Cincinnati: Black Teacher Fired For Verbally and Physically Abusing Disabled White Children

According to reports, multiple accusations of abuse had to be filed before any action was taken against the Black sow.
According to reports, multiple accusations of abuse had to be filed before any action was taken against this despicable monster.

An extremely troubling incident from last year has just emerged into the light, exemplifying the Alice In Wonderland parody of a society we currently reside within, and proving once again that the most vulnerable of our race face ever-growing hardships.

According to released documents from the Cincinnati, Ohio School District, Pamela Bullock, a Black teacher charged with the welfare of children suffering from various physical and mental disabilities, was forced to resign from her position after inflicting despicable abuses upon her students.

One child, lacking even the most basic language ability, was hit in the head with a marker thrown by Bullock; an act that was followed up by a torrent of anti-White racial slurs aimed at the stricken youth.

Other incidents involved the removal of safety devices from another victim’s wheelchair, complaints about a lack of initiative in conducting activities, as well as daily rants concerning imaginary “oppression” suffered by the Black educator and her blood kin.

It was Spring 2014, and four teaching assistants at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County hit their tipping point. They wanted to give their colleague the benefit of the doubt, but on May 28, they watched her throw a marker at a handicapped, non-verbal student, hitting the child in the head.

“The same day, a racial comment was directed toward the same student,” the assistants wrote in a letter dated May 29. “After applying a bandage to the student’s leg, (Intervention Specialist Pamela Bullock) said, ‘Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.’ “

The week before they wrote the letter, the Wayne teaching assistants claimed they saw Bullock get frustrated with a student and take the safety wheels off the student’s wheelchair, according to their letter. The student tends to tip her chair back when misbehaving, and the safety wheels prevent the chair flipping.

“In addition, there is a great lack of teaching in the functional skills classroom for intensive needs special education students,” the letter states. “On most days, (Bullock) sits at her computer, while paraprofessionals create activities and try to teach the students.

It would benefit us all greatly to imagine a scenario in which the genetic identities of everyone involved were reversed, with a White teacher berating and attacking disabled Negro children at will.

Now, everyone will obviously have a different mental image formed, but I am personally visualizing court rooms, armed officers, and a secure jail cell as the end result, and not a peaceful resignation along the lines of what Ms. Bullock “endured.”

*Also reported on Majority Rebellion.


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  2. Ms. Bullock is obviously the perfect affirmative action, anti-white choice to look after White children, disabled or not.

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    This is child endangerment, prejudice aforethought (H8 Crime), bigotry, and utterly unacceptable by ANY race, but ESPECIALLY the ‘PRIVILEGED Obamanation Caste.’

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