Ben Sasse Slams Afghanistan Withdrawal

I’ve spent the last eight months criticizing Joe Biden.

What’s the alternative though? Do we want to engage in another round of pointless backlash politics and bring the GOP back to power? Would we be better off with Ben Sasse and the True Cons and MIGA running our foreign policy? Did Trump ever really intend to withdraw from Afghanistan?

Goober’s position is stay in Afghanistan forever. Prop up the fake Afghan government forever. Prop up the fake Afghan army which didn’t fight forever. Everything is fine as long as the gravy train keeps flowing to defense contractors. Break the peace agreement with the Taliban. Go to war with the Taliban. Squander more American lives to prop up the fake Afghan government. Bring as many Afghan refugees as possible to states like Nebraska. Owning this quagmire is what a “great nation” does or something.

Note: I don’t care for either of these parties. I also still don’t see any reason to participate in the 2022 midterms. Joe Biden can be awful for all sorts of reasons, but that doesn’t mean the GOP has changed. It has learned nothing from occupying Afghanistan for twenty years!

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  1. Goober says these 60-80,000 afghans are “welcome in his neighborhood” … I wonder if he means his upscale northern Virginia suburb or back in Nebraska. Either way works for me. He probably thinks that they will be loyal GOP voters LOL.

    • “Sasse”,or WHATEVER?,his F**K’IN name is,sticks his SH*TTY,little, “snout” to SUCK in on a REGULAR basis from the SOROIAN “dirty money” mud-farm; as a Nebraskan born & breed,I’m THROUGHLY disgusted with this RINO-CUCK-FACE whining & wailing like a good,little,KIKE-BOY-WANNABE!?!–Nebraska DESERVES better!,America DESERVES much better!,20 years in Afghanistan: for WHAT?,exactly…God Help the U.S.A.!,?

  2. This emphasizes the importance of the people of Nebraska who put Sasse in the Senate, and the peoples of Utah, Alaska, and other states that put these RINO’s in the Senate. The people of those states are going to have to deal with these traitors and frauds at the state level. Sasse is especially disgusting, almost as repulsive as Romney. Murkowski (Alaska) has a primary challenger. A white women married to a black. UGH. Well maybe it’s better than nothing. Time will tell.

  3. The Republican party will never change. It has been the same forever. It just needs to be buried.

    Vote for the lesser evil. Vote Democrat.

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