Liberal Larry: Cancel Father’s Day

I always enjoy Larry’s perspective.

We have recently celebrated Black History Month, Earth Day and Birthing Persons Day. We grilled vegan sausages and Brood X cicadas on Memorial Day. We’re celebrating PRIDE Month.

Juneteenth is coming up on June 19th. Why do we have to ruin it by celebrating Father’s Day? Who needs fathers anyway? What about the kids who don’t have fathers?

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  1. The USS liberty should have a holiday named after the ship Israel attacked June , 8 1967 to remind everyone that Israel is our greatest ally.

  2. @ l figured ” liberal larry”, didnt know who is pappy was/is whatever, i am also assuming he is not a father himself, i really wish , he was publicly shut down, their could possibly be minor white kids watching this, for their sake alone, shut him down, he offers encouragement to our enemies, offends and demoralizes our troops, he should be behind closed doors when they perform thee “Exorcism”………. To oppose thee patriachy , opposes “our father who art in heaven”, ” liberal larry” is in dire need of intervention of some sort.

  3. ‘Cancelling’ Father’s Day is only a natural progression of the death spiral trajectory we are on.

  4. Is this guy real or a parody? He’s like a gay homeless rail riding mutant offspring of Rip Taylor and Garth Algar. Weirdly both were in Wayne’s World 2.

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