NY Daily News: Biden Should’ve Gone After Beef

Progressives should be honest and own their position.

Clearly, their goal is to reduce meat consumption among the poor, the working class and middle class by having the government intervene in the economy to make meat more expensive to fight climate change. They’re just afraid to publicly champion the issue because it is politically toxic. Only people like Nanny Bloomberg or Bill Gates should be able to afford to eat a big steak every weekend. Meat eating should be a luxury for wealthy people and the upper middle class like back in the days of aristocracy.

New York Daily News:

“No, despite what Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. and some Republican members of Congress have claimed in recent days, President Biden is not actually planning to pass a law to make Americans reduce their red meat consumption by 90% in order to save the planet.

It’s too bad though. He really should.

The false claim stemmed from a very real study conducted last year by the University of Michigan and Tulane University. The research found that if beef consumption was reduced by 90% in the U.S., along with a 50% reduction in other animal products, more than 2 billion tons of greenhouse gas pollution would be saved from the atmosphere. …

The center’s population and sustainability director Stephanie Feldstein says, “Reducing meat intake isn’t part of Biden’s climate plan, but it should be,” explaining that the cumulative saving from replacing 90% of beef and 50% of other animal products with plant-based foods, would “add up to more than one-third of current U.S. annual emissions. And importantly, if we don’t change our eating habits, food-related emissions would increase 9% by 2030, moving us further from our climate goals.” …

Of course, this is not the only study to come to the conclusion that humans must reduce our consumption of animal products in order to thwart climate chaos. A 2018 report published in the journal Nature also included a call to Western countries to reduce beef and pork consumption by 90%, poultry and milk by 60%, and to replace that with four to six times more beans and similar plant-based products, in order to keep current food systems within environmental limits.

But so far, the notion of pending climate doom just hasn’t been enough to motivate most Americans to simply cut their 24 ounces of beef per week down to a burger every other week. …”

We need to get rid of pork and poultry too.

BTW, ordinary people should not be allowed to talk to each other or make fun of the new bizarre, ornate politically correct language of their superiors either. It is simply too dangerous. We have stop those people from talking back and censor the internet to save “our democracy.” We also have to get rid of the police so that only the wealthy can afford to hire security guards and educate White working class children to hate themselves for being born White in the public schools.

The Mirror:

“Two-thirds of men in Britain say they would rather die five to ten years early than give up meat, according to a new survey.

More than one in ten said giving up meat would make them feel less masculine, and a third said they believed humans were meant to eat meat – compared to one-quarter of the women surveyed. …”

There is more than an element of truth to it.

EITHER we are going to dramatically reduce meat consumption among the masses, OR, Joe Biden isn’t going to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. We’re going to try to do it by stealth with “supply side interventions” to reduce the meat supply and hike the price.


Driving the news: The move by a prominent food website to forego meat recipes, a baseless conservative media panic over President Biden’s climate plan, and Monday’s decision by a high-profile New York restaurant to shift to a meat-free menu have drawn new attention to the rolethe food system plays in climate change. …

What’s next: Part of what propels a viral fake story is that it seems like it has an element of truth to it. For many who bought into the Fox News reporting, it made sense that a White House that’s pursuing federally-led action on climate change would seek to alter Americans’ diets. …

These include supply side interventions, such as making land use more sustainable, shortening supply chains so food travels shorter distances between pastures and plates, protecting forests from conversion to agriculture, and techniques to cut methane emissions from cows.”

They’re getting mad about the pushback against their actual position.

This is why they continue to write articles like “Joe Biden isn’t banning meat eating, but actually the proles should eat Impossible Burgers and drive electric cars.” The actual plan is to reduce meat consumption by more subtle means by having the government pay ranchers to reduce their livestock which will reduce the supply and thus make more meat more expensive for ordinary people.

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  1. Again, If they were serious about “climate change” they’d have to stopp mass import people. They don’t which tells you they aren’t environmentalists, quite the opposite.

  2. “We need to get rid of pork and poultry too.”

    We need to get rid of Yankees and Jews. The South and the West need to resist the Northeast. Which Joe Biden and his ilk represent.

  3. If you know science you know that the Woke Lynchmob against meat-eating is yet another of the endless dominance and submissions games.

    Case in point?

    Cows, by themselves, do not produce all that much methane, but, rather, have it done to them by the terrible habit of giving them antibioticks, as a part of their diet.

    This practice began in 1968, and, though one might argue that it was well-intended at the time, it hath wrought numerous very negative effects, one of which is that antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your gut, or that of a cow,, and that leads to a great deal of gassiness, which, ordinarily, simply would not be.


