Ole Miss: White Student Charged With “Civil Rights” Crime For Placing Noose On James Meredith Statue

So, according to the logic of these Justice Department critters, subhuman gang graffiti on statues of esteemed Whites should be treated the same? Hey, we can hope, right?Another month in the annals of history, and another travesty within the bloated colossus that is the United States federal government, with the persecution of a White student for a perceived offense against the fragile feelings of the vibrant American Black.

According to documents released following the convening of a grand jury, Graeme Phillip Harris, previously enrolled at the University of Mississippi, now faces charges of conspiracy to violate civil rights, as well as racial intimidation threats for the February 2014 placing of a noose and Georgia state flag on the statue of James Meredith, the first Negro to attend the prestigious college during the early 1960’s.

Word of the legal proceedings, which could be interpreted in ways ranging from bizarre to terrifying, reached as high as the desk of Attorney General Eric Holder, who apparently denounced the incident as, “a violation of our most strongly-held values,” as part of a rambling and barely-coherent statement.

One wonders if Mr. Holder has any idea where or what the University of Mississippi is. At least he is better off than the other African in this picture, who seems confused as to what is even going on.

Washington Post:

The Justice Department said Friday that it had charged a student at the University of Mississippi with federal civil rights crimes for placing a noose on a statue of James Meredith, the school’s first black student, in what federal authorities said was a “flagrant” attempt to threaten black students at the school.

These charges come a little more than a year after the noose was found on the neck of the Meredith statue, which has stood at the center of the Ole Miss campus in Oxford for nearly a decade. In February 2014, the noose was found along with an older Georgia state flag (before that state adopted a new flag without the Confederate symbol), prompting an investigation by the FBI and local police.

Graeme Phillip Harris, the student who was charged, and others hung the rope and the flag “with the intent to threaten and intimidate African American students and employees at the university,” the Justice Department said.

A Dangerous Precedent

The very idea that a prank against an inanimate object, no matter what the context, can constitute federal criminal charges, should be enough to send chills down the spine of any Nationalist or pro-White activist, as the potential slippery slope behind such a decision bodes ill for the future indeed.

One now has to think of further suppressions of the First Amendment that may come about in coming months and years, as Whites begin to feel the pressure being applied with ever-increasing force.

Just do not blink, as you may open your eyes to a scene resembling that of the most Marxist lands of current Europe.

Do you see this, White Man? Your heritage shall no longer be permitted, as it shatters the emotions of the poor and somehow oppressed Coloreds.



  1. On a somewhat related topic, a writer for a mainstream US conservative has dared to connect the Civil Rights narrative to the SJW movement. This person courageously disparages parts of the anti White and anti Southern narrative of the Civil Rights movement.

    Gay Marriage Isn’t About Justice, It’s About Selma Envy

    Once upon a time, my generation learned in first-grade social studies, everyone thought it was good to hate African-Americans. But then a group of saintly figures arose who were better human beings than the rednecks from the South, and they changed the world for the better. This story captivated us, and we wanted to change the world, too.

    The saintly song of the civil-rights movement grew even more rapturous as we grew old enough for our American history teachers to pop a tape in the VCR and show us the gruesome images of the era. Look, children! Look at this sneering face of Southern hatred! Look at these enemies of progress holding the firehoses! These were not human beings corrupted by their circumstances and giving in to the vilest impulses that lurk in the hearts of all men. No, these were demons, evil embodied in human flesh. Look again, children! Look at the faces of these saints who used non-violent protests to fight for equality and change legislation. These are the faces of the morally superior, the holy ones who marched on Selma, those who were more enlightened, more compassionate, more loving than anyone else who had ever lived because they defended the mistreated and defeated discrimination when no one else would.

    I think many conservatives are reaping the bitter fruit they sowed when they agreed with the Left that the government has the moral authority to punish the crime of discrimination. Now, those same laws are being used to punish Christians who refuse to accommodate ‘gay weddings.’

  2. There is an opportunity here to “attack the contradictions.” Make this a test case for Free Speech. Expose the administration for its attack on student civil liberties.

    Might also be useful to conduct mass acts of civil disobedience, say by activists carrying Confederate and White Nationalist flags on campus.

    And what of the Republicans? They attempted an impeachment of Bill Clinton over his affair with an intern. Here we have a case where Holder-Obama are attacking the First Amendment, in violation of their oaths of office. Think the GOP would use this incident as an article of impeachment? (I’m joking on this count, of course. Wonder if any mainstream conservative will stand up for the accused student here?)

    But there is a chance for Southern Nationalists to take the initiative here. Back in the 1960s, “Free Speech” was a slogan which triggered a major student movement from the left; in 2015 the right can use this tactic to trigger its own mass movement.

