White House Heavily Increases Security After Bomb Threat And Another Attempted Break-In

It’s become readily apparent that certain elements in this country – mainly Jews and a minority of angered Communist Whites – have made it their mission to destroy President Trump by any means necessary.

And more and more, it looks as if these treasonous groups – or at least some of them – have decided that the best way to bring about “change” is to create an atmosphere in which an assassination would not be as anathema as in the past.

From ignored death threats on social media, to hysterical outcries by failing celebrities, to mockery in Leftist political circles, Trump now faces a climate in which anything – even the most horrid – is no longer impossible.

And based off of what I’ve learned about the Left over the years, it would be best to increase security and caution one-hundred fold at this point, as you never can tell what could happen when these domestic terrorists get riled up.

From Yahoo News:

The US Secret Service has bolstered security at the White House after a man was arrested making threats at one its checkpoints, a third such security scare in just over a week.

CNN reported that the man made a threat claiming he had a bomb in his car, and that he was immediately arrested and the car in which he was traveling seized.

President Donald Trump was away in Florida at the time.

“On March 18, 2017 at approximately 11:05 pm, an individual drove a vehicle up to a Secret Service checkpoint located at 15th Street and E Street NW,” a Secret Service spokesman said in the latest of a series of White House security concerns.

“Upon contact with the individual, US Secret Service Uniform Division Officers detained the individual and declared his vehicle suspicious. In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness,” he added.

Just hours earlier, a person was arrested after jumping over a bike rack in an apparent bid to reach the fence outside the White House, the Secret Service said.

The individual was detained immediately and criminal charges are pending, the agency said in a statement, without identifying the suspect.

A Secret Service official speaking on condition of anonymity said that person was not found to be carrying any weapons.

The arrest came about a week after a more serious incident that called into question security outside the White House.

Just before midnight on March 10, a man scaled three barriers outside the White House — a perimeter fence, a vehicle gate and then another fence — and walked around the grounds of the executive mansion for 16 minutes before being arrested.

That time Trump was inside the building.

Be very careful, Mr. President, for your enemies are not like those of the past.

They would love to murder you, your wife, and your children, and will never rest until their sick fantasy becomes a reality.


  1. ‘Be very careful, Mr. President, for your enemies are not like those of the past. They would love to murder you, your wife, and your children, and will never rest until their sick fantasy becomes a reality.’

    Not hyperbole. I hope Trump is aware.

    • He has to be, although if I were him I’d begin a purge of the Secret Service to make sure you don’t wind up with some kind of inside job.

        • I’d say a bit of both. Under Obama, from what I’ve read, their morale plummeted. Who the hell would want to guard Michelle and his monkey children?

          He does need to fire all of them and rebuild his security team from scratch.

          • I couldn’t stand Michelle Obama. Appearing on Oprah, dancing around, singing, clapping….this fool was never out of our face. It was a slap in the face to those who didn’t vote for her husband. She was first lady…but couldn’t act like one. They’re meant to be in the background, only coming out when called apon to complement their husbands at appropriate times, but yet you saw more of her than him! She further symbolizes how blacks and whites are different.
            I’d like to congratulate America for its beautiful new first lady! Truly a stunna!!!

      • Make 100 Boers American citizens and purge every Latino, Black, Arab and Asian off the detail.

    • It’s a time of national crisis brought on by all the usual suspects. All the more reason to suspend civil liberties, just like liberal idol Lincoln did.

  2. Our own version of a Reichstag Fire not necessarily a bad thing provided Fuhrer Trump goes after the anti-White culprits responsible. That includes Soros and his NGO’s.

  3. “these treasonous groups”

    Can’t call them treasonous, since they’re not a part of our nation to begin with.

  4. On the other hand, Trump getting assassinated would super charge polarization and deliver possibly millions of conservatives and alt-lite edgytarians into our camp.

  5. Nearly every institution in this, the new Evil Empire, is arrayed against Trump, including the Republicans. Threats of violence are ignored. If I were Trump I would not trust the Secret Service at all. Are these recent events probes? One character was allowed on the WH grounds for >15 mins before he was apprehended. Deliberate? Did the SS agent whose laptop was stolen from her car intend for that to happen? From what I’ve read it was not a normal heist. They knew what they wanted.

    This country has really gone to hell and I think Trump will, despite his best intentions, not be able to fix it. The reaction to his surprise (to them) election exposed the fraud that is “our democracy” and “the rule of law.”
    The Secret Police (CIA, NSA, and FBI) believe they should run the joint. (The KGB never ran the USSR.)