    So, next time your friends or relatives give you some grief over serving hamburgers and hot dogs at your parties, just tell them it is free-range that is never fed antibiotics, and wait for them to bite on that line…

  4. “their goal is to reduce meat consumption among the poor, the working class and middle class by having the government intervene in the economy to make meat more expensive to fight climate change.”

    Do you get we are all going to go extinct if shit keeps going in this direction? Like not only will we be dead but all animals and life will be gone? No. You probably think it’s bullshit. Still talking in class rhetoric (I still share sympathy of the class aspect as rich have private planes, etc). And yes, raising meat is an attack on the poor (who make up more of the meat consumption) which is wrong. Since we’re all talking about owning shit, I’ll take the environment and Earth over the poor. Every time. Because the Earth takes precedence. Without it, we all die.

    Yes, the progressives are pussies. As I said, they can’t own their position. And half more don’t have the conviction because environmentalism requires iron resolve. Something you’re not going to find in a democracy with overweight Americans who know nothing more than consumerism. Everyone knows what this country is.

    But you can’t own yours.

    You give zero fucks except for economics (and race and cultural preservationism).

    Their actions are superficial. Like taxing gas (that hurts the poor but they feel they’re doing something with shitty incrementalism. instead of radically providing electric cars for free for car owners and mass production and providing for factories workers in the middle America like I do for all the jobs that moved to China). But you’re resistant to electric cars. You don’t want to do red meat reduction (which combined with the others that I mentioned, this could possibly be spared). You don’t want to do population reduction (especially in the 3rd world. maybe possibly there). You don’t want to do anything. Except when things align to your ideas on migration and its carbon footprint (maybe). You’re essentially just a reactionary Conservative. That’s what most Nationalists are.

    They can’t own they want to do this (but too cowardly). Now let’s see you own you give zero fucks about the Earth and world extinction (you either don’t believe it or don’t care and want to live the American lifestyle you’re used to for a long time).

    I think people need to start owning what they truly believe without beating around the bush. Great development.

    • The remnants of the alt-right have been devolving into conservatarianism since Covid. I agree, why not go full Bloomberg on public health. Gaia schmiah — let’s do it on aesthetic grounds. The Day of the Exercise Bike: beetuses meet their doom.

      That said, I love a tasty burger! Mm Mm!

      • Some people eat to live. And some people live to eat.

        What you *are* internally defines you. Everything starts within.

      • Health, physical fitness, and self-improvement are popular goals. Perhaps the “nanny” framing we hear from Corporate America is a Frank Luntz special. Who knows?

        In the early 1990s, the right went into anti-government mode after violent .gov overreach. While that stuff helps Republicans win midterm elections it only reinforces the recent pattern of the Democrats pushing hard and the GOP consolidating leftwing changes. In contrast, someone like Eugene Debs — who was incarcerated twice — was able to help change the trajectory of the entire Democratic Party by creating a new constituency with new ways of thinking. He didn’t seemed worried about alienating the Bourbon Democrats.

      • So no owning up. Got it.

        Hitting multiple birds with one stone by reindustrializing the base than just wailing about jobs going overseas, giving purpose, giving a form of transport that uses a cheaper fuel source and maintenance is dumb. I look forward to your concrete specific solutions then just vague bullet points and platitudes.

        • Presumably, the aspiration here is to control the weather of the planet by dictating to people in this country what they allowed to eat, what they are allowed to drive, how they should live, what they can say on social media and so forth. It strikes me as a lot to ask and I am not inclined to give all of this power to people who want to criminalize our politics as “domestic extremism.” Maybe there is a case to be made though for empowering people who consider us evil and their enemies and who do not respect our rights

    • Aspire…many, or most, of the people on “this side” ultimately believe that “God will take care of it”. The possibility of humanity wrecking the planet is beyond their belief. This condition obviously applies to other problems we face, as well.

      • Right. I have no idea where my type of people are. Obviously not here. Can’t go on twitter. Maybe I’ll make a new account. But still, obviously frustrating.

      • Powell,

        If God created a species that actually has the capability of wrecking the nice pretty green and blue planet that he also created, then God is an idiot who failed to cover his ass. Humans don’t have the ability to wreck the planet through carbon emissions. I suppose if we pulled a “Matrix” and dropped nukes everywhere, maybe we could wreck the planet, but driving cars and eating burgers? You’re out of your damn mind if you think thats actually possible.

