Race and American Imperialism

Among other reasons to hate the American Empire, it was the shift from regional empire (North America / Caribbean / Pacific) to global empire in the wake of World War II that more than anything else transformed American identity. What’s more, the American Empire, which at that decisive point enveloped nearly the entire Western world, ideologically defined itself against National Socialism.

Long before we were born, the world that we live in today was fundamentally shaped and set in motion in those crucial decades between the 1920s and 1950s. The American ruling class, which was already liberal and capitalist in the Victorian sense, became antiracist, modernist and cosmopolitan. The American elite developed a globalist outlook. Jews climbed into the American elite in these decades. “Racism” became taboo between 1937 and 1945. “Anti-Semitism” became taboo at this same point. The ghost of Nazi Germany and the polarization it created has continued to haunt us ever since.

In the aftermath of World War II, Jim Crow came under assault. The American Empire had defined itself against the “racism” of Hitler’s Germany. We had created the U.N. and invited the entire world to stand in judgment of the United States. We competed with the Soviet Union which we rescued from Hitler’s Germany for the “hearts and minds” of the Third World during the Cold War. As a result, foreign policy dominated America for the next several decades and crucial decisions about domestic policy such as ending segregation and changing American immigration laws in order to transform America into a miniature version of the U.N. were motivated by the needs of the American Empire.

There isn’t much that is wrong in this country today which ultimately doesn’t trace back to imperialism and which doesn’t flow out of the needs of our decadent elites to maintain the American Empire. The deindustrialized Heartland was sacrificed to the foreign policy need to bind our new “allies” to the American Empire through favorable trade deals which rebuilt their industries. The Chinese Exclusion Act, for example, was repealed because China was an American ally against the Japanese. The opening wedge against America’s race-based immigration laws was bringing back war brides from the Philippines. We created the Deep State to crush internal and foreign dissent against American foreign policy.

If America had taken a different course and we had stayed true to our own values and continued to reject imperialism after the mistake that was World War I, the entire course of world history would have been altered. The same is true of the War Between the States and the Spanish-American War. Both of those wars ultimately had the long term effect of making us less White and less free.

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  1. The funny thing is the USSR successfully concern trolled the USA into abandoning “racism,” while they themselves were forcibly transferring entire groups of people around and enforcing de facto segregation. And America was stupid enough to fall for it.

    • That’s a big true point. It is little known now, but Stalin was an ‘organicist’ communist who thought that race and ethnicity is real, and you only build societies on some kind of ethnic-cultural-linguistic unity

      People don’t know this because Western communists are mostly the opposing globalist Trotskyites who have the racial mixing, ‘anti-racist’ etc obsessions

      Karl Marx himself argued against importing migrants, he said it was a tool of oligarchs to create tensions and demoralise working classes, he was also against ‘weaponised migration’

      Stalin actually fostered native local languages etc along with teaching Russian as a ‘link’ language … and he purged a lot of Jews from power in the late 1930s after getting rid of some of the fanatic ‘true believers’

      Some say that Soviet records, now open for study, don’t bear out the ‘tens of millions killed by Stalin’ stories, that those stories arose because of Stalin attacking Jews, not as much as Adolf but also strongly at times, the stories sourced in dodgy sources who profited from them

      One of the story-conveyers was Nikita Khrushchev, first sponsor of Solzhenitsyn … the latter then getting famous and rich talking about ‘Stalin’s crimes’ alongside the Cold War ‘neo-cons’ of that era

      Stalin also restored a soft patriarchy after Lenin’s disastrous experiment in free love and easy divorce … divorce was technically permitted but ‘bourgeois misconduct’ if you did not have a damn good reason

    • “USSR successfully concern trolled the USA into abandoning “racism” while they themselves were (…) enforcing de facto segregation”:

      RT (Russia Today) trolls the U.S. in much the same way as old Pravda, criticizing the U.S. from a perspective that Russia actually does not share.

  2. In Norman Mailer’s Naked and the Dead, there’s a scene where a Jewish soldier in the Pacific island-hopping war overhears three American soldiers negatively discussing Jews. Yet only one of the Americans offends him. The other two were just “talking big and showing off.” I still don’t know what that means. Jews grade us like that? I suppose they do.

    Naked and the Dead is worth reading. Mailer was talented. Yet talk about chutzpah. He thought he could expertly come up with representative characters from every corner of America. But he got at least two characters totally wrong: the southern white man and the Mexican. Could anyone read the description of that southern guy, Wilson, I think his name was, and recognize any southerner? Same with the Mexican character. He is described as liquid-slim and deerlike, a scout. Mexicans are lots of things, but they’re not those. What Mailer was really describing was a Puerto Rican.

