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12:43: I’m sorry, but Richard Spencer’s take on the Biden administration is beyond cringe. Granted, he got us out of Afghanistan and delivered on a one time $1,400 stimulus check, but aside from that? How on earth has he exceeded expectations? What else is there to like?

13:08: Trump promised to get us out of Afghanistan and was at least scheduled to do so. The $2,000 was Trump’s idea. Biden delivered on $1,400 checks. In both cases, it was Trump who negotiated the peace deal with the Taliban and who sent out two stimulus checks for $1,000 and $600.

13:13: I also had a negative view of the Trump administration, but I was under no illusions about the Biden administration. I didn’t vote for Joe Biden.

13:57: Among other things, the “centrist” Joe Biden has presided over the total collapse of the border, an ideological purge of the military, unleashed the “intelligence community” and national security state on the “far right” in a new domestic war on terror and has pushed “racial equity” into every aspect of the government from the Department of Social Justice to the Department of Agriculture.

14:06: “Good governance” = the Department of Social Justice undermining local police departments, the collapse of the border, an explosion in violent crime, rampant inflation, higher gas prices, more censorship, an assault on civil liberties, the politicization of the military and the institutionalization of anti-White discrimination at every level of public policy.

14:47: According to Joe Biden himself, he was boxed in on Afghanistan by Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban. Joe himself said that his options were to withdraw American forces or break the agreement and go to war with the Taliban. Of course, Trump has said that he wouldn’t have abandoned Bagram Air Force Base, but that was part of the deal that he negotiated. He also ordered a withdrawal from Afghanistan (and Iraq and Somalia and Germany) in a fit of rage after the 2020 election. Trump himself is all over the map and there is no telling what he would have ultimately done had he been reelected.

15:54: The GOP has turned Afghanistan into their new Benghazi. In much the same way, the “anti-sharia” activism has been retooled as anti-CRT activism.

16:31: Obama, Trump and Joe Biden have all wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan and execute the pivot to “the era of great power conflict” with China in the “Indo-Pacific.” There is more continuity than change in American foreign policy. Obama, Trump and Biden have all droned civilians in Afghanistan. Biden has also attacked Syria. The 2022 NDAA is even higher than Trump’s military budgets.

17:14: To his credit, Joe Biden opposed the surge during the Obama administration and has long wanted to get out of Afghanistan.

18:35: I do support the child tax credit, but the current version is also only temporary. The larger reconciliation bill is up in the air.

18:51: If memory serves, the Democrats and the Republican Congress killed Trump’s infrastructure bill, which was modest compared to the current infrastructure bill which passed the Senate with Republican support. The Democrats didn’t support infrastructure when Trump was president.

19:19: The official COVID death toll was 419,453 on Joe Biden’s first full day in office. At least a third of people who have died from COVID have died since Joe Biden has been president. He has also repeatedly misled the public on COVID which is now an endemic virus and will likely never go away.

20:08: Yeah, aside from the social agenda of the Left … which is to say, demonizing Whites and branding us domestic terrorists.

20:47: Good point from Styx about the Trump child tax credit.

21:56: Even for Richard, Trump was terrible on immigration, but Joe Biden is doing a great job on immigration is the most contrarian take ever.

23:56: Guilty as charged, Styx.

I do believe that the American Empire is doomed. I would like to expedite its decline. I also think it is great that support for secession is up because Trump lost the election. The average Republican voter and normie really has perked up and become better in a lot of ways since Joe Biden became president. Certainly the fact that White Genocide and the Great Replacement is on the agenda is a step forward, right?

24:05: Styx is exaggerating Blumpf’s impact whose true legacy is mostly the tax bill and partisan polarization. Trump delegated responsibility to others. He was content to monitor the situation.

24:56: Styx is wrong about the Obama years which I mainly remember for being a quiet interlude between George W. Bush and Trump. I was never one of those people who were upset about his birth certificate.

25:55: No, Styx, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 combined with the George Floyd riots and the establishment’s embrace of systematic racism actually has radicalized millions of people. This is indisputable in the polling data. We have repeatedly seen now that the biggest single spur to the average normie waking up is whenever a Democrat is in office. Joe Biden is having a positive impact in that sense whereas four more years of Trump would kept more people asleep.

