VICE: Inside One of the World’s Largest Edible Insect Factories

The shift from beef to bugs as a protein source is real.

Cattle are terrible for the planet because there are too many of them grazing and belching and farting which releases methane which is ruining the climate. Meat eating is rightwing. We’re not the ones who insist who on raising the issue. The shift toward bugs and capsules continues to pop up in progressive circles. There is also a shift from breast feeding mothers to chest feeding trans men.

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  1. Hunter, how come you won’t answer my questions about why you allow anti-Catholic and anti-Irish trolls to post on your blog? Why you think it’s a good idea to allow trolls who spread hate against something like a third of white Americans to repeatedly post false garbage here? What is the point of moderating posts if that kind of things makes it through every time. It sends the signal that you support this point of view. Please address this now and stop ignoring it.

    • Obviously, I let all kinds of people post in the comments who have a wide range of views. If I was interested in moderating the comment section to the point where it was just people who echo what I am saying on the main page, half of the people here would be gone. I do, however, remove a lot of those comments which never make it past the filter.

      • KW/TW is an anti-white troll. He is not expressing any legitimate point of view and he is alienating your readers and causing division in our movement. I have personally brought you readership from good people I know IRL, as well as posting countless links to here all over the the internet, but I will stop reading your blog and advise others against coming here if you continue to allow my race to be insulted by anti-white trolls telling lies. I will also assume you share those beliefs.

  2. Our self-chosen rulers really seem to want us to eat bugs. Tempeh is a far more practical superfood. You can grow it on substrates other than soy also. Walmart even sells it now.

    • Tempeh is a food of Javanese peasants. Why would you eat it unless you were poor? Let Whites eat meat as we always have. Both health and environmental claims against meat are liberal bullshit.

  3. So I actually watched the entire video despite the knee jerk shit that some here do. It seems to be largely about feeding animals the bugs- so the actual “bug burgers” is Conservative (and many Nationalist) shit. Many animals like free range chickens naturally eat bugs. Not sure about feeding it to a dog at the end of the video. That is a no no. I digress. However, as someone who eats tons of meat and lifts weights protein bars, regularly (despite one nimrod here and his shit takes and reading skills), the directly eating is a no-go. But shit has to be done. And if you don’t like this, you need to offer other alternatives (which I support getting rid of gasoline cars and reindustrialization. reducing population for many places like the 3rd world. not developing the 3rd world countries into 1st world ones. if push comes to shove, yes, lab created meat is what I’ll be willing to do. but will not do any “bug meat.” But there is tons of other things I want to do which makes Liberals incredibly uncomfortable. And Conservatives/Nationalists don’t want to do frankly shit but go back to 1955 which isn’t coming back) and not be the group of “no” every time. A lot of this is going to take sacrifice and some level of “triumph of will” from a population that wants to do nothing but laze around and live a decadent lifestyle (rising obesity killing the society). Even if there was a conspiratorial incremental push, that makes it all the more paramount that another group, offer different solutions, rule and move society in a different direction. If you don’t move society, someone else will. Something as old as Time itself.

    Eating bugs has been a thing I’ve seen in some specialty shops ever since I was a kid (now that I think about it). Bee pops I’ve seen in some Mexican shops or whatever. Still gross. But different groups do eat bugs.

    • The first part of the video was about feeding animals insect-based protein. It quickly moved on from there to humans eating insect-based recipes to fight climate change.

  4. Lol eating bugs to stop climate change?! What a ridiculous concept Haha get fucked libtards

    I am never eating bugs Obese people are disgusting and healthy eating should be encouraged fruits and vegetables but I’m always gonna eat beef.

    When libtards and greta thunberg can get Asians to stop eating pangolins (you know the whole reason we are wearing masks rn) and dogs In the meantime shut your damn traps

  5. Just clicked on the related story above about “Formicophilia” and wish I hadn’t.

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