West Virginia: University Features Marxist “White, Male, Christian Privilege” Display

Wow! How edgy and rebellious. Towing the official American government line against the White Man.
Wow! How edgy and rebellious. Towing the official American government line against the White Man is the pinnacle of cultural vibrancy.

The cancer that is modern-day Leftist ideology continues to rear its head in the most unlikely of places, with even the most traditional rural areas now in the spotlight for allowing behavior worthy of institutionalization and/or mandatory hard labor.

In the case of West Virginia’s Marshall University, we now face the emergence of yet another vile example of the anti-White agenda, with the posting of a display ranting over the alleged “privileges” held by those of European Christian descent, a foolish doctrine derived from the raving hysterics of filthy Jewish agitators such as Tim Wise, as well as initiatives pushed by the San Francisco college community.

When placed under scrutiny, the author of the mini-billboard, a young, and allegedly White, female student named Jessie Swiger, defended her actions by citing “education” and “training” from undefined sources, while sticking to the sort of immature rambling typical of many impressionable youngsters exposed to subversive rhetoric.

Ms. Swiger, who has likely never dealt with aggressive subhumans, has apparently set her social media profiles to private since being exposed.
Ms. Swiger, who has likely never dealt with aggressive subhumans, would benefit quite a bit from debating ideas with one of us.


A resident adviser (RA) at Marshall University in West Virginia has placed a poster in a freshman dorm that attacks heterosexual Christian students by defining them as “privileged.”

Senior RA Jessie Swiger hung her poster in Freshman North, a co-ed dorm. Campus Reform reported the story and presents screenshots of the poster, as well as Swiger’s Facebook post defending her poster and a tweet in which Swiger justifies, “It’s not shaming. It’s educating. Privilege exists as a result of racism, sexism, ablism, & classism engrained in society.”

The poster itself, which is handwritten, equates privilege as “not being asked ‘how does sex work for you?’” and “’flesh colored’ matches your skin tone.”

Examples of “privilege” Swiger provides on the poster are “white, male, Christian, cisgender, and heterosexual privilege that you’ve probably never realized or thought about.”

In a Facebook post, Swiger said, “I’m thankful to have been able to go through training and take classes that have helped me to understand and recognize privilege, what it is, and how it affects our brothers and sisters of the world.”

Well, there you have it folks. We now have children, even those of our own racial group, betraying long-standing values and culture in the name of “brotherhood” with those who would only reduce society to the lowest common denominator.

Do they actually believe for even a split-second that a land dominated by the Colored peoples of the Third World would be as conciliatory and respectful of mentally-disturbed viewpoints?

If they truly do, then let them live with the consequences if their worldview triumphs over that of normalcy and common decency.

Here are some of the "brothers and sisters" of Ms.
Here are some of the “brothers and sisters” of Ms. Swiger. They likely won’t take too kindly to a White, or Jewish, person displaying solidarity with their tribal vibrancy.





  1. Okay, so there’s something fundamentally wrong with these women SJW’s, of that there’s no question. They have developmental problems.

    But, doesn’t he:


    According to Starkey, men are either exceptionally bright or thick, while women trend strongly towards being just average. This is absurd.

    So why is it tolerated? Is Starkey a jewish name? 😉

    For every SJW white woman ‘feminist’ who gets highlighted on any pro-white blog, I’d like a parallel MJW – male jew whiner – to be highlighted as well. He doesn’t have to be a jew, of course, he just has to have the whininess of one.

    I nominate RamZPaul for this thread.

  2. “White Privilege” means justifying Diversity.
    Diversity means chasing down the last White person.
    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

  3. More Cultural Marxism as developed by the Frankfurt Institute. Who can blame then for not using it? It works every time. White apathy and capitulation ensures their victory. We need to coin a new term and call then what they are; Neo-Communists! They have no hesitation of slinging the term “Neo-Nazi” at all their opponents, most of whom are anything but.

  4. Ms Swiger = White Liberal that will NEVER live in a black “community”.

    She will never be raped by a group of black males in a park at night, because she will always remain, until her death, in a privileged liberal bubble, surrounded by other white liberal females, feminine, emasculated white liberal males, and rare, docile house negroes.

  5. I don’t know what to say about Marshall, it was a Methodist College that sided with the North during the Civil War. Somewhere along the way it became part of the state university system in West Virginia. They lost their football team back in the 70’s when an overloaded charter airplane smacked into the side of a hill…

  6. If she wants to contemplate “privilege,” she should contemplate the privilege of controlling a public space, such as a bulletin board, to attack a group (white men) on the basis of race and sex and all the while feeling the warm glow of self-conferred moral superiority over those attacked. Now that is privilege.

  7. Wow, just wow. They just went full retard. Never go full retard. You don’t even have to argue with this. This level of stupid can destroy itself!

  8. If it wasn’t cruel and unusual punishment, I’d like to see her sent to live in a non-white(or Asian) community for some time, of her choice…

  9. The fact that people can put this garbage up without any opposition really grinds my gears. You’d think at least one person would have the courage to stand up and flat out refute those lies.

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