Hispanic Invaders to Reach Nearly A Quarter of American Population By 2035

Gaze at the future of the nation. When I was a child, I always thought the gang signs were a sign of Tourette Syndrome, or some other sort of twitching disease.
Gaze at the bright future of the nation. When I was a child, I always thought the gang signs were a sign of Tourette Syndrome, or some other sort of twitching disease.

It looks as if the insane, and likely deliberate, demographic replacement of Whites within the confines of the United States is progressing at a rate far faster than previous estimates have indicated, with Hispanic barbarians expected to reach upwards of 23 percent of the American population by the mid 2030’s.

Such a massive increase would put the number of Latrino invaders within the country at just over 85.5 million souls, a figure which does not take into account half-caste abominations, future undocumented illegals, or those who decide for whatever reason to mark themselves off as being of “European” descent on census surveys.

The model, which shatters previous estimates put forward by organizations such as the Brookings Institution, was published by the Centers for Disease Control earlier this month amid calls for further funding, out of the coffers of White families, in order to increase the well-being and overall lifespan of various Third-World squatters.

Washington Examiner:

America’s Hispanic population is projected to soar in the coming two decades to 85,543,000, faster than some have expected, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on Latinos.

CDC on Tuesday said the Hispanic population will total 22.8 percent of the U.S. population by 2035.

The report studied the health and causes of death of the American Hispanic population and found that despite more living in poverty than whites, Hispanics live an average of two years longer than whites.

As we can now see with our own eyes, and in urban locations hear with our own ears, the apathy of the last few generations, and treason/subversion by some noteworthy characters, has led to a rather dire situation in many parts of the country that can only grow worse in coming years.

Following such news, one question must be asked of those White men and women who understand our race’s decline and plight.

Do you wish to at least make the attempt to change things in the here and now, or do you wish to leave your children and grandchildren with a true multicultural hell on Earth, with an even lesser chance of halting the descent towards complete destruction?

Such intellectual brilliance, and long-term planning skills. This will be a common sight in future America; completely equal migrants dumping sewage into the street.
Such intellectual brilliance, and long-term planning skills. This will be a common sight in future America; completely equal migrants dumping sewage into the street.



  1. It’s not enough to just talk about the problems or talk about change in general terms. Where does someone go if they want to play an active role in the solution process? Is their voice valued and factored into the solution process, or do they just serve as a vessel for fixed platitudes and someone else’s vision of change? Do we need a larger forum/outlet and targeted outreach to promote ideas and put them in motion?

    Most of us know the Why, so…

    It’s an oldie, but still a goodie: “Let’s stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves.”

  2. Yeah do what? Lose your job and friends, become a pariah and laughingstock, all while watching everything go to hell anyway?

  3. To WN it’s now apparently the new guideline that fags are cool because otherwise we would be ‘impinging on their rights’.

    Marcus actually predicted like 3 days ago that certain WN race mixers would soon be promoting the acceptance of homos, as they’ve already said now Hispanics are 80%+ white and Peruvians (for just one example) are White people. I thought it would take way longer than the 3 days it took though for the prediction to manifest into reality.

    The bait and switch routine that (some, not all but far too many) WN personalities play again and again is really apparent to even the the most casual observer I would imagine.

    No honor, no integrity, moral relativism, and now human rights championing are the cornerstone of far too many internet phenomenons in the WN circles.

    • It’s sad, but true, that there are more mental and genetic rejects attracted to WN than ever before. Half-retarded opinions, such as that women aren’t sentient beings, race-mixing with Asians is an “esoteric issue,” and all ethnic ties of various White groups can be erased through demographic replacement (approval of Poles invading Britain as an example) are now oftentimes the party line.

      Again proving that internet cyber warriors only lead to complete stagnation, decline, and apathy in the real world.

      While the Hispanics, African Negroes, Asiatics, and non-White Moslems, pour into, and reproduce within, Western nations en masse.

  4. Some say we ‘have time.’

    We don’t. That’s not news to people living in my area.

  5. Marcus – we both forgot the biggest lol of all…..white people should not be having white children and it doesn’t matter if whites have children or not. Because ‘go to the mall you will see many white babies’. The logic is clearly irrefutable.

    Also having mixed race children with Asian women should be promoted because white women ‘don’t have souls’ (I believe this is code for – has an iq of over 98 on average therefore might disagree with hypocritical and immoral stances).

    Regardless of what one feels about a particular woman or group of women – feminists in general are disliked by most in the US- encouraging whites not to have children is equal to treason for obvious reasons. Even feminists don’t go as far in that respect. What white state could possibly be established without white children and instead having white fags involved in every facet of life?

    Blacks are more logical and less hypocritical than these agent provocateurs. If they are not provocateurs then they have the hyper emotional mentality of a drunk Russian 15 year old.

    • Perhaps we are dealing with drunken Russian teens on many of these WN sites, at least on the commenting level? It is hard to tell considering the anonymous nature of most “Aryan Internet Warriors.”

      But, this doesn’t matter, as none of these clowns would ever actually participate in a real-life discussion or protest.

  6. It’s only ‘WN’ and even pro-white generally that takes up such issues with women. In the battleground states where the most fight in the people exists, no one can be bothered with social issues. For the tribe to survive there must be unity, particularly with one’s women as they are Diversity’s biggest targets. White men where I’m from would be disgusted and alienated from this scene’s attacks on their women, particularly when our survival hangs in the balance. Attacking ‘feminists’ is just code for scapegoating women and white men where I’m from don’t acknowledge them as some enemy, as white women basically abandoned that ship decades ago anyway.

  7. Blond blue eyed gals should not be allowed to become extinct, some are beautiful. Special breeding farms should be setup to make sure they will always be available to men with discriminating tastes.

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