Vox: A No-Beef Diet Is Great – But Only If You Don’t Replace It With Chicken

Progressives have a problem with meat-eating.

Don’t let them tell you otherwise. They fantasize about getting rid of meat eating and replacing meat with alternative protein sources like lab grown meat or insects or preferably vegetarian diets all the time. They also want to get rid of fossil fuels and nuclear power and gas guzzling vehicles.


“Most people have heard it by now: Our meat habit is bad for the world. Polling suggests that tens of millions of people are taking this message seriously: One in four Americans said they tried to cut back on meat in the last year, and half of those cited environmental concerns as a major reason. …

Cutting meat consumption is as smart an idea as advertised. Industrial farming — the source of 99 percent of the meat Americans eat —provides the world with cheap meat, but it does so at a terrible environmental and moral cost.

Where it gets complicated is when people decide which meat, exactly, they’ll be cutting back on. Often, it’s beef that loses out in that calculus. 

There’s no way around it: Raising beef really is bad for the world.

About 15 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock. Beef is the biggest culprit, accounting for about 65 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. Cattle produce methane, and they also require lots of carbon-intensive land conversion and carbon-intensive feed. They’re about 20 times more resource-costly per calorie than veggies, and about three times more resource-costly per calorie than fish or chicken.

Beef’s defenders have argued that it doesn’t have to be that way. Proposals from feeding cattle seaweed in order to reduce their methane emissions to “regenerative farming” that can improve soil and land have been aired, and some have been implemented on a small scale.

But American consumers shouldn’t kid themselves: If you purchase beef from a grocery store shelf or in a restaurant in America, unless you go very far out of your way to trace, source, and verify the sustainable history of that meat, you’re getting the product of a carbon-intensive industrial process. …

And chicken is no panacea for the climate either. “Its impact on the climate only looks benign when compared with beef’s,” Garces points out. “Greenhouse gas emissions per serving of poultry are 11 timeshigher than those for one serving of beans, so swapping beef with chicken is akin to swapping a Hummer with a Ford F-150, not a Prius.” …

There simply aren’t humane, sustainable, widely available, and cheap meats. …”

Meat eating is immoral and destroying the planet.

The War on Beef isn’t good enough. Eating a chicken sandwich instead of a cheeseburger “basically amounts to trading one moral catastrophe for another.”

Cheap gasoline, electricity from non-renewable sources and grocery stores full of cheap meat produced by industrial animal agriculture are in the crosshairs of progressive activists. They are pissed off that working class people are driving their trucks and cars and buying that cheap meat in the grocery stores instead of the Beyond Burgers and Impossible Burgers. Something is going to have to be done about it.

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  1. I can see that they have not consulted with The Negroes yet, otherwise they’d know that the barbecue ribs and chicken legs will never ever go.

    As for myself, I can only repeat what I have said to a preacher, the one ‘woke individual’ we have in this town : ” No, neither the wife nor I will be dinin’ on no dang roasted cricket dish – not now, not ever.’

    • Yep, if y’all want to find out what a real insurrection is? : just mess with Bojangles, KFC, and Popeyes, and see what The Southern Negro does…

  2. Vegetarian/vegan diets are EXTREMELY unhealthy. If you don’t eat meat, you will seriously mess up your brain.


    A lot of young white girls like to go vegetarian but I bet if you studied it you would find that all the hormones they put in meat really screw up their system. They may say they don’t like the idea of eating cute animals but in reality the meat is making them sick, not because it’s meat, but because of all the additional hormones.

    Your brain literally cannot function without the complex fats that are only found in meat. The “real” vegans, like certain castes of Hindus in India, they get their B-12 from the poop their vegetables grow in.

    Sorry, being a human being, an animal, it’s messy, and stinky, and oily. That’s life, get over it.

    As for global warming – not a single one of these jack-offs gives a damn about the Earth and the environment. Want proof? Tell them we need to stop immigration to save the environment, and all of a sudden they turn on a dime and don’t care about “climate change” anymore.

    You know what makes people fat? It’s not eating enough meat and instead eating all that processed wheat, which is terrible for you.


    America needs to eat more, higher quality organic beef with no additional hormones.

    • A mostly vegan diet with fish or fish oils (cold pressed) is about the best you can do. I don’t think wild meat so bad but factory farmed meat is poison. At least the N. American version.

      • @KT-88

        You’re absolutely right, in general, though, because each person has a different age, regimen, state of mind, genetick traits, and blood type, there is some variance.

        Generally, however, as we get older eating less meat is helpful, drinking green tea (to cancel out cancer’s primary fuel ‘glutamines’) and maintaining some distance from carbohydrates, especially those that are processt.

        Juicing is also helpful, not only in scavenging the free-radicals that damage the mitochondrial DNA that lead to damaged oxidated cells, and, thus, all kinds of disease, but, in destroying the building blocks of inflammation.

        One diet chemist, whose life work I respect, always says : ‘If it is creamed, masht, or smasht, then boiled, and then has stuff added to it, stay the hell away from it – it’s poison!’