    • “Jews grade us like that? I suppose they do.” Hardly. It’s always under the surface but the motive for all of (((them))) is, “But is it good… for the Jews!?”

      Just stop and think of the two Jews who created a musical out of James Michener’s “South Pacific”- Rodgers and Hammerstein!

      The Yiddish ROT runs damn deep, America. First, let’s analyze Michener. Here’s an expose I read a decade ago and it STILL pisses me off, that such a scumbag could diss my father and his generation, who fought in the Pacific!


      As the article makes clear, Michener was probably a bastard, and therefore, was a ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ in more ways that one: “He was quoted as saying: “I feel myself the inheritor of a great background of people. Just who, precisely, they were, I have never known. I might be part Negro, might be part Jew, part Muslim, part Irish. So I can’t afford to be supercilious about any group of people because I may be that people.” (op. cit.)

      This despised ancestry meant that Michener, raised a liberal, was IDEOLOGICALLY A JEW even if he wasn’t one, ethnically! He could (and did) inveigh against White, Christian America and our righteous and biblical prohibitions against miscegenation, at a time when the USA was 90% White. While this may seem almost innocuous today, all of the sexual and racial perversion that we have now, (Trannies, multiple ‘genders,’ sodomites and lesbians, etc.) ALL HAD TO START SOMEWHERE. And, as the article noted above makes clear, it was MIchener who started it all for the Boomers:

      “Michener was able to successfully tap into the initial stages of white liberal guilt, which were beginning to spring up within the newly-founded suburbs of postwar America. While the book is largely forgotten today, the musical remains a popular favorite. Wikipedia describes its underlying subtext as “the issue of racial prejudice [being] sensitively and candidly explored in several plot threads, including the struggle of the lead character to accept the mixed-race children of her lover..’ ”

      Well, guess what? Fifty plus years on, we are reaping the fruits of Jewish poison. As if the overrunning of our cities with bestial hominids who deal in death, drugs, and depravity isn’t enough, SPIELBERG the KIKE is doing it to us, again! They’re now remaking West Side Story, and it’s being done by AN ALL JEW CREW- My God. Every. single. time.

      And, in typical FINKELTHINK – https://read-right.com/finkle-think/

      a Jew Jew (Podhoretz) writes a scathing article on this Judenwerk- NOT to truly seek change ( say, the removal of all Jews from our American White Culture) but to deflect the righteous anger that all America should have against this coterie of Kikes, destroying our land, YET AGAIN.


      What do I mean? Let’s read a bit: “Let’s talk turkey here. Spielberg is a Jew. His screenwriter, Tony Kushner, is a Jew. Kushner adapted a screenplay by Ernest Lehman, who was a Jew. The four authors of the Broadway show — Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents and Jerome Robbins — were Jews.’

      ‘The commissars love to talk about the evil of “cultural appropriation.” The most beloved number in the show, “America,” features the Puerto Rican characters having a hilarious argument in song about whether life was better in the old days in San Juan or here in New York. Bernstein’s spectacular music is inflected with mariachi. Sondheim’s brilliant lyrics play on broken English.’

      ‘The raging, petulant, stupid but click-baity op-eds write themselves, all of which will share this implicit message: Jews stole our music, insulted our accents and are making bank on our pain.’ ”

      See!? A Jew calls out other Jews, about what they are about to do to the Goyim (whether PR or Anglo) and then ‘cries out in pain’ as they note that ANY attempt to pin the BLAME for our current malaise on the Deicides, is merely ‘yet another shoah- oh, Gawd!’

      As if.

      Jews are THE Cultural Appropriators, and have been since the days of the Hollywood studio bosses at Columbia, Fox, and MGM. It was all one giant Jewish industry, as Neal Gabler wrote about, over three decades ago.


      As Mr. Riviera noted in his comment, “talk about chutzpah.” Yes! Can we FINALLY talk about the JEWS? And enact a Final Solution? It’s well past their expiry date. Oy.

      • As a boy I always fell asleep trying to read Michener. His “books” (more like interminable, left-wing political screeds) were always available and were unfortunately popular and apparently influential with middle aged housewives. Many people cannot see the distinctions between fiction, non-fiction and successful liars who mix a grain of truth with a pound of lies and another pound of their agenda for the purpose of persuasion in a bad cause.

        I always found his “books” tiresome, pedantic, tedious and uninteresting, now I know why. With a background like his he was always at war with himself and lashing out at the world around him. Apparently envy, one of the cardinal sins, of successful, normal, decent, White others, is a prime motive for these types of people inspiring them to create this tedious trash.