    Ever notice the outrageously high percentage of Jews in the vanguard of those attacking Trump? You’d think they were 70% of the population.

    Sorry for rambling.

    • Trump’s election pretty much made the collective mask fall off the Jews’ faces.

      We now get to see them in their full demonic vitality.

  6. The American populace has become so weakened over the decades that our present day situation is a result of our own cowardice and complacency. Yes, we were brainwashed and/or programmed but now that we know it, why no revolt? First, why are whites allowing blacks to attack Trump and make threats against his life without any backlash? How about just a verbal response of any sort? Why are we not shooting intruders on sight when they are on White House property? Why are we not shooting intruders on sight when they cross into our country? We don’t need a wall, we need courage. Why are we not dragging treasonous American politicians out of their offices and doing what needs to be done to them? And, law enforcement should be assisting us with it. Why are we not jailing – for a very long time at a minimum – communists, anarchists, and all the other misfits/freaks who are guilty of sedition? What the hell is wrong with us? We can point the finger at everyone else but there comes a time when we need only to point the finger at our reflection. That time is either near or here. BTW, I do include myself in this….. this isn’t going to end well no matter how it ends.
    Young racially-conscious white men should be joining the military to infiltrate it and take command of it. That’s the only way we are going to get our country back and restore law and order.

    • Hell, yeah. And give them 50 acres and a horse in Iowa. They’d become the best damn citizens we ever had!

      • America can now celebrate. The Merkel of Canadistan, Justin Trudeau, has invited all African and Muslims afraid of deportation by Trump, into his country. I wonder if he asked his citizens first before opening his mouth? These reffo’s didn’t go to Mexico…..nup, had to be Canada.
        Theres a good argument for direct democracy where citizens get a say over things like immigration, Islamization, foreign aid, free trade, war involvement and our changing demographic and the risk it literally poses to us. At present-in my country at least- we get a say over nothing. We’re just the lowly voters and taxpayers. What we think doesn’t matter. Just vote the elites in, and they know best.
        Now America knows how Mexico feels…..losing people over its northern border !

      • I am not exactly on that band wagon.

        Most of our white fag libs and conservative fags (basically conservatives are gimps to liberalism) would end as the “White Niggers” to the Boers.

        Now if you are ok with that then Boers would be fine outstanding additions to our country.

        But I assume most of you are the typical conservative fags who love them some essays. Only conservatives take liberalism seriously, the “Diversity” is going to kill the liberals, and that I wholly approve of.

        I’m glad HW took a weekend off, but he should have not posted the usual conservative essays, ruins the brand

  7. DC demography 60 % non white. Any country in the world could send a hit squad.

    Eagle nest office some where in the Colorado rockies.

  8. “…mainly Jews and a minority of angered Communist Whites…”

    Thank you for telling the truth. Continue to do so, until it gets into every single American’s head, who our common Enemy is. Even women’s heads: the final frontier.

  9. The situation is very similar to President Nixon’s 2nd term with the Jewish dominated (Washington Post) frothing at the mouth to find some way to

    “Get him”
    “Take him down”

    President Trump is doing some sensible things like not hanging out in the White House, or even in Washington DC – he’s comfortable always being on the road in places that are pro Trump:

    Nashville TN
    suburban Detroit

    If you are in/on the Lib Left Jewish, Black underclass “turf” like on the Campus of University of California Berkeley, you basically have to be in disguise or dress and act like Stickman.

  10. Everyone enjoying watching Irish Roman Catholic Jim Comey lie his Irish ass off in front of the House Intel Committee?

  11. I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate the jews, liberals and cucks any more than I already did. But I was wrong. If they somehow manage to remove Trump from office I will know exactly which groups and individuals are to blame – and they will NOT get away with it.

  12. I know this is a sideline but….. David Rockefeller is finally dead! It’s about time. Hope he’s enjoying the unbearable heat. Now, the real question….. who will replace him?

  13. Comey wants his cake and eat it too.

    He stated Obama did not order him to wiretap Trump Tower, but he also said that Trump’s campaign was under investigation for collusion with Putin.

    What a fucking Weasel JD holding esquire of a scumbag. I saw what you did there Comey.

  14. A headline on the Drudge Report asks if the Secret Police (FBI) is now monitoring “right-wing news” sites.

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