  3. As I was telling you last night, James Meredith was one of the most interesting characters to come out of the Civil Rights Movement:


    “In the uncensored transcript, for example, the reader will see that Dr. Duke pointed out that famous Civil Rights icon James Meredith—an African-American—supported his (Dr. Duke’s campaign for governor) and that he pointed out that the Jewish Supremacist control of culture and society was extremely harmful to black people.”


    “In his own words, the Attala County native is “a civil rights hero who absolutely hates to talk about civil rights,” a black man who rejects the term “African-American,” a man who once joined the staff of the original modern-day GOP obstructionist, the late U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina (also known as “Senator No”).

    Meredith endorsed Mississippi segregationist Ross Barnett’s gubernatorial bid in 1967 and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s bid for Louisiana governor in 1991.”


    “From September, 1989, until February, Meredith placed his family in a house in Mission Hills while working in Washington as a domestic-policy adviser to Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.). Helms filibustered against a national holiday in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Helms provided every member of the Senate with a 350-page FBI report on King and denounced King’s “Marxism” as “not compatible with the concepts of this country.” Meredith said recently that he was fired by Helms because the senator was “too liberal for me.”

    He said that Helms had grown increasingly concerned over a partnership that Meredith has cultivated for years with Louisiana legislator and gubernatorial candidate David Duke, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    “The reason I was given (for the firing) was that I was too far to the right for Helms, which is very true,” Meredith said last week, at his home in Mission Hills. “But the other reason was the David Duke connection. That was the biggest of all the reasons.”

    During his tenure with Helms, Meredith said Duke made him an honorary member of the Louisiana Legislature and “sent the certificate to Helms’ office in Washington. When they saw that, they got terribly upset.

    “Helms had told me that, if it ever became public–my association with Duke–that I would immediately be fired.”

    Despite many calls to his office, neither Helms nor his press secretary was available for comment.

    Glenn Montecino, Duke’s legislative assistant and spokesman, said from his office in Baton Rouge, La., that Meredith and Duke have “no formal relationship at the moment” but hope to have in the future. He described their association as an “intimate friendship.”

    If Duke wins the governor’s race, Montecino said, Meredith may end up a staff member, working in the Health and Welfare Department. Duke is founder of the National Assn. for the Advancement of White People, which Meredith supports.

    “Duke believes, and I do, too, that there are millions of whites in this country who have been denied their opportunity at the American dream,” Meredith said.”

  4. Holder is engaging in a Nuremberg Trial witch hunt with this farce of a ‘crime.’

    NO matter what Meredith’s personal beliefs, it is the IDOL OF THE BLACK AS A RACE that is being argued here.

    This is the new state RELIGION, as Cambria has noted.
    All else pales (no pun intended) before the ‘god’ of the Nigger as Savior.

    This entire case MUST be made redundant. Meredith’s statue is an IDOL, that the worshipers of the ‘true religion’ (Multiculturalism/Multiracialism) have decreed must be ‘avenged’. Better that a Latter-Day St. Boniface take a chain saw and cut it at the ‘feet of clay’ and say, “No God but the Tribal God of Europe’s White Man- YHWH and Christ” to bring this out into the open.

    But, just as the article over at DS about ‘women need to be quiet and submit’ is showing how few men are ready to BE men in the Biblical/Southern/White/European model, so, too, this ‘affront to Nigger sensibilities’ will cause a lot of faggy Whites to seek to put one lone student under the bus of the Nigger Juggernaut, rather than say, “Here is the line in the sand.”

    Misericordie, Domine.

  5. THIS story is the thing that true White Advocates must focus on. This is a VERY Bad Thing, and there are only a few cursory mentions, here and there.

  6. The GOP, with a handful of notable exceptions, have absolutely proven themselves to be the willing betrayers of Whites, and EVERYTHING they babble on about re: the Consitution. They also need to be registered as foreign agents.

  7. The Southern Nation is under occupation. Black Supremacists can run through the streets burning down businesses like in Ferguson but White People don’t have 1 ounce of Freedom of Speech in this country. Just another reason for Southern Independence for the preservation, protection, and advancement of our people. #Secede

  8. Everyone was celebrating when the Republicans took control of both houses last yr, I knew better. The only way to get rid of the opposite side of the same coin is not to vote for any of them. Name one candidate on the Republican side who has come out for white rights, talked about the daily attacks on whites by blacks,etc? The Republicans proved time and time again they don’t care about our rights and white lives. If you want more of the same, keep voting for these traitors.