    • Yes, that’s why they push the race-mixing so hard. It will produce a society of atomized, dumbed-down consumers who are more easily manipulated.

  3. “If America had taken a different course and we had stayed true to our own values and continued to reject imperialism after the mistake that was World War I, the entire course of world history would have been altered. The same is true of the War Between the States and the Spanish-American War. Both of those wars ultimately had the long term effect of making us less White and less free”:

    Yes each war was another step down the same path toward greater Empire. If more people had voted for Eugene Debs in 1912 instead of Woodrow Wilson who was supported by William Jennings Bryan then World War One would have been avoided and there would have been no crash and no depression. Note that Bryan the populist (that means: capitalist reformer) opposed the real socialist Debs. The Red Decade (1930’s) also came to nothing as the depression-suffering people voted for yet another Roosevelt capitalism-reformer and imperial war maker. America does not “take a different course” because the majority of voters are very selfish: They LIKE capitalism, because they are hoping to get wealth, and get ahead of their neighbors. They like imperialism (which is integral to capitalism) and all imperialist wars that can be WON, because they sense that at least some of the looted wealth of the world trickles down to them.

  4. What I find particularly cynical of the US elite is the fact that they, as modernists, justified their attitudes with the “nationalism, racism and aristocracy” of the old order which allegedly had lead to the mass death of World War 1. When it had been in fact, beside the Balfour Declaration, the substantial investments of Wall Street which had pushed the USA to enter the war at the side of Britain and France. Dozens of billions of dollars in todays money, which Wall Street wasn’t ready to lose. And the Lusitania incident was most likely a false flag op akin to 9/11 initiated by JP Morgan and his allies to kill their competitors at the same time. And they had also prevented Germany, crushed through the Versaille treaty and Weimar degeneracy, from wiping out the Bolsheviks right then and there. Wilson and Rockefeller also aided the rise of the communists China politically and financially.

    Already then it was globalism/finance imperialism and not nationalism which was responsible. But you need a new country, without Hollywood, AIPAC and Wall Street. In its current state form, the US empire cannot end.

  5. Anti-Whites call Pro-Whites “White supremacists” but what we want is separation. Supremacists rule over others. Separatists want to be left alone. Anti-Whites are the real supremacists.

  6. Looking back at the trajectory of American history there seems to be a kind of inevitability that our small, freedom-loving Republic would eventually become a ruthless and tyrannical world Empire. When it collapses it will not go out like a slain lion the way earlier empires did, but rather with a pathetic whimper.

  7. The Saturday Evening Post, one of the most widely circulated publications in America, was openly “anti-Semitic” as recently as 1941.

  8. “”Racism’ became taboo between 1937 and 1945. ‘Anti-Semitism’ became taboo at this same point.'”

    LMAO What?! I see Hunter again doesn’t know what he is talking about. Again.

  9. Re: imperialism: I’ve been wondering about the almost complete LACK of Chinese imperialism through most of Chinese history. More than a thousand years before Portuguese and Spanish voyages of world exploration for exploitation began, China was already sending fleets around the Pacific and Indian oceans on voyages of exploration for trade and diplomacy. “Fleets of up to two hundred large ships with tens of thousands (total of all crews) aboard, including thousands of soldiers armed and able to conquer or subdue the countries they visited, merely projected the image of China as a great power and established trade and diplomatic relations. China had the most advanced technology (including military), enormous wealth and manpower (largest population of any country) for imperialism on a large scale, but didn’t do it.

    “The enormous treasure ships were based on earlier ship designs and were built in drydocks, which were used in Chinese shipbuilding some five centuries before their appearance in Europe at the end of the fifteenth century. The ships’ hulls were divided into watertight compartments to give them strength, an invention that the Chinese had perfected by the end of the twelfth century. They also featured balanced rudders which gave them gave additional stability and facilitated steering. European shipbuilders did not use these innovations until the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century. Similarly, the compass had been commonly used as a navigational aid by Chinese seafarers since the thirteenth century”: https://www.encyclopedia.com/science/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/chinese-exploration-voyages-cheng-ho-1405-1433#:~:text=Between%201405%20and%201433%20admiral%20Cheng%20Ho%20%281371-1433%29,history%2C%20the%20voyages%20of%20Cheng%20Ho%20appear%20enigmatic.

    The Chinese also “squandered their advantage” with black powder, using it for entertainment fireworks and rockets instead of conquering the world with it while they had the monopoly. It was such an advantage over bow strings and catapults that Europeans kept the knowledge of how to make black powder secret from native Americans, who sought to learn it for a long time.

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