Supreme Court Reinstates Remain in Mexico Policy

This is an unexpected, but pleasant surprise.


“The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday the Biden administration must reinstate former President Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” policy.

Driving the news: The Court voted 6-3 to reject the administration’s plea to block the reinstatement of the program, which requires immigrants seeking asylum at the southern border to wait in Mexico while their applications are pending. …”

As with inflation, illegal immigration has been climbing back to record levels ever since Joe Biden was sworn in as president. It has been going up and up and up for several months now. It looked like the surge might be leveling off in May and June, but clearly that hasn’t happened.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – More than 200,000 migrants were encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border in July, the highest in roughly two decades, according to statistics released by Customs and Border Protection.

Customs and Border Patrol officials encountered 212,672 people at the U.S.-Mexico border last month, up from 188,829 in June

“We are encountering an unprecedented number of migrants in between the ports of entry at our southern border,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said at a press briefing Thursday in Brownsville, Texas.”It is critical that intending migrants understand clearly that they will be turned back if they enter the United States illegally and do not have a basis for relief under our laws.” …”

We will see what happens.

If illegal immigration crashes back to late 2019 levels after the Remain in Mexico policy is reinstated, the Supreme Court may have saved Joe Biden from the consequences of his own policies.

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  1. Mexico is expected to make up the difference when newly independent Afghanistan bans poppy growing, becoming the major opium source. Poppy fields cannot be hidden, so the U.S. will need to continue to protect its drug cartels from the Mexican government.

    President Obrador has not been following all U.S. dictates and he is targetted for removal. The U.S. is also trying to “regime change” Nicaragua that refuses to be a big bank and corporate-run banana republic and has not been contributing its share to the Central American refugee flow, human trafficking and illegal drug trade. Nicaragua is suffering under U.S. sanctions and the pandemic, but it has real elections, well-liked community-based police, low crime, little illegal drug activity, and unlike most other Latin American countries the fully indigenous are not disrespected and exploited but almost autonomous on their land.

    It is not natural for people who are rooted in their native soil and communities to leave their homeland and move to another country or to the U.S. The Supreme Court order to hold back the tide of economic refugees is like putting a bandaid on gangrene that needs to be cut out completely.

      • The best part of this is that Republicans will not be able to profit from the backlash as much. Immigration at this point hardly even matters. We’re already set for White minority status, and there isn’t much difference between Whites ending up as 35% of the population instead of 40%. And the immigration will slow naturally as the USA becomes more of a third world garbage dump, making it an unattractive destination for migration.

        We are going to be outnumbered by nonwhites regardless, so we need structures set up that will allow Whites to thrive as a minority. So the focus should be on creating decentralized support for Whites and raising White racial consciousness, which will allow a pivot to this minority strategy. Immigration restriction is just a vehicle for more Republican grifting with bait and switch backlash politics, so it’s a distraction from the more important work that needs to be done.

        • @Dart – I sincerely appreciate your concluding thoughts, which are a constructive response of action to this deadly bitter blackpill of the inevitability of our numeric majority.

          In point of fact, I agree with those who assert Whites already are a minority. And an increasingly despised minority at that. I no longer operate under the delusion that there is anything to “take back”. It was lost long ago. Our duty now is indeed to protect and preserve our people — and only those who are not already lost themselves.

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