Border Stampede

This has been up in the air for weeks.

It is still up in the air pending this appeal.

NBC Narratives:

“On September 16, Sullivan ordered the government to stop expelling migrant parents and children traveling as families but paused his order for 14 days. On Thursday, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a Biden administration request to pause Sullivan’s order while it reviews the government’s appeal.

Since the outset of the pandemic, advocates for migrants have condemned the expulsions, arguing that they violate U.S. asylum laws. But the outcry over Title 42 has intensified in recent days as the Biden administration has used the policy to expel thousands of Haitians encountered along the southern border. …”

As was noted in the Styx vs. Spencer debate, the Biden administration has deported hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens using Title 42. The libs are outraged that Haitians are being deported back to Haiti and it is currently being litigated in federal court. A federal judge ruled last month that the Biden administration couldn’t use Title 42, but as of yesterday that is now temporarily on hold.

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  1. I guess they’re not too worried about covid if they’re letting unvacinnated niggers and beaners just stampede over the border.

  2. And the Conservatives will make every argument but the one that matters. They will call out covid violations then add the standard Boomer “if they want to come, they need to come legally. Use the front door and wait your turn”

    I dont want to blackpill anymore than I usually do but everyday i see my families home and neighborhood plunge into the third world. I go days without seeing a white let alone a white Christian. Just Indians as far as the I can see. And after them Hispanics till you hit the ocean.

    • It will be interesting to see how these “new Americans” fare when the wheels come off the U.S. as inflation roars ahead impoverishing the vast majority of people in the country and the economy implodes. Their precious U.S. Government will not be able to save itself never mind the hordes of wogs the U.S. Government has brought into the country since 1965. The colored people will naturally try to migrate to the nearest White areas they can find for survival.

      White people need to prepare now by, amongst other things, moving to the Whitest areas they can find even if the people there are stupid “liberals” or “conservatives”. The ultimate determinant of survival is more related to race than any other single factor and the fewer non-Whites, especially the terminally angry ones, the better. When things get bad the various ideologies, -isms and causes people believe in now will melt away like snow on a warm Spring day and the focus will shift to survival. Voting won’t help either, for those who still believe in such things.

      Bad news for the “conservatives” who don’t see race, just the human race. You may not see race but race sees you and your skin color is your uniform, like it or not. The wogs will blame you for their innumerable problems like they already do and they want their reparations, up close and personal, too.

      The “conservatives” can try explaining to the wogs how they are “good” Whites who believe all men are created equal, that if everyone just read the Wall Street Journal and NR, watched Fox TV, believed in free trade and voted Republican everything would be great. After all, if the “Rev.” “Dr.” MLK Jr. were alive today he would be a “conservative” reading the WSJ, watching Fox TV and voting Republican as it says in the Bible and according to the alcoholic prophet Glen Beck.

    • Please. You do want to blackpill people, you are a demoralization troll and your posts have always reflected that.

  3. Without just inserting the standard “The J’s” who are these people fighting to keep Haitians and Salvadorans? Are there really still progressive catladies and their gay friends isolated enough to not realize what that means for them. Central Americans dont exactly blend in I see them everyday. Both the men and the women are around five feet tall, they struggle with English and Spanish and have that very round Mayan face. Haitians stand out even more.

    How can these urbanites not see what this means for them as well.

  4. As far as the Haitians go—just more Roman Catholics. LOL.

    Over 80% of the Haitians are Roman Catholics according to “conservative” Catholic sources.

    • Yeah, from a nation founded with a literal dedication to Satan, which was re-affirmed by Aristide in the 1990s. These are the kind of “Christians” especially beloved of folks like Jared Kushner and Ben Shapiro. They’ll no doubt be welcomed in by the followers of the fake-pope in Rome along with numerous Protestant cucks who can’t wait show off their phylacteries to Schlomo in the name of the Judeo-Christ.

      • That “dedicated to Satan” meme is very old Papist propaganda, invented by Rome when the Haitian Revolution tried to break from its grip, ban it and nationalise its property. The recent application of that same falsehood to the socialist, liberation theology priest Aristide is CIA propaganda picked up and amplified by the Zio-evangelicals.

