Jacobin: Cancel Culture Undermines The Left

Obviously, I agree.

Political correctness or wokeness or cancel culture is unquestionably one of the biggest pathologies of the Left. It is also rooted in Freudianism, critical theory and postmodernism which has been established in previous episodes as among the worst ideas of the 20th century Left.

I’m afraid that it has reached a critical mass though with Millennials. Political correctness has mutated into wokeness which has become such a polarizing issue along with immigration that it is realigning our politics. It is now spreading like a cancer into virtually every aspect of the Biden administration and is creating problems in so many areas – the anti-white indoctrination in education, the border crisis, the explosion in violent crime, the assault on civil liberties, etc. – that it is going to end up backfiring.

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  1. If you are familiar with the advocacies of Bostonian professor, Gene Sharp, then you know that warfare has scores of political methodologies which involve absolutely no physical violence.

    The problem with these methodologies is that, if you continually use them in your own nation, you are effectively consigning the entire nation to a live in a zone of infinite warfare.

    But, yes, these methodologies have been very very effective, thusfar.

    That said, I agree with you, Mr. Griffin, and note that, not only is their efficacy quickly waning with The Average Joe and Joan American, he and she are becoming very resentful of the Politicized Left.

    Given that, it begs the question : what next … for The Left?

  2. But the problem seems to be a majority in America are quite simply bad people who hate traditional America. Either foreigners who resent whites, blacks who also hate whites, and drug addled young whites. Sort of like a nationwide version of a bad seed kid who kills their parents because he resents their attempt to instill some discipline on them. Normal whites are going to have to give up their “civics class” propaganda they grew up with and realize we can’t have “democracy” anymore when you are outnumbered by bad people.

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