    • “Aspiretothestars”

      I wonder how this dufus thinks the mighty “Aryan Race” will get to the stars without pouring literal metric tons of rocket fuel into the atmosphere:

      “Upon reaching orbit, the world’s heaviest operational rocket will have burned about 400 metric tons of kerosene and emitted more carbon dioxide in a few minutes than an average car would in more than two centuries”


      He doesn’t want regular Whites to eat burgers and steaks, and last week claimed the Nazis would have supported the Left’s war on beef, but he thinks its okay to launch rockets into space. He probably thinks the rockets will be launched with solar power or Elon Musk batteries.

      GTFO. The Earth isn’t dying. A 1 or 2 degree increase in global temperature won’t kill the green things. Worst case scenario, the climate changes to the point where human life becomes unsustainable, which, like, who cares. Most humans are disposable anyway.

      We should enjoy life to the fullest, which means eating as much burgers and steak as we damn well please. “Aryan Supremacy” be damned.

      • I don’t larp with “Aryan Supremacy.” Some of you dullards worship Nazis yet have zero clue which was the point of me bringing them up. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/tools/keywords/reichsnaturschutzgesetz-reich-conservation-act

        I’m fully aware of rockets and their emissions. My name goes beyond simply literally physically going to the stars. But even if we do take your interpretation, I’d rather use the emission for space when there is replacement technology we can use for car emissions.

        “Worst case scenario, the climate changes to the point where human life becomes unsustainable, which, like, who cares. Most humans are disposable anyway.”

        This is the most nihilistic selfish shit I’ve ever read. Yes, humans are shit. But there are good things as well. I guess this is what extreme atomization and despair leads to. Even though I find your views repulsive, I at least have respect for your honesty and crassness (which is less than most on this site).

        Yes massive fires becoming more frequent won’t kill “green things.” A couple of degrees is a big fucking deal. Except it will and it already has.

        “A 2020 study conducted by the University of Arizona, for instance, found that at the current rate of temperature rise, one-third of all plants and animals on the planet will be at risk of mass extinction in the next 50 years.” https://news.yahoo.com/climate-change-will-be-disastrous-even-after-latest-world-pledges-report-finds-182358643.html

        And there will be increase migration especially from the hottest places on Earth become inhospitable. When some place is inhospitable, people move. You have no idea what a real migration crises will be. And guess were they’ll go? Besides changing emissions to cleaner energy is better for respiratory health. https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/climate-impacts-drivers-migration

        “The current migrant stream includes people fleeing the devastation wrought by an epic drought in Guatemala which has ravaged the coffee crop, which is the nation’s largest rural employer. Honduras is still reeling from the effects of a pair of hurricanes in December, which affected as much as half of the population. El Salvador, too, is subject to unpredictable and intense droughts. All of this contributes to the desperation which causes people to lose hope, leaving their homes for their very survival and ultimately heading north to the U.S, because there is no other established route to safety.” https://thehill.com/opinion/immigration/547643-how-to-manage-migration-intensified-by-climate-change

        Yes, I get it. You want to shovel food into your mouth, watch porn, shoot guns, be obese and worship freedom or as you call it “live life to its fullest.” You don’t believe in responsibility or duty and thinking about more than yourself. It’s about “me me me me me.” Since you don’t give a shit about preservationism when it comes to the environment, let alone future generations, why the fuck should anyone care when you whine about preserving the white race dying out or “Southern Heritage” (which is nothing more than Glenn Beck or Michael Moore…On second thoughts maybe the white race and the human race should die out, eh?)?

        • 1. Here’s a quote from that link of yours about the Nazis and Environmentalism:

          ”Doubt has been cast on whether the Act was born of an interest in conservation rather than in the intensive exploitation of resources.”

          Even if we account for this quote being a subtle attempt to discredit the Nazis in the never ending effort to deny that Nazis ever did anything good or rational, the historical fact is that the Nazis were not interested in dismantling their economy or restricting the diet of their citizens. I’m willing to bet they would have not banned the production of beef. You might say, “but they would have if they saw how obese Americans are!” To which I say: The fat party animal Herman Goering says hi.

          2. I can’t express in words how much I hate charlatans and faux intellectuals who are too prideful and sophisticated to deal with words and ideas literally and practically, and instead deal in “allegory” or “symbolism.” Such is the case with you and your “aspiretothestars” bullshit.

          We get it: You saw a Matt McConaughey movie and decided that space travel should serve as the modern day Michaelangelos “Creation of Adam”: Aryan Man “reaching for the stars.” Spencer Burger has been promoting that vision for a decade. Its a cool vision, but no, it shouldn’t be the overarching teleos of White Civilization. And more to the point: To achieve it requires continued technological development, which means more fuel emission. Environmentalism and space travel are incompatible goals.

