How Human Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change

I saw this last night.

This was jaw dropping.

Maybe we should “trust science” though? What could go wrong?

Note: I’ve found the original video below. Fastforward to 27:40 for this segment but watch the whole thing. It is an interesting discussion on the ethics of altering the human genome.

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    • FDR and Truman supported Mao. Quite a few of the Jews in FDR’s cabinet left for China to direct our tax money and materials aid to Mao after Germany was destroyed. Everything is a lie and we are at the end stage of a long term plan for our genocide.

    • I am glad you did not write “should,” but you seem to imply it.

      There were definite plans to do just that, in support of the U.S.’s puppet Chiang Kai-shek regime, and once again during the invasion of Korea when the U.S. advance was being stopped by China – and yet again in 1958.

      The U.S. is still the only nation that has actually used nuclear weapons, and the U.S. and Israel still refuse to rule out making first strikes.

      • I don’t think the US or UK or Russia for that matter are in a position to fight China. That ship sailed in the late 40s. Asia won ww2.

  1. And what really leaps out at you from this revolting video is this:WHITE GENOCIDE IS REAL!!!!!!

    And you should have no doubt about this…

  2. If present trends continue, I guarantee you that Progressives will eventually promote engineering everyone to be racially mixed to “end racism” and such forever. I don’t think that is far off, in fact. “Dear White couple, you have a baby on the way? Great. Now let’s just add a little African and Asian DNA and make sure your little gender fluid bundle of joy doesn’t grow up to be a racist.”

    • I do not doubt it at all. They may simply outlaw same race marriages to promote “equity” and “diversity”.

  3. That gook ought to be looking into East Asians being genetically engineered to be allergic to bat, rat, snake, monkey, and any other ‘exotic’ meat’ that might lead to a pandemic.

  4. Trans-humanism is part of the Klaus Schwab great reset. The Jews want to live for ever and rule over human kind for eternity in defiance of God almighty. You are going to be programmed like a computer to obey your kyke masters. What could go wrong?

  5. Sounds entirely plausible and absolutely not crank-bait for conservatives who must be kept away from the phrase “anti-white,” as possible. Have we got the definitive news from Israel on the UFOs yet?

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