  9. “a prank against an inanimate object”

    “Prank”? Right–and the Civil War was about “states’ rights” (which is why, of course, it should be called the War between the States).

    Are you Southerners incapable of honesty? As I’ve said at this website, Mr. W., the only Southerners who’ve demonstrated honesty are Leonidas Spratt and Hinton Helper (and I don’t share Spratt’s view that whites should have been enslaving blacks).

    This placing of that noose and flag on the statue of Meredith statue wasn’t a prank. It was obviously a political act. Evidently, Holder has concluded it was in violation of the hate-crime provisions of federal civil-rights law. The response of “Marcus Cicero,” who wrote the piece you’ve posted here, is that the federal government is a “bloated colossus” and that Holder’s statement on this subject was “rambling and barely coherent.” How brave.

    The only thing that matters is the flourishing of whites. Would you be happier if there were no federal hate-crime laws? I wouldn’t–because I don’t care about the U.S. government either way. America has nothing to do with me–and “Dixie” has nothing to do with me either. They’re both idiotic, and their flags represent nothing but white death.

    Look at these great, brave, chivalric Southerners: hanging nooses on statues and singing racist doggerel on school buses when they think nobody’s looking–and then whining about the “bloated colossus” of the federal government when they get caught.

    Try being white men, for a change. After two centuries of your insistent wrongheadedness, it’ll do you good.

    • From the media attention OU and Ole Miss have gotten, you would think that a black kid had been lynched on campus or something, but no, this is just the usual daily fodder of living in a PC country that is explicitly anti-White and anti-Southern.

    • I’m not even sure as to what it is you are asking, John. Are you in favor of young White college students being tossed into federal prison for an expression of their First Amendment freedom of speech?

      And what is it you want White Men, especially the Southerners you insult for some strange reason, to do to save their heritage and demographic existence? Or do you favor the loss of all that they hold dear?

  10. College kids should be expected to do this kind of juvenile stuff. It was nothing serious, but then again whenever someone spraypaints a swastika on a tombstone it is world news.

    There was a suicide recently in Mississippi. A black guy hanged himself. The FBI was put on the case and it was a national story. See also the “NAACP bombing” in Colorado which turned out to be some guy who was just mad about his taxes.

  11. John B -what are you smoking? Those Hate Crime Laws were created specifically to persecute Whites.

    I don’t care about that stupid statue. I care about that young man. Why do you care more about that statue you do him?

  12. “Are you in favor of young White college students being tossed into federal prison for an expression of their First Amendment freedom of speech?”

    I don’t care either way, Marcus. What matters is that the races be separated, that they not be living together in a single polity. I don’t propose to debate whether hate-crime law, as applied in this or any other case, is inconsistent with the First Amendment, because, as I’ve said, I don’t care at all about the U.S. government, the U.S. Constitution, or anything else American. Historically speaking, the only place I want to see anything American–including both the stars and stripes and, yes, the stars and bars–is a rear-view mirror.

    “And what is it you want White Men, especially the Southerners you insult for some strange reason, to do to save their heritage and demographic existence? Or do you favor the loss of all that they hold dear?”

    I favor the loss of all that they hold dear. I once held the American flag dear, the Fourth of July dear. Now, I see them for what they are: frightful missteps in white history.

    As I made clear to Mr. W., at this very website, years ago, I hold “Dixie” responsible for the present poor position of the white race. Even in the 1800s, any white man should have seen that the presence, among whites, of blacks, whether free or enslaved, was not in whites’ interest. Dixie insisted on complicating the issue by fighting over slavery; if Southerners had joined politically with northern whites who were opposed not only to slavery but to the presence of blacks among whites (as the Southerner Hinton Helper was), the races could have been separated. Blacks could have been returned to Africa, to build ways of life that suited them–and whites would have been free to flourish here. That’s the reason I insulted Southerners in my comment above–because all I see from them is the same wrongheadedness, in varying forms, for two centuries now.

  13. Yankees have “liberated” everything under the sun from slaves to trannies – and it is their own fault. Everything is “equal” in the great Northern paradise.

    Just ask them. They take great pride in it.

  14. “He’s been saying the same stuff for years now.”

    At least, what I’m saying makes sense. It’s not my fault you’re not listening.

    Go ahead, you stalwart Southrons. Keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing since Appomattox; it should start working any day now.

    “College kids should be expected to do this kind of juvenile stuff.”

    More evasion, more dishonesty. These things aren’t “juvenile stuff” any more than they’re “pranks.” They’re the belittling, or worse, of a race that is floundering, in white civilization, only because whites dragged them into it. If you are unwise enough to think that being dishonest about that, or about any of the other matters in this racial disaster, will turn things around for whites, then as I say, Mr. W., you’re following in a long Southern tradition. You and your confreres in so-called Southern Nationalism are the ones who’ve been “saying the same stuff for years”–without profit, I hardly need note.

