the last century, because it was true: US corporations helped to make our country the most prosperous in the history of the world. But with the profits came a corporate duty to care for the strength of the nation and its citizens.

That bargain has broken down. Many in corporate America feel no obligation to act in the best interest of our country. …

Cutting corporate taxes, and especially investment taxes, makes sense if US companies are going to invest in American industry. But if they’re instead prioritizing offshoring operations or simply returning windfalls to shareholders, then policymakers are going to start being more careful in how we structure tax cuts. 

Employer-friendly labor laws make sense in a world where corporate CEOs feel an obligation to their fellow countrymen and workers. But the logic of resisting labor representation on behalf of corporate management falls apart if an American worker is no different to the corporation than any other input. …

Our nation needs a thriving private economy. And patriotic business leadership has historically underwritten the American Dream. But lawmakers who have been asleep at the wheel for too long, especially within my own party, need to wake up. America’s laws should keep our nation’s corporations firmly ordered to our national common good. 

The work of rebuilding — and rebalancing — the relationship between our nation and its large corporations begins today.”

What is going on here?

Why is Marco Rubio talking like this now?

As I have been saying, public opinion has been radically shifting on a number of key issues inside the Republican base. This is why all the politicians are suddenly being reprogrammed. Republican voters have grown far more skeptical of Corporate America over the past year.

A year ago, most Republican voters were satisfied with the “size and influence of major corporations.” Gallup picked up a precipitous drop in approval of Corporate America among Republican voters in January. This poll was taken before the MLB controversy and before Woke Capital published that big advertisement in the New York Times. The falling out is probably more advanced now.

Once again, it is important to state in clear and precise terms what is going on here. Republican voters have radically shifted in key ways over the past year. They’ve grown more concerned with immigration, much more racially conscious and much more skeptical of corporate power. Suddenly, normies are thinking and talking much more like us and that is an encouraging development. This is something to celebrate. We want to persuade ordinary people and bring them around to our point of view.

Is Marco Rubio still a neocon piece of shit who is a puppet of his donors? Yes, but Little Marco is a politician who is reacting to the ground underneath him shifting on this issue. If there wasn’t something real and important going on with his own constituency, he wouldn’t be talking like this.

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  1. Never trust them….they will betray OUR PEOPLE…

    There is only one game left for Native White Folks:OPEN EXPLICIT OVER-THE-TOP-WHITE RACIAL IDENTITY POLITICS…..anything else is a GENOCIDAL COMPROMISE….

  2. “Little Marco is a politician who is reacting to the ground underneath him shifting on this issue.”

    Pandering to the audience.
    Riding the waves of popular opinion.

    Look for people who have held lifelong opinions, like David Duke or Don Black.
    They are true to their cause.

  3. Let’s be clear here : the line between the private and publick sector has been, for a very long time, extremely blurred under The New England Yankee Yankee United States’ Federal Government.

    And, yes, in The Golden Age of Jewry, that was the 20th century and, indeed, the opening of this one, this miscegenation of function and purpose has grown like a cancer, to the point where the actual government does very little of anything, other than whisper it’s unconstitutional and anti-American assignments to it’s corporate half behind closed doors.

    Worse still, Congress, which is supposed to exercise an oversight over all things, has been largely bought out by the corporations, so, for all intents and purposes, what little of the original Constitution, a product of unparalleled genius by The Anglo White Race, that was still extant by the close of WWII, has been phased out.

    Though there are many illustrations of this usurpative abuse, nothing is better to me than the United States’ Government’s financing of Facebook, perhaps 15 years ago, to proliferate that then new media company’s ability to allow for the Intelligence/Spy aspect of The new England Yankee State, to constantly read everyone’s thoughts and follow everyone’s movements.

    That so, I can only welcome the radical shift in the tone of GOP politicks, this as top Republican politicians jump from the Globalist Free Trade to that of a proper Constitutional Nationalism.

    Though it is just commencing, absolutely nothing bad could come of this, only what is good, because one thing is sure – on this score things just cannot get any worse.

    Media and Tech companies must be broken into little regional bits, just as was Ma Bell, which, by the way, had far less power to intrude on people’s lives than does something like Facebook.

    Lastly, Senator Rubio is a mainstream figure, which means that, if he is espousing the new-olde ideals, there can be little doubt that the Olde Wite Gentile America is rearising her head.

    I thank God for this, because, if the truth be told, this country has quickly reacht the point where it is extremely uncomfortable to live in, which is why, a year ago, my wife and I taken a hitherotofore unimagined step of studying Hungarian daily.

    Maybe we won’t have to spend our last years in small town Hungary, if our fellow Americans, of European Blood, bite the bullet, accept a little risk, and stand up.