          3. Tesla and others are currently working on electric vehicles, but you want the government to push the issue and phase out fossil fuels when current technological development is not ready for that. Your policies would ruin the economy and our way of life before we have the capability to transition to your precious clean energy sources. You don’t care about that because you think our way of life is just porn and burgers, but most of us will take porn and burgers over starving to death and wiping our asses with pinecones. Which is what your policies would lead to if applied before the technology is ready.

          4. Two thirds of plants and animals would still exist under that study, which means life and the planet itself would carry on. We aren’t at risk of becoming Venus. Hundreds of millions of years ago, Earth’s climate used to be uninhabitable for humans. If that happens again, its not remarkable. Its just another change the Earth’s climate goes through. No, I’m not willing to trash our 1st world living standards to stop that from happening, even if it means we go extinct in the long term. At least we got to enjoy life while it lasted.

          5. The migration argument is a dumb one because the real issue there is White people crying and feeling sad for Brown people. If Whites had the guts to stop Brown people from infesting our countries, the climate crisis wouldn’t change anything. But we don’t have the guts, so the climate crisis – if it ever becomes a thing – will just be used as another way to guilt trip a weak, spineless race into further surrendering its homelands and its women even more than it already has. Yippty fricking doo.

          6. I could calmly explain the difference between valid conservation efforts and bringing upon another Holodomer on ourselves, but its not worth the effort. I learned last year that when people are scared of something more immediate – Covid 19, Climate Change – they are willing to gut themselves long term in order to secure perceived short term gains. I’m done explaining why thats a bad idea. You have decided that beef must be banned in order to save the world, and you think White Nationalists should go along with it because it’ll make our people less fat. I have different goals and motives for why I wish to save the White Race. Mine are provincial and ethnocentric: I think Whites should value the lives of themselves and their fellow White people over everyone else. I don’t actually give a shit about “ideals” or “values” if they get in the way of surviving and thriving.

          7. College Educated White Professionals who care about the environment but don’t care about their race aren’t going to suddenly change their minds and care about their race just because I change my mind and show them that I care about the environment. It doesn’t work that way. Most environmentalists are hardcore ideological anti-racists. So don’t come at me with that crap about how they shouldn’t care about Whites just because I don’t care if the climate changes. They wouldn’t care about their own race regardless. They would insist that Brown people are just like them right up until Mohammad slices their throat. Thats who Progressives are.

          • 1. You’re never going to find a pro-Nazi link. Are you serious dude? Where do you think we’re living? You’re clearly delusional. The point was to point to environmentalism in the Reich. They had a war. In war, resources get used regardless of environmental positions (and the environment gets destroyed also in war). So I could see that. I also don’t discount the environmental and animal protections. But you’re right. Maybe “blood AND SOIL’ is just something they made up. Thanks expert, I’ll keep that in mind. Yes, one fat man in the high command. That’s nice. I’ll look forward to you explaining away the health regime in the Reich due to one fat man in the high command. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC535959/

            2. Whatever makes me stay rent free in your head. Too bad I don’t charge. You make some valid points (the few that you make at all) about space travel. I do believe a lot of space travel is based upon defeatism that the planet is done (like Musk). I don’t believe that. But I’m not going to get into a huge tangent about it. My opinions can obviously change.

            3. I see the economy as a means to an end. Not the destination. I also believe in a semi-command economy. The economy is to serve man. Man isn’t to serve the economy. The State would take over production to create cars and provide hundreds of thousands in this country (especially in the industrial heartlands) a job and a purpose (and many are jobless now). Plus there are other health benefits to not having smog (or hippie shit I’m sure to you). Nothing would be dependent solely on Musk and Tesla. There would also be a program for poor people to exchange their cars (for free). Ambitious? Yes. But doable? Sure. If there’s is a will, that is (and there isn’t). Rather than simply wailing about jobs going overseas as an empty talking point, like you do, to actually do something about it and come up with solutions. But I get it, this shit is too scary and so you have to knee jerk about extreme hyperbole of loosing all meat (which I don’t believe in btw because there’s other stuff we can do), deep fried twinkies, and wiping asses with pinecones as a way to discredit. I have not heard one solution from you. Are you going to pine over China and jobs like Trump for 50,000 years? Let’s hear it.

            4. That’s nice. You’re cool with 2/3rds of animals surviving (as if it won’t get worse from there) and mass extinction of many animal species. I’m sorry I just don’t buy your nihilism shit.

            5. Migration is going to increase. And instead of dealing with some of the root problems you decide to recluse into your hole. So what are you going to do smart man? Ass beat every spineless white person? Or wail about it on this website about how cowardly they are here?

