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  1. This is how government and corporate America has become the sinkhole that it is. You don’t have to be right about anything or know what you’re doing, you can be wrong over and over again. What you have to be is well educated by the standards of the people in charge, and to know what mantras to repeat for public consumption. And make sure that rich people connected to the federal government, especially the military industrial complex make a lot of money.

    Modern war has become particularly dumb and pointless in my mind, but someone makes money out of these overly long occupations, and the military brass hats get promoted.

  2. General Petraeus:”‘My Dear fwiend General Mark Milley does just a fabuwous job as a Rosie O’Donnell impersonator in a cod piece in all our joint Thief’s…I mean Chiefs of Staff hot tub baths…just incrediwee fabuwous…”

    White Conservative Christian Tax ????? at work!!!

  3. Hunter,
    Please comment more on the White shitlib problem here, as its very interesting.

    For me the only thing worse than a White shitlib, are the White nationalists who want to forgive them, and import them into new White countries by the millions, because everything begins again with the White shitlib. White shitlib forgivers have to go too.

    I want to live in a White country minus White shitlibs. What is the name for that? I don’t want to live in One Struggle land either, because it will turn brown third world in no time too. One Strugglers are White shitlibs in disguise.

  4. Doesn’t look very likely that we will be “saved” by “our” military.

    Since I was red pilled ~ 1991-93 (the first Islamic immigrant blind sheik terrorist attack on the NYC World Trade Center in 1993 made me know I saw everything clearly) , I always asked regular (support the troops) folks:

    “Don’t you think we should use at least some small % of the US National Defense budget to actually ….

    Defend the Nation?
    Defend our border from invasions?
    Kill terrorists inside our country that are plotting mass suicide mass murder attacks?

    The response was always…

    “Well, let’s change the subject – ROLL TIDE”

    “This America, what you are saying is happening in New York City and other cities and the border – that can’t be happening. This is America”.

    Or there was some Constitutionalist restriction about the military being used for law enforcement.

    I would shout:

    “NO ASS HOL*S IT’S AN INVASION. WE’RE BEING INVADED. WHat’s the point of having an army if you don’t use it to resist invasions”?

    Or else, I was told that I hadn’t put in my time enough in GOP, Conservative Inc, the Christian Coalition and then there were/are Libertarian Constitutionalists know it alls.

    GL Rockwell was so right in “50 Years of Failure”.

      • You might be right. Maybe GL Rockwell was repeating what R Oliver wrote. GL Rockwell does have a chapter “50 years of failure” in his great book “White Power”.

  5. Lab Leak gain of function now increasingly likely. The University of Wuhan was also doing gdain of function on bat corona virus. The Intercept,

    “Fieldwork involves the highest risk of exposure to SARS or other CoVs, while working in caves with high bat density overhead and the potential for fecal dust to be inhaled.”

    Virology Institute, Military Lab, now University Lab in Wuhan doing the same shit.

  6. This was brought about by the false flag attack on the WTC on 911 by Israel and traitors in the ZUS government, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et all, and the attack was blamed on the muslims and Bin Laden, who had nothing to do with it, to see how it was done go to drjudywood.com and wheredidthetowersgo.com.

    The ZUS armed the taliban the first time to fight the Russians and now have armed them again to fight the Russians and Iran, this was all baked in the cake from day one, 2001, this is the zionists control of the ZUS on full display for all the world to see.

  7. Hey Brad.

    Can you please delete the above comment by JC? This clearly violates the OD comment guidelines prohibiting wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theory lunacy.

    The obvious thing to do regarding the worst Muslims coming in to the USA, Europe, UK, Sweden and raping our women, creating alternative societies where our people can’t go in no go zones and sometimes doing mass suiciding, mass murder of our people in New York City, Manchester England, France is to simply not let these terrible, ugly, hateful alien people in to our countries, in to our societies.

    Yes, certain, most Jewish groups are aiding and abetting these Muslim migrant invasions, George Soros funds all kinds of bad Lib Leftist, anti White people, groups that take the rapist, murderous Islamic side.

    This is why successful nationalists like Victor Urban tackle both the Islamic migrant problem and expel George Soros and other NGOs that are aiding and abetting the Islamic invasions.

    Weird conspiracy theory obsessions are the curse of the American Right wing. This puts out the lie that nothing is as it seems and nothing can be done because everything is supposedly controlled by all powerful evil secret forces. So our people give up, drop out. The worst BLM, LGBT, Islamists and of course the J*ws haven’t given up they work everyday for their groups’ power at our expense. That’s why they took over pretty much all the important political and educational positions here in Chicago and elsewhere.

    Please delete this comment.

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