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  1. Every few years the jews manage to really tee me off.

    The last time is about 5 years ago when Izzy over-reacted and demolished Lebanon due to a few Hezbollah mortar rounds.

    Growing up in the ’80 Lebanon was in the news constantly as Israel occupied some of the area and several American hostages had been taken by Muzzies.

    Before my time back in the 1970s Lebanon was a really nice place and was called the Paris of the Levant.

    Israel just keeps going in there and trashing the place like they are irresponsible frat kids & folks just get sick of this senseless destruction.

  2. Israel was created as the seat of power for the Moshiach, the anti-Christ. The people of this world do not want the Moshiach and therefore there is no good reason for the state of Israel to exit. Israel must be destroyed for the good of all of human kind. And if the Jews don’t like they can go straight to hell.

  3. Just one yid kvetching. The juice actually did well in this scrap. No one came to help the Orcs and they got a whupping.

    The sheenies don’t care about the opinions of the Goyim. Through Talipot they control the world, except China is trying to break free, hence the anti slant propaganda war.

    But for now through Talipot they control the whole world, and they know it. These are the Golden Years of Israhell.

  4. I think Norman is really concerned about a Holocaust II and he should be. There will never be peace in the Middle East until someone leaves and it isn’t going to be a billion and a half Muslims.

  5. I can count the good ones on one hand. Finkelstein, David Cole, Bobby Fischer, Ron Unz…help me out.

  6. Stalin offered them Birobidzhan, Hitler suggested Madagascar. But no, the jews had to grab Palestine because of its strategic location. And because they are natural-born troublemakers.

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