Cincinnati: White Police Officer Charged With Murder Of Black Man After Dash Cam Reveals Nasty Details

Officer Ray Tensing now faces life in prison if the charges against him stick.

By: Marcus Cicero

White police officer in the Ohio city of Cincinnati was indicted Wednesday after footage was released showing the fatal shooting of a Black pulled over due to traffic violations.

According to the dash camera video, which will likely be exploited for months to come, Officer Ray Tensing fired into the car of Sam Dubose, a career delinquent with a criminal record encompassing more than seventy arrests and state prison time, after a dispute originating from a legal stop for a missing license plate.

After recovering a bottle of gin from the floor of the vehicle, Tensing proceeded to ask Dubose to hand over his driver’s license, which had been suspended indefinitely earlier this year, for processing; a request that was subsequently brushed off and ignored by the suspect.

The video then shows the officer firing his service weapon soon after the above exchange of words, and a scuffle that appeared to show Dubose attempting to fire up his engine to escape the scene.

Sam Dubose had no business being on the road, and will likely serve as this year’s Michael Brown. Will another city burn? That is the million dollar question.
Sam Dubose had no business being on the road, and will likely serve as this year’s Michael Brown. Will another city burn? That is the million dollar question.

New York Times:

A University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge in what a prosecutor called “a senseless, asinine shooting” of an unarmed man during a minor traffic stop. Officials say it was the first time such a charge had been leveled against an officer in the county.

The Hamilton County prosecuting attorney, Joseph T. Deters, released a much anticipated video of the shooting of Samuel Dubose taken by the officer’s body camera that he described as crucial evidence that Mr. Dubose did not act aggressively or pose a threat to Officer Ray Tensing, and that Officer Tensing had lied about being dragged by Mr. Dubose’s car. A grand jury, Mr. Deters announced, indicted the officer on a murder charge, punishable by life in prison, and a voluntary manslaughter charge.

“It was a senseless, asinine shooting,” Mr. Deters said at a news conference, using stark terms to denounce the July 19 killing, the officer’s claims and the officer himself. “This doesn’t happen in the United States, OK?” he said. “This might happen in Afghanistan. People don’t get shot for a traffic stop.”

“This office has probably reviewed 100 police shootings, and this is the first time we’ve thought, ‘This is without question a murder,’ ” he said.

In an interview with an Ohio television station, a lawyer for Officer Tensing, Stew Mathews, disputed Mr. Deters’s comments and said that other video of the shooting would tell a different story. He said his client cried when he heard of the indictment.

The county prosecutor’s office said that no law enforcement officer in Hamilton County — whose county seat is Cincinnati — had ever before been indicted on murder charges for use of force while on duty. At the news conference, Mr. Deters said Officer Tensing “should never have been a police officer,” but he declined to elaborate.

Asked if he thought Officer Tensing, 25, had tried to mislead investigators, Mr. Deters said, “Yeah, yes, I think he was making an excuse for the purposeful killing of another person.”

Mr. Deters added, “I think he lost his temper because Mr. Dubose wouldn’t get out of his car.”

One should not have to depend on the words of a treasonous and lying media for their information, but should observe all the facts and footage in detail before making an educated decision on the event in question.

Therefore, take a look at the video below in its entirety, and ask yourself if what you see, supplemented by other source material, corresponds to the mainstream narrative that has already acted as judge, jury, and executioner.

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  1. If this hadn’t happened on the north side of the Ohio, it would have been a different story. Since it did, however, the commentary at Huffpo and other venues won’t be insulting the state and people of Ohio, or calling for their extermination. The Yankee double standard is always in play. None the less, the SJWs have their great white defendant.

  2. “Check it, bleed, lak da HNIC sez, ah ain’t gotta do sheeit bout no damned cracka laws, bitch!”

    And this is just more proof. The system may well be beyond repair now, therefore, I hereby urge all members nationwide of The Thin Blue Line: Do not enter negro areas. Do not tamper with negroes. Let them police their own, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll do us all a favor and work a little harder on their extinction.

  3. This same thing happens to white people everyday and noone hears about it. I still agree with the media that nothing was done to justify the shooting. Cops are dangerous and they are not your friends. Especially today when they are worshipped by the sheeple, who seem to agree with officers that officers are above the law. They are given free reign and conspire among themselves and judges to get away with murder on a regular basis. This is the kind of thing that happens in a police state.

  4. They’re making a big fuss that this man was unarmed. Well he had a deadly weapon on him, his automobile. And all the action when the violence occurs is a blur, I wouldn’t convict any cop on the basis of that blurred video.

  5. That was an awfully quick shooting. Dubose probably is a career criminal, but this doesn’t look like a BS Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin case. That said, the officer deserves his day in court without a media circus, being thrown under the bus by city officials or threats by the idiots in groups like Black Lives Matter. Extremists groups aren’t above the law either.

  6. I am always VERY skeptical about cops. But I don’t see a murder here. This African was trying to flee in his car and would have run down the cop. How do we know this? The last clear video frame shows him pulling his door closed against the cop. Then the cop is forced to fight with the guy who puts his car into gear. The cop shoots him just as he hits his gas pedal. We know this sequence because after the fatal head shot he would not have put the car in gear or hit his gas pedal. Those were conscious acts. The cop was LIGHTENING fast and justified.

  7. I agree Stan, I saw that the officer was very nice, polite to the did do nuffins who couldn’t even answer basic questions. and then drove away probably running over someone else.

  8. I support the police when they doing right but not when they’re doing wrong. The real question is can or should the police shoot people for running from them? I watched the video frame by frame and the officer had his hand on the suspects seat bet. He was not caught in it that I could see. I can’t see him making a case that he was dragged by the car. He fell down because he wouldn’t let go of the seat belt. I know the police have an astronomical hard job dealing with these people but should they be allowed to shoot them for running seems to be the actual question we should ask. If you say yes then what if the cop thinks someone is running but they aren’t? He kills you and says,”I thought he was running”. Have you seen the deaf guy in I think it was Seattle that was whittling on a stick. A cop comes up and tells him to drop the knife. He of course doesn’t hear him so the cop shoots him in the back and kills him. This situation is not the same BUT it has the same roots. That cops can just shoot people anytime they want if they determine you are not following their instructions. I’m against this. It could be you. They’re giving instructions and you don’t understand or don’t move fast enough because you have no idea what’s going on. You’re dead and the cop just says you didn’t follow instructions.

    The cops are not White people’s friends as a general rule. Many are but they can’t be counted on and if they’re the ones enforcing a police state they aren’t going to help you because you’re White.

  9. Lol. The car is a deadly weapon. It’s going in the opposite direction. That argument is such a stretch it could only be made by an imbecile or a defendant.

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