    If we can just all admit that we are White Supremacists, we can get down to the business of reasserting ourselves and our ways in what is our land.

    The United States does NOT belong to the Secular/Puritan Fauntleroys of Boston nor to the Steins and Bergs of New York City.

    No, it belongs to the many many Whites of the Heartland whose descendents not only built and fought for it, but, who keep it running everyday.

  4. I agree, we should appreciate every positive thing that happens. I get tired oof the”nothing will never change” attitude of so many on this side of the aisle. Societies historically take time to move in one direction or the other. The Left thinks history happened the day after yesterday, our side seems to think history never happens.

  5. “Republican voters are stampeding toward national populism and the politicians are racing behind them to catch up”

    Not really. Their opposition to capitalism is merely cultural grievance which is not substantial enough to generate real substantial change.

  6. We in the South must never forget that things will never be right until we can govern ourselves. The Yankee Empire undermines our values and our children’s future…

    We must never forget just who, in American history, has been making war on whom. America’s longest forever war turns one hundred and sixty-one this year. Afghanistan, at twenty years of Yankee re-education and scorched-earth benevolence, was but one-eighth the age of the Radical Republicans’ war against the half of the country which dared to defy the Republicans’ second American revolution.

    The Yankee Empire is unraveling. More forever wars will surely come undone by the by. We can expect to see more declarations of victory from the Rose Garden and the Oval Office as Deep State Hessians—the Janissaries which we still glibly refer to as the “American” military—pull out of other unwinnable wars, “conflicts,” and “kinetic engagements” across the rest of the imperial array.

    With each new retreat, the rhetorical ligature of “forever wars” will be pulled taut again. We will be invited to index American decline against the two-decade blind-man’s-bluff in Kandahar and Helmand. The violins will play, our television screens will darken, and the journo-propagandists in our “free press” will suggest that we observe a moment of silence for some other Afghanistan, some other broken imperial dream.

    As for me, I will be whistling “Dixie” while the Yankees mourn. The Yankee Empire’s first and longest war was against my homeland. The original forever war is the Yankee takeover of the American South.\
    — “Reconstruction is America’s Longest War”, Jason Morgan, article posted at Abbeville Institute on 4/26/2021.

    May God Save the South!

    • Great post. More and more I admire the spirit of traditional Southerners who remain faithful to their heritage. Living on the West Coast it’s not easy to appreciate that perspective, but you put it very well. Read The Bostonians (1886) by Henry James for interesting perspective on these issues.

      • @Don…

        Yes,Sir – Banned For Life makes some fantastic comments, perfectly apropos and thoroughly grounded in our eternal identity.

        • @Don, @Ivan

          Thank you both for your more than kind words. Believe me I don’t receive (or probably deserve) much positive feed back as my user name “Banned For Life” would suggest..

          My favorite engagement in fighting with the anti-South people is to charge right up on their moral high ground built on anti-slavery and abolition and then turn their supposed high ground into a pit and then throw them into it. Always generates lots of surprise and excitement like Forrest charging single-handedly into the main body of the Union army at Fallen Timbers. And It does generate lots of “praise” such as: “I cannot believe that you are actually defending slavery!” and other things I probably shouldn’t post here.

          So you may want to deny me not thrice but rather forever.

          But I do appreciate the other arguments besides slavery that are much easier to explain and I would like to give a shout-out to the Abbeville Institute and other similar groups for their hard work in making material available so pro-South people can refute all the put-downs and attacks by the Yankee Empire people. Hope the South becomes a separate nation again and we get to write down a much more accurate history of our nation than some of anti-South propaganda called “history” being distributed today.

          • @Banned…

            You are very welcome, Sir, and very deserving.

            I am always learning from you, things which I, in turn, use to express to friends, and foes, in pursuits of our higher aims, that our people might one day again thrive.

            As to the tackticks you use : I use the same, in my chest a blithering array of quotes from Confederates, Founding Fathers, and Black Nationalists, to name a few, to take the thunder out of the charges that inevitably come at me.

            Because of this, I have not lost a debate in years, and, in many cases, have won adherents in our people, once they have a greater view of the truth.

            God bless you, Sir!

  7. Q:
    What are American values in the current year?
    Transexuals runnng for office for the Republican Party.

    The only argument left in the Republican Party now, is whether or not they should call these castrated men, she.

    I’m exhausted with Republicans. I’m so exhausted, I won’t be able to vote for them ever again.

  8. Guys like Rubio are so predictable. Don’t fall for their empty rhetoric again. They are not on our side and never will be.

  9. Sounds like Marco’s main problem with Corporate America is off-shoring and tax avoidance — not their corrosive anti-White messaging.

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