Indiana: State Government Surrenders To Leftist Degeneracy, Vows To Protect Homosexual “Rights”

Do you see this for what it is yet? Bowing to these hedonists is the textbook definition of treason.
Do you see this for what it is yet? Bowing to these hedonists is the textbook definition of treason.

When one makes the assertion that the majority of current American politicians lack even a single iota of moral fiber or conviction, it does not take long to find overwhelming supportive evidence.

Our latest featured example centers around the disgraceful abandonment of principle by many of those occupying positions of power within the state of Indiana, as it now appears that not only concessions, but outright capitulation, to homosexual interest groups is now the order of the day.

Reeling under a series of economic semi-boycotts by companies such as Apple and Walmart, and condemnations by Jewish-dominated organizations such as the NFL and NBA, the Indiana Legislature tacked on an amendment to its original Religious Freedom Restoration Act early Thursday, to the cheers of mentally-deranged Sodomites nationwide.

The revamped bill, which had been intended to protect moral Christian men and women from exploitation by freakish characters, now lies in shambles, with traditional analysts commenting on the fact that gays, lesbians, and undefined abominations now enjoy even greater protection and support under the law than before the RFRA’s inception a few days previously.

Hmmm... I seem to be having trouble finding the feminists in this picture. I
Hmmm… I seem to be having trouble finding the feminists in this picture, despite certain “Manosphere” half-wit personalities claiming said females are behind all of our society’s woes.


Indiana lawmakers are poised to overhaul their religious freedom law Thursday in an effort to ease concerns that it could lead to discrimination — and they’ve infuriated social conservative activists in the process.

Republican legislative leaders unveiled a series of changes Thursday morning to the law that triggered intense backlash from businesses, sports associations, pro-LGBT groups and even fiscally-focused conservatives when Gov. Mike Pence signed it last week.

The GOP-dominated House and Senate are set to vote on the legislative fix, which was added into an unrelated bill, on Thursday, sending it to Pence’s desk almost immediately.

The changes would prohibit businesses from using the law as a defense in court for refusing “to offer or provide services, facilities, use of public accommodations, goods, employment, or housing” to any customers based on “race, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or United States military service.”

Eric Miller, the head of Advance America and a powerful lobbyist who stood behind Pence at last week’s private bill signing ceremony, said on his website: “Among the things that will happen, Christian bakers, florists and photographers would now be forced by the government to participate in a homosexual wedding or else they would be punished by the government! That’s not right!”


The Indiana law and a similar bill that Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has asked lawmakers there to change had drawn criticism from major companies like Apple, Walmart and Salesforce, as well as sports associations like the NCAA, NBA and NFL.

To anyone who may still think that formerly Conservative Republican candidates will defend the rights of White Christians against the tide of Marxist filth, let me say to you now that this is a dangerous hope, and is one that is foundering on the rocks before your very eyes.

The traitors within the gates have spread to both political parties by this late hour, and only through radical, and racially aware, stands can we hope to halt the decay before the point of no return is reached.

Enrichment now! Enrichment wow! What other interesting cultural vibrancy do we have to look forward to next?
Enrichment now! Enrichment wow! What other interesting cultural vibrancy is next in our future?




  1. CrimsonTide was making some of the same points that I was making here before she was shouted down by the echo chamber over at the Stormer.

    Like Alabama and every other Southern state, Arkansas passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Also like Alabama, a federal court swooped in and predictably ruled it “unconstitutional”

    Now comes the familiar act of “mainstream” conservatives making token gestures – such as passing religious liberty laws – to appease their evangelical Christian supporters. They have no intention whatsoever of enforcing or defending those laws. They just want to save face and be able to say to voters at the next election that “we fought the good fight.”

    That’s exactly how segregation collapsed in Alabama. In Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma, the business community engineered the surrender to the black mobs. That’s what companies like Apple and Wal-Mart are doing here.

  2. Perhaps in the middle picture we shouldn’t be looking for a woman or women, but rather an enabler, and in that thought he is most certainly an enabler of feminism. Although it should be noted that all of our societal ills do not come from females, but it’s also true that some of them do, and to state otherwise would be to avoid the truth.

  3. This is our great democratic republic, inevitably degenerating right before our eyes.

  4. Pilate thought he was the HMFIC in Jerusalem- that reminded me, it’s Good Friday. Caiaphas thought he was the HMFIC in Jerusalem. For a couple days, it looked like they were right. Then, it turns out they weren’t.

    Evil will seem victorious sometimes, but it’s not, because it’s evil. We live in a Good Friday world, but the Resurrection is coming………..

  5. Dissent is treason in a totalitarian state. Which is what the United States is by its very nature. Although it has been merely an incipient one until recently.

    For those who do not wish to implicitly condone homosexuality by furthering it through commerce but still wish to earn a living in their chosen field there is a practical option. Although it could still result in your ruin through boycotts and intimidation. That option would be to place a sign in your business visible to the public stating that you will comply with the law in regards to the protected groups but that a portion or even all the profit from any transaction that violates the conscience of the business owner will go to fund organizations that directly and effectively oppose the offensive behavior.

    That should keep most of the homosexual or other unwanted business away but it would almost certainly result in opposition. They are neither tolerant nor forgiving.

  6. Dissent is treason in a proposition nation, if you happen to disagree with the creed.

    In a proposition nation explicitly organized around “rights,” the only way to be patriotic is to agree and the only way to be a traitor is to disagree.

    The root cause of the problem is the concept of the democratic republic proposition nation organized around rights.

  7. It all goes back to twits like Jefferson really.

    One could tolerate, support a sodomite monarch like Edward II or kill him, you can’t do the same with a Democracy can you?

  8. @Harold: I hear you; back in the seventies, there was a barbecue retaurant in Chesterfield County, Virginia that had a sign on their wall saying “all funds collected from niggers will be donated to the Ku Klux Klan'”. The restaurant is still there, although the sign is long gone. Probably different owners. Located on Jeff Davis Hway across from the DuPont plant.

  9. Though not naming Jew, Richard Spencer has some good observations here especially in the bottom 2/3 or 1/2 of the article.

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