South Africa: Boer Youth Attend Military Training Camps To Prepare For Race War

Twenty years have now passed since the tragic decision was made to entrust South Africa’s government to the whims of semi-feral Negroes, and the situation could now hardly be any worse for the embattled Whites of that once-prosperous land.

The “Rainbow Nation” of convicted communist terrorist Nelson Mandela, only brought about due to both internal subversion and external agitation, has now sunk to the level of the rest of the “Dark Continent,” with rampant incompetence, poverty, rape, and violence the norm.

However, groups of brave Boers have now deemed it necessary to stand up for what is theirs, for the odds of escaping the rampage of the hordes are growing far more slim with each passing day.

Such grueling training for the final racial conflict, aided by hardened veterans of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), has continued to spread among the beleaguered population, demonstrating to all of us that there can still be fight left in the soul of the White Man, if he only sheds the fear instilled in him since birth.

Well organized, determined, and tough beyond description. Not to mention the fact that they are steadily growing in experience and strength.
Well organized, determined, and tough beyond description. Not to mention the fact that they are steadily growing in experience and strength.

Daily Mail:

Deep in rural South Africa, a terrifying white supremacist movement is brainwashing teenagers to rise up in defiance of Nelson Mandela’s hard-fought dream of a Rainbow Nation.

The far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is training thousands of youths in military-style bootcamps northwest of Johannesburg to fight for a separate white state.

By day, they are pushed to their physical limits with assault courses and self-defence lessons, all the while being told of the danger from ‘the millions of blacks trying to kill you’.

Then by night, they are subjected to vile racist indoctrination which many hoped had disappeared from South Africa for good.

‘South Africa is bleeding,’ he says. ‘And this is why we have to train our people to be prepared.

‘There’s millions and millions of blacks around you, smothering you… and killing you.

‘So you have to implement certain systems to survive and that’s why we say the only system we can go now for is not apartheid. That’s second prize. First prize is freedom.’ 


Later, members of the camp are filmed burning the South African flag while holding the Afrikaner one.

‘No one will force us to stand under this flag,’ they say. ‘We Afrikaners want our freedom. We want our own country.’

Such a course of action, as laid out in the above sentences, will likely prove to be the only worthwhile goal to achieve in the near to midterm future. One can only aim for separation, independence, and freedom, as the powers that be cannot suffer to negotiate or compromise with Whites seeking to rule themselves under a traditional Christian template.

Take the plight of these people to heart, as one can almost gaze into the future status of Southern regions, along with other White enclaves, if the current situation of being shackled to a decaying American corpse continues.

Remember Rhodesia? Switch the main players, especially aggressors, around, and you have the likely scenario of a future America where Whites, especially Southerners, are the demonized minority
Remember Rhodesia? Switch the main players, especially aggressors, around, and you have the likely scenario of a mid-century America where Whites, especially Southerners, are the demonized minority.






  1. This music video about the Boers resisting the last “evil empire”, not nearly as evil as current evil empires – very inspiring.

  2. The liberal media calls them White Supremacists. However their only goal is Stop White Genocide! We support them 100% for the survival and advancement of South Africa.

  3. It would be interesting to see the statistics on whites murdered by blacks in South Africa vs. other ‘white’ countries. Europe is starting to catch on to the brown invasion. A very positive note on a recent media report of a ‘Stop White Genocide’ campaign reported that it is becoming a global issue.
    I recently spoke to a friend of mine and her mudshark daughter, who even though she now has 4 half black children, admitted that she feels whites are being treated like second class citizens in the US. An economic collapse would expedite the process of white awakening.

  4. “[T]hey have been training at least two thousand young boys over the past two years.”

    That’s plenty.

    PS Let’s hope the boys are being trained to look out for the real enemy, the journalist who will be eager to make one of them the subject of a story, five years from now, about the white supremacist brainwashing he left behind.

  5. Here’s a thought.

    Can you go down there as a journalist to see what they are doing?

    See how they train and report back? Might be teaching moment.

  6. Seemed like a pretty tame video compared to a WN 1.0 and SPLC joint production in the USA would have been.

    While all the stupid as hell lefty propaganda gets you down and flummoxes the heck out of your essayists take heart the comments at that “mainstream” news outlet were way in favor of the Afrikaners.

    What is done to them is not just a crime it is genocide and its world wide.

  7. My comment, submitted to that vile rag, will not be published – but I sincerely pray that every one involved in producing that article has their throat sliced open by one or more of their darling Black Savage Pets.

  8. For whatever it may be worth to some of you, the following is a comment of mine that was posted at Lawrence Auster’s “View from the Right” in 2007:

    This discussion has reminded me of the little-remarked fact that the ex-wife of F.W. de Klerk was murdered in 2001 by a black security guard at her Cape-Town-area apartment building. When informed of the killing, de Klerk himself was in Stockholm, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize, which he and Nelson Mandela shared in 1993 for ending apartheid.

    “Ex-Wife of De Klerk Murdered: S. African Police” (Includes spokesman’s statement that South African President Thabo Mbeki learned with “great shock” of the “untimely death.”);

    “Guard confesses to de Klerk murder” (includes de Klerk’s statement that, “We, as a country, are being damaged by every murder. No one murder is more serious than the other. The one on my former wife, Marika [sic], however … sends out such a negative, damaging message.” Also includes pathologist’s report that Marike de Klerk had been hit in the face at least twice, stabbed in the back, and strangled to death.);
    “Security guard guilty of killing De Klerk’s ex-wife”;

    [DEAD LINK:]
    “Marike killer may face life behind bars” (Includes photo of the killer, Luyanda Mboniswa.);
    “De Klerk’s Ex-Wife Found Slain in Apartment Near Cape Town”.
    Nobel Peace Prize, 1993.