        For me getting older has been a blessing, but, one thing I do hate about it is not being able to drop by KFC and order a bucket of extra-crispy with a pale of slaw and potatoes.

        The slaw is good for you, the rest ain’t, and, given that I want to see my wife and daughters through some more years, me and extra-crispy have gone our separate ways, as have me and old double cheeseburger, though, once in every blue moon I cannot stop myself I do have one meal of those!

    • “The real vegans, like certain castes of Hindus…”

      Even the Hindus are not “vegan”, as they consume lots of milk, butter, ghee, etc.

    • Complex fats only found on meat? Hahaha,there is nothing in the meat that cannot be found somewhere else.(the hardest thing is B12). Eggs>corpses. I do not think meat should be banned,but we do not need to make shit up to justify this.

  3. @BannedHipster…

    “Vegetarian/vegan diets are EXTREMELY unhealthy. If you don’t eat meat, you will seriously mess up your brain.”

    Is that what happened to The Progressives?

    • Hitler was wrong on meat, as he was on many other things. The only thing he got right was The Jew Question.

      • @Jubal…

        Oh, c’mon now! : you don’t think Hitler had good taste in women and dogs?

        I think Eva was cute as all get-out and Blondi was an excellent dog.

        Also, I think he had splendid taste in mountain hideaways!

        As to ‘The Jewish Question’, he might have gotten that right, but, he flubbed ‘The German Answer’.

        • 1. He should not have expected the British to behave sanely or honorably.
          2. He should not have declared war on the US, even though it was already violating neutrality.
          3. He could have carried out a policy of Baltic/Slavic liberation, instead of oppression.

      • No, they got it wrong, just like they got Britain’s pending alliance wrong. Your logic basically comes down to:

        >The Nazis were Pro White
        >The Nazis banned beef (they didn’t, but its a meme now)
        >”We” are Pro White (“we” being racist liberals)
        >”We” should support the anti-racist cultural left in their crusade to ban beef

        Eff off with that.

  4. Of all obsessions the Left wants, this is literally kicking against the goad, so too speak. Most of the meat is raised in red states. People wanted more meat in their diets. For centuries people’s diets consisted of basically gruel, with a little meat. Nobody is going back to that. Especially fake meat. It just ain’t happening

  5. The Jews have a lot of things going on, one of them is destroying America by ruining our diet. This actually started almost a century ago. The founding event was the marketing of “Crisco” oil, which P@G said would replace our traditional oils, such as butter, lard, etc.

    They have been successful in that. The Jews have created a nations of defectives, who have eaten junk their entire lives. Fat, weak, feminine, diseased, submissive Goyim, cattle ripe for the slaughter.

    Now the Jews want us to eat bugs and fake meat. It’s no worse than “Crisco”, corn syrup, etc. Just the next step in a long campaign to destroy us.

    Eat natural. Don’t eat any of this Jew garbage, especially their fake oils and junk food. Eat like your ancestors ate.

    • They want the meat to come from China, where there are no animal protection laws, and they can do whatever they want to them.
      It seems like people are getting dumber and dumber, and some scientist said that human brains have diminished in size. Maybe the hey-day of this earth was long ago, when the Roman Empire or the Egyptians were thriving. People seemed more able to get along with a lot less long ago, and achieve things.

      • “It seems like people are getting dumber and dumber, and some scientist said that human brains have diminished in size. Maybe the hey-day of this earth was long ago, when the Roman Empire or the Egyptians were thriving.”

        I don’t know, but it feels like Whites have their last chance right now, or have already passed the tipping point.

    • Eat like your ancestors ate.

      Our ancestors ate red meat. Its good for you, it doesn’t ruin the environment, and it shouldn’t be banned. Not for Whites anyway.

  6. Kelsey Piper the author of this garbage is an anorexic nutjob.

    From her twitter—-I’ve seen psychiatrists for depression, anxiety, and anorexia.

    • For some of these victims, going to a “counselor” is a way of life. They can’t figure things out for themselves.

  7. Meat does not cause heart disease.

    It’s carbohydrates. Refined foods. Vegetables do not cause heart disease.
    Dr. Atkins got it right a long time ago.
    Fats do not cause heart disease.

    The “low fat” diets made more people fat. One hundred calorie packets of “Snack Well” cookies.
    Counting calories. Three meals per day versus a lot of small meals per day. Eating when you’re not
    hungry. “Portion Control” and “A Balanced Diet” were pushed by nutrition counselors.
    It’s why the Keto diet helps people lose weight. Meat, eggs, fish, fats, and vegetables. Water, not some mixed flavor packet in a bottle.

    Too many people eat from restaurants or prepared foods. Sports bar food. For the price of a meal there, you can go out and buy some Wagyu beef and make a salad. Man is an animal, and you wouldn’t feed an animal that stuff.

    Maybe we are more carnivorous (as opposed to omnivorous) than we’d like to admit.

    • The body prefers fats for fuel, but of course needs other things as well. Sugar is the enemy when it comes to good health.

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