    • Yes, Haiti is filled, densely, wth Roman Catholic churches. Roman Catholicism parasitises the poor and supports the white (Sephardic) oligarchy, with a few exceptions such as the liberation theologian-priest Jean Bertrand Aristide, the best president Haiti ever had – and therefore had to be removed by the U.S.:

        • Cheer up. 80% plus of Haitians are Roman Catholics according to “Conservative” Roman Catholic sources. Future medical doctors and rocket scientists, just like the Italians, Irish and Polish.

      • General Cedras was removed and Aristide restored by the Clintons. Voodoo is the religion of Haiti, which frankly, is the same religion as Marxism. Haiti is a coal black country.

        • Aristide’s restoration, following his removal by the U.S., was only a show! In reality, the Clinton administration made sure that he would accomplish nothing in the last months of his truncated term, and then the U.S. installed a bloody Duvalierist for his successor, to make sure that socialism never gains another foothold in Haiti. The U.S. and the white “Haitian” (Sephardic) oligarchs that run Haiti silence “uppity” Black Haitian socialists by exile, imprisonment or assassination:

        • “Voodoo is the religion of Haiti, which frankly, is the same religion as Marxism. Haiti is a coal black country”:

          Voudou and Roman Catholic syncretism (with Voudou) have nothing to do with Marx, or with socialism, which is not a religion.

          Haiti is not 100% Black. It has a tiny European-looking or Sephardic elite, and a mulatto middle class. Only the lower class (vast majority) is “coal black.” The class divisions are strictly skin-toned.

          • Funny how that color scheme maintains the same stratification all over the world. Must be some kind of weird coincidence.

    • Hunter , please delete the stupid ant Catholic comments.

      Obviously the problem with the mass invasion of diseased, flesh eating Zombie Haitians isn t because they are “Catholic” .

      Hunter if we continue to have comment trolls , let s consider getting rid of comments.

      Amren and Unz Review are practically the only blogs on our side that still do comments.

        • Any comment I left on his solitary forum here, he deleted. If he starts censoring legitimate comments on the rest of the forums here, a lot of us won’t be back.
          Someone with a disagreeing opinion is not a troll.

      • “Amren and Unz Review are practically the only blogs on our side that still do comments”:

        But isn’t Unz actually on many sides? Unz publishes all kinds of right-wing CT, Alt-Right, and “classic” WN material, but also The Saker and others that fit none of your WN categories.

        The Saker has recently banned all anti-vaxx commenters. Moon of Alabama blog has the highest quality, consistently intelligent, useful comment threads.

  5. Human rights ‘obligations’ never seem to benefit whites. Honouring obligations will result in more shootings, rapes, social upheaval, followed by our gradual genocide.
    The money wasted on these worthless cretins has prevented us advancing in any real way since about the first moon landing. And yet………..tens of thousands more are planning to barge in.
    It’s not about ones opinion of black individuals. It’s about wanting a future for your race and culture.
    If these people couldn’t improve their homeland, then they won’t improve America.
    They run from Haiti……….but will be an activist in America, bitching about lack of ‘human rights’ or something. Fuck, it’s just…… damn infuriating!

  6. Traitor Joe isn’t bracing for anything. Our treasonous government has its arms wide open. White annihilation by dispossession and miscegenation is the goal.

    • The idiots in charge (not Dementia Joe) believe they can flood the country with the Third World bringing with them all their horrible pathologies, print money to the moon not backed by one grain of gold, issue debt without limit, fill the military with wogs and trannies, fight wars all over the world, wage low level war against the White people who make things work and still have a First World country. It doesn’t work that way. Third World people make a Third World country and Third World countries cannot do what First World countries do because Third World countries are filled with wogs.

      Even the densest “conservatives” watching Fox TV are eventually going to have this hard lesson pounded into their six inch thick skulls by coming events. It’s too late to stop things now, the U.S. Government has signed up for an agenda of national failure at home and abroad that will end up thoroughly discrediting itself and the entire premise behind the “liberal” state: The Lie of Equality.

  7. Seems every road leads to more invasion:-
    GDP……….we need more immigration.
    Afghan pullout………….bring half the nation to the West.
    Fuel shortages in Britain……….import Indian drivers.
    Turmoil in Africa/Haiti………..give them a better life in the West.
    Chinese clampdown in Hong Kong………..import them to Britain, Canada or Australia.
    When the occasional white speaks out against it………. there’s good ‘ol humans rights arguments and the word ‘natzee’ to use against him.
    May I remind you that this was after we were told to have fewer children on environmental grounds?!