            6. I think I hit a nerve for the WN. Don’t bitch about preservationism when you give zero fucks about anything else but yourself. The white race could be fat, pathetic, disgusting, in a Mad Max hellwhole with no animals, you’d be cool because at least “the white race ‘exist,'” whatever the form and whatever the environment it’s in. Yet also, the human species can die out that you give zero shits about. How does that fit in with saving the white race you larp about with your ethnocentricism? It’s hilarious and ironic. If the human species is going to die and you give “zero shits,” why do you care about the white race surviving? Simply because you’re ethnocentric? So you’re blindly ethnocentric “just because,” yet the species could just die and “who cares?” LMAO.

            7. Yes. Most environmentalism has hardcore militant antiracists, so therefore environmentalism is dumb. Jesus Christ. Learn to pick out from the good and bad in an article then blindly believe everything wholesale. No one in power has our views. So of course things are going to laden with political bias. That is a problem from the first link I give about the Nazis to the other links. But, I’ll push this further. Even if you’re right, I’ll still help the Earth, you want to know why? Because there is no white race without the Earth. Unlike you, I understand the hierarchy of things. You don’t care about the human species and the Earth, yet care about the white race “surviving” (whatever the fuck that entails because it doesn’t seem to entail much from what I gather due to your “ethnocentrism”), which is dependent on the Earth to survive, and race is part of species. You’re incoherent.

        • >Nazis

          Nazi! Racist! Fascist! It is a drastic understatement to say that neurotic progressives have been heaping ritual curses upon conservatives with increasing frequency. We can understand why some conservatives embrace the labeling. As an example, there was a mystique around Darth Cheney during the Bush years when he was depicted as Ultimate Evil. After his hunting mishap a little after the time of Hurricane Katrina, he looked like an incompetent buffoon. His mystique evaporated.

          There is a mystique to playing the heel. Even Cocaine Mitch does it.

          Despite the edginess, the American right still prefers individualism, freedom, rights, and other paraphernalia of liberalism. Jonah Goldberg and Dinesh D’Souza were right all along. Democrats really are the real fascists!

          From this scene, one learns the value of collectivism, authority, and hierarchy, and learns to reject consumerism, ersatz identities (sportsball, capeshit — come’on, are spooks, journalists, mutants, and billionaires really the good guys?), and Americanism.?? While voter resorting has already happened, policy realignment might be a myth. Is there a better chance of the Dems watering down anti-whiteness (they’re considering it), or the Republicans moving beyond Goldwater?

          One Sowelltopian idea I still retain from my years as a conservatard is that there are no solutions, only trade-offs. I need to go cold turkey on politics and just accept my, uh, transition to a Democrat-leaning swing voter.

          • As you can see from my heated exchange, the Right is still intrinsically Liberal. Arguably more so.

            “Despite the edginess, the American right still prefers individualism, freedom, rights, and other paraphernalia of liberalism. Jonah Goldberg and Dinesh D’Souza were right all along. Democrats really are the real fascists!”

            Pretty much.

            “Is there a better chance of the Dems watering down anti-whiteness (they’re considering it), or the Republicans moving beyond Goldwater?”

            Probably not until white people start attacking other white people who enable it. I think it’s more complex than minorities doing it. It takes two to tango.

            “From this scene, one learns the value of collectivism, authority, and hierarchy, and learns to reject consumerism, ersatz identities (sportsball, capeshit — come’on, are spooks, journalists, mutants, and billionaires really the good guys?), and Americanism.??”

            I have a higher standard for Europeans. Not to just be a fat worthless group of nothings (which they are). If I have to be a paternalistic asshole, so be it I guess.

  5. This has nothing to do with climate. Climate is just an excuse. They hate our guts and are trying to starve us to death.

  6. Why doesn’t the U.S. Government adopt the slogan: “Meat is Murder” to convince people to stop eating beef? Aren’t cows, pigs, chickens, goats etc. really just “animal companions?” Don’t animals have souls too?

    I will need some suggestions as to how to convince my dog not to eat meat anymore, he doesn’t even care if it’s cooked. Maybe I can put him on a diet of pizza and ice cream all the time, he loves pizza and ice cream.

  7. The Holodomor 2.0 is being waged against the citizens of USSA with the same people involved.

  8. And all those imports that work the meat packing plants… I’m sure they’re happy with this.

  9. The Simon de Montfort who founded the House of Commons had a father. Who died crusading against the Albigensians. What would John Hagee, a real Anglo-Saxon American, say to that?

    • John Piggee is a comically rotund and porcine conman. Why did you specifically mention him?

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