South Carolina: Hispanic Invaders Sue To Demand In-State College Tuition

Don't worry, White Man, these fine young Latrino teens will do well excelling in the math/science fields. Isn't multiculturalism great and progressive?
Don’t worry, White Man, these fine young Latrino teens will do well excelling in the math/science fields. Isn’t multiculturalism great and progressive?

Yet another symptom of the chronic wasting disease plaguing the American colossus has manifested itself in the state of South Carolina, with the children of professed illegal squatters suing to demand the right to in-state tuition in area schools.

Filed by fanatical Jews and Marxist traitors based within the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the lawsuit claims that denial of financial benefits to barbarians constitutes a violation of the “Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

South Carolina institutions currently hold that the unwanted children of encroaching migrants, mostly of the non-White variety, fall under the non-resident category when applying for higher education, although instant arrest and deportation in these circumstances would serve much better in the long-term.


Children of illegal immigrants are suing school officials in South Carolina for denying them in-state tuition.

A class action lawsuit filed this week in federal court by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Appleseed Legal Justice Center charges that policies classifying the children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. and living in South Carolina as “non-residents” for the purposes of tuition, grants, and scholarships are discriminatory.

“This class action lawsuit challenges the policies of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (‘CHE’), the College of Charleston, and Trident Technical College that classify dependent U.S. citizen students who reside in South Carolina as ‘non- residents’ for tuition, scholarship, and need-based grant purposes solely because their parents lack requisite proof of citizenship or immigration status,” the lawsuit reads.

“These policies invidiously discriminate against Plaintiffs and other students who are U.S. citizens, in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” it adds.

This in itself should strike a chord of both disgust and fear into the minds of those who view such happenings occurring across the country; already quite common in Leftist strongholds in the Northeast and West Coast of the United States.

Parents of children who currently are, or will soon be approaching, university age should be especially worried, as this is likely the beginning of a dire age for White students.

While the Indians and Asians seize our IT/STEM professions, and the Jews our social sciences, fine specimens such as this will aid our drive to the stars.
While the Indians and Asians seize our IT/STEM professions, and the Jews our social sciences, fine specimens such as this will aid our drive to the stars.


  1. What is going to happen is that the worst mestizos won’t be going to school anyway but the “better” ones-e.g., the ones most capable of displacing working class Whites-will get preferential access to the bottom and lower-middle tiers of the educational system. Unfortunately, the Whites impacted will be disproportionately those with the least political pull: the disaffected and disconnected ones that know full well they’re screwed but won’t organize, and whose basic acceptance of authority means the educrats and Christian-Zionist churchmen will effectively keep them from acting on what little real understanding they have of what race really means.

    However, there will be a few suburban middle manager Whites also impacted when their darling daughter’s state college freshman class is packed full of light mestizoes. Assuming they have enough sense and decency to avoid such poisonous dodges like telling them to “go LUG” (lesbian until graduation) , the thought of grandkids by one of these critters might stir some small fire in their souls…..but, sadly, probably not.

  2. How long before the Mexicans start claiming we stole South Carolina from them? In 1846, the Mexican army boasted they would march on Mobile and Washington and hang the President on the front porch of the White House. Looks like they’re finally getting there after 169 years.

  3. Those are not Hispanics in the lead picture, those fine gentleman are “Samoans”. Pacific Islanders infamous for inbreeding. They are mostly concentrated in California where they partake in the “gangster life”.

  4. No way out but through the Union! – Hunter Wallace

    Really? Is this not what South Carolinians wanted all along? After all, they responded to Lindsay Graham’s uncompromising support of Obama’s amnesty plan back in 2013 by re-electing him to office the following year via a landslide! No doubt the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and the state’s Sikh governor, Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley also approve. You see, this way, they don’t have to get all bloodied up in a political battle . . . just let the courts do all of the dirty work instead.