    • Goose

      The only time would mention the “white” word would be if White Women started having large white families…Beck would scream bloody murder…otherwise white people don’t exist…

      • @Patrick,
        When my grandfather was a child (born 1905), he had four brothers and five sisters. Since the 1960’s, whites haven’t been replacing themselves. At best, they kept it at a plateau level. Now we’re just straight out dying away. Logic would suggest government increase incentives to whites to have bigger families, but then, there’s no logic in government now, just anti white agendas.

  8. My reason for voting Trump was to avoid this. I don’t care about his character flaws. He kept the border secured.

  9. No one talks about “population control” unless it’s aimed at whites.
    No one tells these third worlders to stop having babies they can’t support and just use resouces.
    Whites, only 8% of the world population are told to limit the size of their families.
    Whites are expected to not only support these people and their offspring, but to help further there creating more and more.
    There’s always talk about “running out of water” in the Southwest, yet, California, Arizona, and Texas are always bringing in more foreigners.
    Funny how the environmentalists always target whites, who are the least offensive this way.

  10. How many more millions can our welfare system support?
    When the money runs out, there will be more and more crime.
    Most whites are only worried about their team winning the game.

  11. “May I remind you that this was after we were told to have fewer children ”

    ‘Sucker goys. They’ll believe anything’

    • Arrian,
      Hi again! Yes whites were told to have fewer/ no children to help the environment. Now we’re told we need to import half the world’s non white population to help fill labour shortages. And these are people whose talents are needed more where they originate from. Funny how the left never guilts us over brain draining these countries.
      Yes……. there’s an agenda alright!!

  12. I would wonder why nobody in the Texas state government can even an attempt to stop this, most of them are Republicans, which means they are nominally conservative, at least in theory.

  13. Why are environmental activists as silent as the grave when it comes to speaking out against the environmental damage those hordes of invaders are doing along the border? Could it have something to do with the fact that most activists are anti-white commie radicals?

    • Hello Spahnranch1970;

      Glad you asked the question. It seems the Sierra Club was anti-immigration (with some dissension) until The Usual Suspects bribed the leaders of the Sierra Club with $200 million to go from anti-immigration to pro-immigration. This took place in the mid-1990’s.

      ” . . . the Los Angeles Times reported that David Gelbaum, an American businessman focused on green technology who has donated at least $200 million to the Sierra Club, had warned Carl Pope that his donations were contingent upon how the club handled the issue of immigration. “I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me,” the Times reported he said.”

      Some members of the Sierra Club were willing to give Herr Gelbaum the finger and tell him to pound sand but apparently enough of the members of the board of the Sierra Club were willing to take their thirty pieces of silver. As always, these cheap whores ultimately sell themselves for nothing.

      It has cost them California, the most important, beautiful state with the best quality of life turned into another Third World shithole overrun with wogs and bums. It is so bad now in California that even the wealthy are affected by how bad things are with perhaps only the super wealthy able to float above the carnage now with their obscene wealth.

  14. The Democrats and Republicans are equally bad on Illegal Immigration and will never build a Wall. Donald Trump is nothing but a joke and I’m glad the piece of scum is out of the White House. He’s nothing but a con artist like his Cocaine selling pillow guy. Trumptard got all mad about his little Free Trade war with China, released a new Virus known as Covid-19, and thought it would kill off the Chinese. In turn….Americans would wanna buy American made products. Yet we’re still not seeing “Made in the USA” anything because nobody on Earth can afford a product Made in the USA because it’s overpriced….Cost of Living, Corporate Greed, and so on. Covid-19 jumped on a Ship and a Plane and landed in Europe, the US, and the rest of the World. Now we’re dealing with it still. Now over 650,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19 and many jobs can’t be filled because of it. People with sense (and saving) have dropped out of the Economy and living off Prepper supplies until the Pandemic ends. Nobody is interested in working in public while Americans are still getting sick and passing away from Covid-19. So the Corporate Republicans are getting desperate and needing more Illegal Immigrants that will fill those Jobs and get more Americans fired in the process. Democrats are looking for votes and nothing more. The Democrats and Republicans are the enemy! We solve the problem by ignoring right wing vs left wing junk propaganda and embracing Nationalism so we can save the White Race and encourages other races do the same. Deo Vindice !

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