  9. I think the Orania concept might have a better chance. For those not in the know it is an all white and Afrikaner only proto-community. All kinds of videos about it are on you tube. Compare that to a settlement by Communists in Twin Oaks Virginia and see which has had better success!

    It seems as if I remember an Afrikaner professor who had an idea of an all Afrikaner nation instead of the one man, one vote, one time, concept that the majority of whites voted for. If they had only listened to him they might have saved art least part of white South Afica

  10. The Orania concept is a non-starter. About a thousand Afrikaners live in their own town, at the pleasure of the government, who can withdraw it at any time. It doesn’t scale well.

    Whites never voted for one man, one vote, let alone one time. They voted for negotiation, which is not the same as abject surrender. They were promised that any settlement negotiated would be put to the electorate to vote in a second referendum. That never happened.

    We could have negotiated a partition. That’s what Apartheid was about in the first place, but its premise was that each Babuntu tribe would get its historical homeland (totalling about 13% of the land) and Whites would get the areas they settled first (the rest). In practice, the Babuntustans were a patchwork. It was an inequitable division, and I would have been happy to see some fairer arrangement. Whether the rest of the world would have let us do that is another question. Now, of course, people are talking about maybe letting Whites have a city-state, like Singapore. If we’d held out, we should have been able to salvage a lot more than that.

    We were never given the chance. Our President, FW de Klerk, sold us down the river, and buggered off to Greece to live with his new whore. A pox on the bastard.

    This article in the Daily Mail, and the video, are nothing new, of course. It’s just a rehash of the same video and a similar article a couple of years ago. However, I have been hearing rumours about this kind of thing lately. Revival of the AWB, stockpiling of weapons and so on.

    Don’t write the Boers off yet.

    “Give me 20 divisions American soldiers and I will breach Europe. Give me 15 consisting of Englishmen, and I will advance to the borders of Berlin. Give me two divisions of those marvellous fighting Boers, and I will remove Germany from the face of the earth.”
    Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery, Commander of the Allled forces during WWII.

    “The Americans fight for a free world, the English mostly for honour and glory and medals, the French and Canadians decide too late that they have to participate. The Italians are too scared to fight; the Russians have no choice. The Germans for the Fatherland. The Boers? Those sons of bitches fight for the hell of it.”
    American General, George “Guts and Glory” Patton

  11. The whole situation in South Africa revolves around what the Dutch, and the House of Orange want to do to help the Boers.

  12. Analog; I have had the same concerns about the Orania settlement that they are to trusting of the new South African government. However, such a concept may work in a chaotic post implosion United States scenario. Sorry, my friend, I have every respect for the Afrikaners but the English speaking portion of whites who put their faith in negotiations and trusted that to work out well are either incredibly naive or politically retarded. Or perhaps they wanted it just like it has now become as they were more globalist oriented than nationalist in that they put profits above patriotism. ( so is it incompetence or malevolence on their part in that regard?) I would imagine if we tallied the votes we would see Afrikaners voted against negotiations in large numbers but I suspect English speaking whites voted for it in overwhelming numbers and probably most of them have fled for greener (whiter) pastures by now.Like in America racial integration is not for the elites or wealthy whites, only for poor and working class whites.

  13. When are the white men in this country going to start attending military style training camps and start fighting back? There already is a race war going on in this country, but its one sided. The longer we wait, the harder its going to get.

  14. Since white people are clearly not better than you, the negros should have no need to miss them or cling to the white seperatists, right???

  15. The Afrikaaners are doing well to prepare for the inevitable war with the black population there. However, when the war finally erupts, you can be certain that our (US) gov’t as well as NATO (read “world Zionist mercenaries”) will be present there to to aid the blacks against the Afrikaaners. Curious thing about blacks; they hate us with a passion, but they cannot live without us (at least not without sinking back into their jungle social order, and at heart they do not want that at all). They hate us but follow us wherever we go. They hate us (and cannot admit it) due to pure envy because we are everything that they are not and will not ever be. They hate us for our fair skin and intelligence, for our facial features and straight, lustrous hair (even more so if it is blonde). What many mudsharks do not realize until they have married (or just mated) with a black man, is that she will be marrying into the entire extended family of her black “mate”, her associations will then be almost entirely within that black community, and that every black woman that she has contact with in that community will secretly or overtly, despise her because she removed a black man from the pool of
    available black men for the “sisters”. She will be hated (unless she is a white frump) for all the qualities that I enumerated above. She will never be part of that community, black mate or not. And her children, though technically black, will be despised as well. The darker blacks do not like the “high yella” (light skinned) blacks. An example of how far this hatred between blacks of varied skin tone goes is that of Haiti, where when they revolted against the French colonists, there was an eventual and very gory massacre of light skinned mulattos by the fanatically hateful full blooded blacks. Early preparation for this scenario here in the US by racially aware whites is well advised since we will not only face crazed blacks but irrational white sympathizers as well.

  16. There are no such training camps in South Africa. The training camps were a creation of the black media to demonize the white population.

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