    • Lindsey Graham is a creature of the military-industrial complex that took root in South Carolina as a result of WW1, WW2, and Cold War military spending. Similarly, Nikki Haley is a product of the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which flooded the South with Third World immigrants and changed our customs.

  5. RED HERRING ALERT! Brad, it was not ‘Yankees’ nor ‘Third Worlders’ but white Southern, South Carolinians who voted into office Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley. That’s right, white, Southern, so-called Christian, conservatives! Quit peddling logical fallacies! Neither the Jewish promoted Civil Rights Act of 1964 nor the Immigration Act of 1965 forced these Southerners to cast a vote for Graham and Haley.

    You simply do not want to admit that Southerners are just as Jewed-up as the rest of the nation when it comes to life affirming values. Sure, they are better on some issues, but far worse on others.

    Indeed, when it comes to economic matters, the South is far worse for white, working class people as demonstrated by a much lower standard of living combined with a much lower life expectancy. Ditto on race-mixing and war-mongering. (Jew/Israel worship is the official state religion down here, y’know.)

    I speak with first-hand experience because I live in Western North Carolina and see it everyday. (The amount of race-mixing is quite shocking and keep in mind that this is the whitest part of the state!) I often work in South Carolina and see the same damn thing. The stench and rot of miscegenation can overwhelm the senses at times!

    Now, you can blame Yankees and proclaim “no way out but through the Union” all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that the South you hold so near and dear to your heart, much like the rest of the United States, is gone.

    A wise man once stated: “What is left? Only the biological fact of race, the yet discernible vestiges of our culture, and the yet fresh memories of what we were not long ago. Those are all that we have left from which to create, if we can, a new nation to replace what we lost. It is, I know, sad and painful that we have lost so much that we cherished and loved. But we cannot undo the past by wishing or pretending. I loved my father, but I cannot call him back to life, and if I were to pretend that he is not dead, I should merely prove myself a coward and a fool, unworthy of his memory and his name.”

    Time to accept facts as facts and move forward as opposed to remaining stuck in the mud of the past.

  6. @Scipio…

    ‘I speak with first-hand experience because I live in Western North Carolina and see it everyday. (The amount of race-mixing is quite shocking and keep in mind that this is the whitest part of the state!)’

    Funny, because I live in Northeastern part of your state, and, though it is, by far, the most niggrified – I see precious little race-mixing.

    Is there a formulaick inverse proportion formula, here?

  7. I live in upper East Tennessee and the race mixing is so prevalent that I cannot go out to eat if the direction is toward town. And yes, the South’s citizens have been jewified to an extreme. The core of consciousness is still here though.

  8. Race mixing is the best way out of the economic problems mentioned in these comments. If whites and Mestizos intermarry, many whites will have mestizo grandchildren, who will then be eligible for the jobs now being lost by whites.

  9. I joke about my 1/64th Charleston Sephardic Jewish ancestry, though it may be more like 1/128th. Guess I should get one of those DNA tests done.

    Regardless, I manage a kitchen somewhere in SC, near a major university. One day during lunch rush 4 Hispanic “dreamers” of some form come into the restaurant with a guitar and sing some hippy dippy song… I talk to one of the girls in Spanish, since I’m fluent. She asks if I’m from Argentina since I look so White and having been listening to some Lou Monte on Pandora, was in kind of a “guido” mood. The Argentines speak Spanish like Italians as a result of heavy Italian immigration.

    Regardless, I told her no, the closest to Hispanic is that drop of Sephardic Jew blood.

    “So that’s why you’re so “pinche” (cheap).”

    I laughed heartily and asked if they intended to exchange money for goods and services, at which point they skedaddled.

    I refuse to send money anywhere in the world except perhaps to White Afrikaaners. I’d like to join a church, but again, have not the slightest desire to send my money down any black or brown hellhole anywhere on the planet for any reason, much less to “save” some darkie’s soul.

    Well, maybe I am “pinche” but that comes from my 1/4 Scottish highlander side. Irritating, presumptuous, “cholita” (darky).

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