  15. John Bonnacorsi, the mexicans have won the right to physically bully live white kids in California, just for wearing american flag T-shirts. Are you saying only the southerners let an alien workforce in? Physically attacking a white kid is constitutional while draping a rope around a statue is considered some sort of federal crime. It’s not that you don’t make sound points, it’s just that you make them myopically.

  16. Meanwhile, as Holder and national media draw attention to the real problem, here in New Orleans a black male just murdered an hourly wages plus tips white pizza driver with three kids. We’re being told there is no evidence racial hate was a factor. The killer just happened to shoot a white guy in a 99.9% black neighborhood using multiple gratuitous shots while leaving the car, cash and wallet, that’s it.

    Shit like this never fucking happens to the rich Obama-voting whites in this cesspool of a city.

    The anarchy is getting worse, and so is the tyranny.

    Death to America. The sooner, the better.

    • It sure looks as if things are beginning to speed up, although it’s happening literally everywhere across the country on a daily basis.

      My fear lies in the Hispanic population, which has the latest generation approaching child-bearing age at this point, as opposed to the perpetually-confused Negro. The Hispanic penchant for gang violence has already decimated cities in California and New England, and has displaced Blacks from neighborhoods occupied for several decades.

      And the last thing we need is an exodus of these “peoples” to greener, and Whiter, pastures.

  17. A few points of order; as regard Hispanic criminality Northwest Arkansas was relatively crime free until Tyson Foods imported hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. Now some of the crimes are so bad it that area it makes state news.

    Republics are as useless as tits on a boar hog. Both the governor of Arkansas and Indiana pissed on themselves in fear and capitulated to massive homosexual crowds that besieged their state capitols buildings to oppose legislation allowing some business owners to opt out of certain transactions with the Gay community if that violated their religious beliefs. In both case Gays won, white conservatives lost. And yet conservatives are in the majority if one were to judge by the angry comments on various news sites about the two cases. Conservatives will continue to lose because they have not grasped the concept that an organized minority is always more powerful than a disorganized majority. There are natural laws that regulate politics as assuredly as gravity regulate the cosmos and as a matter of principle God does not make a cowardly people free, at least not for long.

    Is it fair to say, John B. , that you advocate an Ethno-State for our people? (and by the way there are nine bronze statures on the Arkansas capital grounds in honor of the nine students who integrated Central High.)

  18. “I don’t care about that stupid statue. I care about that young man. Why do you care more about that statue you do him?”

    I care about that statue a lot less than that young man does, Denise.

    Is that the standard of behavior you would set for a white man? Would you have a white man avoid responsibility? It’s not James Meredith’s fault that James Meredith was living among whites; it’s not James Meredith’s fault that James Meredith wanted an education in a civilization into which his ancestors were dragged. It’s the fault of the ancestors of that young white man; if that young man really were a man, he would recognize that and would be conducting himself so as to contribute to whites’ flourishing, not trying to place the blame for whites’ predicament other than where that blame belongs.

  19. ‘Are you saying only the southerners let an alien workforce in?”

    No, I’m not saying that, Take Me Liberty. I’m well-enough aware of what’s happened in this country over the past half century. I simply think it shouldn’t be overlooked that there was an opportunity, there in the 1800s, to establish America as a racial state.

  20. “Is it fair to say, John B. , that you advocate an Ethno-State for our people?”

    I think Europe and the territories that presently make up the United States, Canada, and Australia should be white lands.

  21. “It sure looks as if things are beginning to speed up, although it’s happening literally everywhere across the country on a daily basis.”

    I have the same feeling, Marcus.

  22. John – I’m not interested in “being fair” racial aliens. The real outrage is the Negroes have the power to bring charges against a young White student. College students have been playing all kinds of pranks, forever.

    Why should this young man face any charges AT ALL?

    Meredith himself is utterly irrelevant. There was no damage done to the statue. So I DON’T CARE.

    Why are you consenting to the monstrous aliens inventing specious, and potentially ruinous, criminal charges against a young WHITE man?

    We will truly be free when there are no statues or memorials of racial aliens, or for that matter, any racial aliens at all, in our White World.

  23. I guess we don’t see this the same way, Denise–but I agree with your closing sentence.

  24. Duke undergraduate caught hanging noose. May face federal and state charges.

    The university has begun disciplinary proceedings that could result in suspension or expulsion, while federal and state law enforcement officials are investigating whether the action constitutes a crime.

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