26:56: Richard says that he doesn’t support secession or the balkanization of the United States. He supports Joe Biden though (!!!)

28:18: Richard believes that the White ethnostate will come about in the future although not through balkanization or secession. Perhaps through Joe Biden’s amazing policies?

30:12: Richard believes the American Empire is declining. And yet, Richard himself is adamant that imperialism is a good thing. We’ve never agreed on that subject.

30:25: Biden is “managing” the decline of the American Empire by steering it toward confrontation with China. Is that better or worse?

32:19: No argument about Trump and MIGA.

34:19: I agree that the withdrawal from Afghanistan may not have happened in a Trump second term, but this only became the lib owning position once Joe Biden became president. If Trump had remained president, he might have actually withdrawn to own the libs. Who knows?

35:20: What is Styx talking about? The head of Centcom just testified before Congress that the Afghan puppet government was going to inevitably collapse without U.S. military support. Ghani also had zero support and was losing control of the country for years.

37:12: A real howler from Styx who believes that Afghan government “was seen as legitimate” by its own troops which didn’t fight for it. The Afghan military was nothing but an unsustainable jobs program.

38:01: Actually, Joe Biden is an experienced pol who was Obama’s VP and had been to Afghanistan multiple times and knew for years that the Afghan government was fake and that the occupation was unsustainable and that the Pentagon was afraid of losing face by admitting the truth given the scale of American investment there. He chose to rip off the bandaid and it was the right move.

42:20: Lets give Joe Biden credit for withdrawing from Afghanistan. Lets not give Joe Biden credit for countless other issues. How hard is that?

43:41: Yes, Richard, the liberals are an actual governing structure, but why on earth should we support them having control of the “intelligence community” and national security state given their policies on “far right domestic extremism”? Isn’t owning the contards equally retarded?

46:17: No argument about QAnon and Stop the Steal. If Joe Biden had lost the election through, the Left would have done something similar. The Left never would have accepted the legitimacy of a Trump second term. The Russia Hoax was BlueAnon. Deranged partisans have more in common with each other.

47:42: Richard is right about how MAGA has devolved into a lib owning personality cult.

49:13: Styx is right that the Democrats love George W. Bush now.

50:45: Styx is right about the Republican Congress. Trump’s governing partners were Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Joe Biden would also like to do all kinds of things, but Joe Manchin is the real president.

53:35: Styx is trying to blame QAnon on the Left … LMAO.

57:00: Richard sounds like MSNBC or the Washington Post on the coup and insurrection narrative.

58:19: The plan on January 6th was to have a big rally outside Congress which Trump was supposed to address, but the Qtards got carried away with “The Storm is Coming” being something like the Rapture. The military was supposed to sweep in to overturn the election. They were still waiting for that to happen on Inauguration Day.

59:00: Richard should know better than anyone how people show up at these volatile events with their own agenda.

1:00:00: Styx is more right than wrong on the “insurrection.” Insofar as there was a plan, it was to pressure Mike Pence to decertify the electoral votes of states that voted for Joe Biden.

1:02:02: There were some Qtards who were expecting a coup to happen on January 6th. Those people took matters into their own hands and caused people who were in the crowd to stampede into the Capitol.

1:05:00: Richard all but says that Ashli Babbitt deserved to get shot because she was trying to be a revolutionary martyr. She was in the grip of a delusion.

1:07:51: Richard is offended by the perception that he is a leftoid although he goes out of his way to create that impression with his contrarianism.

1:09:54: “We have sane government now under Biden” – Richard Spencer

1:10:00: Richard thinks Joe Biden’s COVID relief bill has nothing to do with inflation.

1:11:54: Richard seems to think there isn’t a border crisis.

1:12:00: It is true that there is continuity between Trump and Biden on Title 42 deportations, but the sheer number of people coming across the border dwarfs the worst of the Trump years. Illegal immigration was also at a record low when Trump left office. Also, Joe Biden has blown up the refugee cap and DHS has announced that the Border Patrol can’t deport anyone for being an illegal alien anymore.

1:12:47: In fairness, Trump had cut legal and illegal immigration down at the end although it took years to get there and only happened because of COVID.

1:13:00: Richard says that the recent surge in illegal immigration is seasonal. Styx laughs. Correctly after this summer.

1:14:00: Illegal aliens are saying themselves that they are coming because of Joe Biden’s immigration policies like ending catch and release. Illegal immigration skyrocketed when Joe Biden was inaugurated.

1:15:11: Joe ended the Remain in Mexico policy which had stopped the caravans.

1:17:17: Joe Biden gutted immigration enforcement in his first week in office. Sure, he has deported people with Title 42, but so did Trump and the difference was that illegal immigration had slowed in 2020.

1:18:00: I agree with Styx on the vaccine mandate. It is unconstitutional. I also don’t care whether people take the vaccine. It is their choice.

1:18:03: Richard believes that Trump could have won by embracing COVID fascism: lockdowns, travel bans, mask wearing. It seems highly unlikely given his base of small business owners and anti-vaxxers. He could have won more suburbanites though at the cost of losing his base.

1:19:37: Richard gives Trump credit for developing the vaccine.

1:21:00: Richard would have trampled on civil liberties with COVID fascism.

1:21:12: Richard would force people to be free and supports vaccine mandates. He trusts the Biden administration enough to grant them that kind of power.

1:23:31: Richard would mandate the COVID vaccine like the measles vaccine.

1:25:42: Richard doesn’t have a problem with thousands of people losing their jobs over vaccine mandates. He would force them to get vaccinated for their own good.

1:25:51: Richard agrees with Styx’s point that COVID is now an endemic virus. Thus, it can’t be eradicated by the vaccine or vaccine mandates. It will just mutate into a new variant and will always be with us like influenza. He would go ahead with the vaccine mandate anyway though.

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  1. Since 2016, Spencer has worked assiduously to destroy whatever credibility he once had in the Alt-Right scene (now better called the Dissident Right) — among the most prominent of the 5%ers during the 2020 election, while one can understand the disenchantment with Trump, going so far as to praise Biden is pretty bizarre.

    >Trump promised to get us out of Afghanistan

    LOL — come on man, he had 4 years to get that done — 4 fucking years.

    • HW, thanks for posting the discussion timeline highlighting the key statements/positions of both, especially Spencer (no idea why you want to familiarly call him Richard, considering his views); I’m not much interested in what Styx has to say about anything — after reading thru them, I don’t think I would have the stomach to listen to the whole mess.

      People might be interested to see Spencer in his earlier incarnation, here at Auburn (a few years ago):

      Am I White Enough — Mike Enoch at Auburn

  2. A lot of issues you mention here started under Trump, not Biden. He was the guy who started the war on “domestic terror.” He personally told Sessions to start rounding up alt-righters, which is why so many of our guys were hit with fake charges and are rotting in jail right now. Overall, Biden has gotten fewer of our guys, since his admin been focused on going after patriotards and MIGApedes.

    Explosion in violent crime started with Trump doing “criminal justice reform” and releasing millions of violent black felons from prison because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were nice to him.

    That isn’t to say that Biden hasn’t continued on this path, but Trump got the ball rolling which is always the hardest part in politics.

  3. 2 fags going at it. Hell. you know its bad when its worse than RamzCuck and Scott Queer, My Lord Spencer! go back to taking your booster shots. lol

  4. Spencer should be considered an enemy, Ed Dutton and Keith Woods should cut their ties to this trust fund cutthroat.

  5. I do feel sorry for those military contractor dogs left behind in Kabul just because they hadn’t sworn allegiance to the American Empire. There were doing exactly the same jobs as the “official” dogs that belonged to the US armed forces.

  6. Spencer has always struck me as nothing but an elitist loving snob who doesn’t care about working class Whites. He loves to pal around and suck up to the elites. The same elites who would feed him to the wolves because he will always be viewed as a “Nazi.” He served his purpose and is no longer relevant. He just exists as the personification of edgy shitlord posting that doesn’t go anywhere.

    To hell with the empire. I didn’t know he supports imperialism, another reason to despise him.

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